Unarmed Kamlesh Kumari Took 11 Bullets For The Nation, Safeguarded All The MPs In Parliament From A Deadly Terrorist Attack!

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Being a woman feels great when you look forward to being one of the leading ladies in the world. From the battlefield to cosmetics and boxing to dancing, Indian women have stepped up and conquered every field till now. But whenever we talk about a brave Indian martyr, why always does a male come to mind who lost their life for the nation? Maybe for the first time, you are going to read about a fearless Indian woman who took 11 bullets for the nation. Read more to know the life story of Kamlesh Kumari, a “Sherni” who protected the parliament in a 2001 terrorist attack!

Life story of Kamlesh Kumari

The immortal soul of the brave martyr Kamlesh Kumari Yadav hails from Sikanderpur, Uttar Pradesh. She was always a national devotee who wished to serve the nation in whatever way she could. After getting married to Avdhesh Kumar, she became a mother of two beautiful daughters but her dream of serving the nation always had a clear view in her mind.

Kamlesh Kumari joined the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in 1994 and was first posted to the 104 Rapid Action Force in Allahabad. After this, she was transferred to the 88 Mahila Battalion on July 12, 2001. Her commendable growth and dedication earned her a position in Bravo Company, the task assigned to some brave officials for securing the parliament during the session in 2001.

2001 Parliament attack

During that time, the females of the CRPF were not equipped with any weapons. So, just with a walkie-talkie, Kamlesh Kumari was posted at Iron Gate number 1, next to building gate number 11 of the parliament house, which was the main entrance for all the VVIPs coming to the parliament on that day. Kamlesh Kumari was assigned the duty to watch and check on the visitors properly.

13 December 2001 started as a quiet and peaceful day and was going according to plan as the Indian parliament was functioning and dealing with law-making duties. But when everybody thought everything was normal, Kamlesh Kumari observed something unusual and risky.

Kamlesh Kumari - White Ambassador
Source : Wikimedia

She noticed a white licensed ambassador carrying a red beacon used by lawmakers, high-ranking diplomats and many VIPs during those days. It even had relevant permission and a sticker. Hundreds of white ambassadors passed through her eyes that day but Kamlesh Kumari observed something unusual about that one ambassador’s driving style. Just when she got suspicious, the car drove way too fast in front of Gate Number 1, giving her a clarification over her doubt.

The unarmed, fierce lady began following the white ambassador after spreading an emergency alert to the other CRPF officials. This alert gave them enough time to be prepared for the terrorist attack that was going to happen. Kamlesh Kumari spotted five men, all heavily armed, running towards the parliament building. She ran back to her post to seal the entrance gate and began shouting on her walkie-talkie to alarm every other posted security official.

Kamlesh Kumari - parliament attack
Source : Wikimedia

Upon realizing the failure of their plan, the terrorists opened fire everywhere and Kamlesh Kumari took 11 bullets just to restrict them from entering the building. Unfortunately, she became the first victim of the attack but her sacrifice was worth it as all five terrorists were shot dead right outside the parliament building without having a chance to enter.

First policewoman to win Ashok Chakra

The attack led to the deaths of six Delhi Police personnel, two Parliament Security Service personnel, and one gardener, which resulted in increased tension between India and Pakistan, where India initiated the 2001-2002 standoff. The nation wept for the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives to protect the Parliament.

Ashok Chakra - Kamlesh Kumari
Source : Wikipedia

So, to honor Kamlesh Kumari, the former president K.R. Narayanan broke the chain and awarded her with the Nation’s Highest Peacetime Gallantry Award, Ashok Chakra, on Republic Day in 2002. She became the first policewoman in India to win the Ashok Chakra. We will never forget her fearless sacrifice!

What would have happened without Kamlesh Kumari in the Parliament attack of 2001?

It is believed that many members of parliament (MPs) and big government officials, such as former home minister, LK Advani and the former minister of state for defense, Harin Pathak were inside the parliament building for the meeting. The stakes were too high as the lawmakers who are believed to run the country were inside when the attack happened.

Kamlesh Kumari - Parliament attack
Source : Wikimedia

Had it not been for Kamlesh Kumari and her suspicious observation, the successful terrorist attack would have dropped the morale of the whole nation for years to come. The brave tale of Kamlesh Kumari will go on inspiring all generations to come. It provokes the young girls to join paramilitary forces and serve their country just as bravely as she did.

Her bravery stands as the highest example of loyal service to the nation as she didn’t care for self-harm. Keeping her alive in the pages of history, Mad4India salutes her sacrifice on her 22nd death anniversary. Share this with everybody and inspire your loved ones by spreading her courageous story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which was the ruling party in India during the 2001 parliament attack?

BJP ruled the nation during the parliament attack of 2001.

Which terrorist group attacked the Indian parliament in 2001?

Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed were the two militant groups operating from Pakistan who led the parliament terrorist attack in 2001.

How many terrorists attacked the parliament in 2001?

There were total 5 terrorists who went ahead to attack the Indian parliament in 2002. Amongst them was a suicide bomber as well. But the plan failed and all 5 of them were shot dead before executing the attack.

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