About Us

Mad4India stands for the Nation’s positive and inspiring stories; while today’s TV News chatter is mostly about the negative happenings in the society and surroundings, we focus on a lot of stories that go unheard. We, at Mad4India believe that our ecosystem is full of daily happenings and these stories affect our daily lives. What we see on our TV news daily morning might have an effect on our body and our daily lives, and as we all know that mental problems are now very common, TV news is one of the reasons for that.

At Mad4India, we see the flip-side of the coin. We are the voice of the people who work for the good of the society, people who achieve the epitome while coming from humble backgrounds, people who innovate for the environment and future, people who dedicate their life for the culture and nation, and people who are truly Mad4India.

Let’s celebrate these stories because these aren’t just stories, these are the lessons of life. These stories are not only their learning but a treasure for everyone who believes in the possibility in every impossible.

If you know anyone who has achieved and done something for the betterment of the society do reach out to us at mad4india20@gmail.com.

Keep Inspiring, Keep Serving, And Keep Innovating. Be Mad for India with Mad4India.