To Fulfill Father-in-law’s Dream, Daughter-In-Law Left A Well-Paying Job, Picked Up Dairy Farming, Earns 70 Lakhs Today!

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Dairy Farming

Yes, the title might shock you but it is a real story from Haryana, India. A daughter-in-law left her well-paying job as a German teacher to fulfill the dream of her father-in-law and took up dairy farming as a full-time profession. Many people have this notion that educated females cannot be ideal daughters-in-law, it’s believed that women of this generation do not care for family and their in-laws. But have a look at 53-YO Milan Sharma’s story, she proved everybody wrong as she became an ideal homemaker and an inspiring businesswoman as well while keeping relationships paramount to her life’s growth!

Who is Milan Sharma?

Milan Sharma, a 53-year-old self-reliant woman, has consistently harbored a passion for embracing new experiences in life. As a woman, witnessing others allocate time for themselves alongside their families fills me with pride. Milan, initially a typical homemaker in a modest family with two children, entered into marriage immediately after earning her master’s degree in biochemistry. Despite her desire to pursue further studies, she never had the opportunity to do so.

Milan Sharma Dairy Farming India
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Milan was married in a well-settled family where her in-laws had a great interest in dairy farming. They had a big farm with four cattle, which was enough to fulfill the family’s dairy products requirements. Fulfilling all her household responsibilities, Milan could never give a thought to achieving her own dreams but she is a courageous lady so after both her sons were capable enough to manage their own lives with good packages in hand, Milan stepped out to learn a new language German to fulfill her curiosity.

She developed a good command of German in a few years and started teaching as a German teacher. Well, life was turning good for her as she finally stood on her own feet and was earning good as well but one incident and she had to leave her well-paying job!

Why she started Dairy Farming?

Dairy Farming in India
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As I mentioned above, her father-in-law had a great interest in dairy farming, but after his demise, there was no one available to take care of the cattle. As a result of the carelessness, some of the pet cattles and calves died within a year. This was a depressing moment for her because she felt that they were living beings and their lives had value. This was the point where her motherly instinct rose above the bar and she gave up her well-settled job to take up dairy farming as a full-time profession.

Efforts Needed for Dairy Farming in India

Being an educated female, she understood the importance of having a strong knowledge of something before getting into it so Milan Sharma opted for a short course at Karnal’s National Dairy Research Institute. In core memory of her loving father-in-law, she made dairy farming her profession and expanded it from owning more than 150 cows and calves today.

Dairy Farming In India
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She even consulted several veterinarian doctors to help understand the basic medical necessities of cows and what she could do to help them survive in times of emergency. Milan, along with her husband renamed their farm “Revnar” after her in-laws Shrimati REVati and Shri NARayan Ji. This is how she started her dairy farming journey, which today generates a successful revenue of lakhs!

The mother of 150+ cows earns more than 70 lakhs annually

In 2017 her father-in-law passed away and in 2018 she took over the farm to start dairy farming. With the support of her husband, she owns Sahiwal and Rathi breed cows with a daily milk production of 200 litres. The couple invested 1.5 crores in 1 year to make sure that everything went as per their plan. Milan started dairy farming at home, using some of the milk and sending the rest to family and friends. As word spread about the quality of their milk, more and more customers started buying their products.

Dairy Farming in India
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Milan saw the potential of dairy farming so she expanded it to sustain the business. Today, at REVNAR, they sell grains, oils, and multiple other products like Jowar, Bajra etc. Through their website, they also sell the farm’s byproducts. Physically they are based in Faridabad and handle customers across Delhi NCR but with their website, they ship PAN India. By increasing the branches of dairy farming products, she also increased the revenue generation and today earns more than 70 lakhs per year!

Challenges in her journey

The journey of earning lakhs by dairy farming never came as a flowerbed for Milan. She had to undergo multiple challenges to reach the point where she stands today. Once, there was a time when one of her cows was pregnant and she could not arrange any medical help for her. She was in a lot of pain but Milan felt helpless as no doctor was available at the time of emergency. Finally, Milan was able to connect online with a veterinarian and that day was the first time she inserted a hand inside a cow.

Dairy Farming by Milan Sharma
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She was advised to do that to check the position of the head of the calf. Furthermore, she helped the cow throughout with the help of online assistance. So, the major challenge she faced was the lack of available aid during the time of emergency. Another factor that disturbed her the most was that people took dairy farming only because it was an ancestral thing and they actually never learned anything in class. The lack of trained or educated resources in dairy farming was another big challenge she faced in her initial years.

Why “Revnar” products are a must-buy in dairy farming?

The owner Milan Sharma realized the importance of medical assistance for cattle in times of emergencies so she started opting for sustainable and traditional practices for healing her cows. She avoid chemical treatment and always opts for the natural alternative. This is what makes REVNAR a must-try in the market. They provide additive, chemical and preservative-free products as they are a health-conscious dairy brand shipping PAN India.

The future of dairy farming in India

Traditional milk products remain a necessity when it comes to a balanced diet but the benefits of other dairy products are also unmatched. The only challenge in this industry is to identify who is true to their promise of serving the original products. At Revnar, you will get fresh and healthy products as the owners are well educated about the tips and tricks and they make sure to train the hired people well. Dairy farming is still a lot to be discovered in India with appropriate knowledge and skills.

Dairy Farming in India
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Till then, if you are worried about fresh dairy or farm products for your family or kids, then no need to roam around with loads of stress because you can easily get it from “REVNAR”. Mad4India will continue bringing the best of India which can be beneficial for you as well. Healthy eating!

For more information, visit their website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dairy farming profitable in India?

Yes, dairy farming has a lot of scope in the future and it can be extremely beneficial. It’s just that you need to have a proper knowledge for everything regarding the preparation and maintenance of dairy products and tricks to take care of cows.

What are the disadvantages of dairy farming?

It requires a lot of time and land. You need to invest a lot in order to earn some profit but just like a coin has two sides, this business has as well. There is always a risk of things going wrong if you sacrifice on anything related to the cow’s health.

Which cow gives more milk in India?

Sahiwals are the colored breed Indian native cattles that are famous for the maximum production of pure and healthy milk in India.

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