500 Everyday Heroes Adopt ‘Rakshak’ Avatar For Women Safety – The Whole Country Can Learn From Them

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Jodhpur, known as “the blue city,” is renowned for many incredible things. Like the mouthwatering food, the magnificent forts, the magical language, the list can go on… However, something more mind-boggling has recently fought for our attention, and it’s the new found Rakshaks that are protecting the women of the city.

These Rakshaks are stationed throughout the city to aid the women who live there and keep them safe. They do more than just keep an eye out for women’s safety; they actively teach them to defend themselves.

In a society where women’s safety is a pressing concern, “Rakshak” stands tall as a symbol of courage, fighting against the darkness that threatens the dignity of our women.

The Rakshaks have gained widespread acclaim for their tireless efforts to advance the status of women and safeguard their rights. But who is Rakshak or, say… what is RAKSHAK?

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Established on October 10, 2017 by a group of 4 friends, Rakshak is a concept. In basic language, Rakshak is a foundation that drives people into building a safer, stronger, and more self-empowered society. This NGO has now grown into a powerful force, with over 500 dedicated members working tirelessly to create a safer world for all the women out there.

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A war is being fought in the heart of India, and it is having a profound impact on the daily lives of women. Violence against women is a national tragedy that destroys hopes and ruins lives. Even when we all know it very well, we choose to stay busy in our lives until it becomes our own tragedy.

This young man, however, could not turn a blind eye to the cries of women. Rahul’s sole motivation for bringing up the subject of women’s safety in front of his friends was his desire to do the right thing.

The final straw for me was an online video, that went viral showing nine injured devis as victims of physical abuse. Even with a hundred other things happening at the same time, I couldn’t shake the image of those battered and bruised Godesses. I realised that my heart will never be at peace if I ignore the reality of girls in the country.

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When we choose the right friends, we choose a good life, and this is what gave birth to Rakshak. When Rahul expressed his genuine concern for women to his friends, they immediately suggested that reality be changed.

Rahul took the big leap of faith with the unquestionable support of Monil, Saloni, Kurunesh, and Shahil. The 5 Young Hearts stepped into the field to change how the corps of the next generation was to be shown, with the vision of creating a safer and more happy society for women.

With a unique approach and creative implementation, the friends quickly formed their own team, which joined them to change the face of reality in the most dedicated way possible.

What Is Rakshak Foundation?

The Rakshak Foundation’s goal is to make Jodhpur a place where girls and women can feel secure and free to go about their daily lives without fear. The first thing they do is “listen”.

Physical abuse is something we are all aware of and occasionally discuss, but mental abuse is something that few are aware of and almost no one discusses. Because girls are unable to discuss private matters with everyone, including their parents, we began by listing to them.

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The RAKSHAK Foundation takes an innovative approach to empower women by teaching them about the laws and policies in place to protect them from harm. They get that cyber threats and blackmail are common issues for young women today.

The RAKSHAK Foundation empowers young women to speak out against cyberbullying and intimidation. In the tricky scenario, team Rakshak even provide legal assistance to the victim without revealing their names or identities.

Other than providing constant support to the girls of the city, Rakshak also strives to change the mindset of the citizens by adopting a creative approach. They call it “Badlaav” making use of the expressive potential of the arts to question established values and encourage dialogue.

A dark side of society is constantly brought to the fore as public spaces are transformed into colorful canvases adorned with powerful social messages. Creativity like this isn’t just for the sake of creativity; it’s a catalyst for change, prompting people to question the status quo and take action to ensure women’s safety.

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The city of Jodhpur now not only has magnificent forts but also beautiful and attractive murals on the walls that speak directly into the eyes of passersby. The best part is that these works of art are handpainted by locals as a group project.

The best and most impressive approach of this group is to make everyone a Rakshak. Over 50 Rakshak Points spread throughout Jodhpur are staffed by compassionate volunteers who act as a safety net for vulnerable women. These unsung heroes are hiding in plain sight in stores, cafes, and showrooms, ready to step in and help those who are in need.

5 people could not have done it all, it takes a whole army to win battles and therefor we requested our fellow citizens to join us and become the Rakshak. They are common people doing thier lives but step up whenever called upon to help.

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This city is now safe in every location because of the random dukanwalas who will serve as your Rakshak as needed. It’s no rocket science, but the founders of this NGO recognised that in order to make the world a safer place, we need to find people who will volunteer to make their own neighborhood safe.

The Ngo believes in becoming the Rakshak by oneself. They advocate for women to be able to defend themselves. They have collaborated with the Jodhpur Industrial Association and many others to hold camps where women can learn self-defense techniques. These camps are life-changing experiences that help women reclaim their independence and face challenges head-on.

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5 Friends and one vision have made Rakshak a concept that is now getting recognition in the culture of the city. With a unique outlook on the problem and dedicated zeal, the Rakashak Foundation is showing the whole country a new way of life.

Rakshak koi bhi ho skta hai. All we have to do is feel compelled to be the rakshak for those in need. Our goal is to create a safe city and a safe country.

Not only in Jodhpur, but the initiative is now spreading to other parts of the state. There is a lot more to do and a long way to go, but what Rakshak has started must continue and thrive. Mad4India is proud of these dedicated friends’ initiative and the concept of being a Rakshak. May #iamrakshak thrive.

You can connect with Team Rakshak over thier Instagram, Also anyone in need of a Rakshak can call on this no 73000 85601 and find a friend in disguise.

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