Susan At 53′, Re-learn The ropes – launched A Luxury Natural Skincare Line & Became An Entrepreneur At 53′

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Take it from Susan D’Silva

You’re never too late to follow your dreams

Susan, Founder of Natural Skincare Line- Goodness Project

Susan is a woman of experience and zeal – a lawyer by degree, an HR professional for over 28 years, and a super mom & wife.

Now, after working so hard in the corporate world and with so much experience under their belt – most people would consider their 50s a time to cash in on that well-deserved rest and hit the brakes – not Susan! 

She told us that in her 50s, she’s decided to accelerate, and take on her biggest venture yet – creating her own Hair and Natural Skincare brand – Goodness Project. 

Natural Skincare Line
Source – Susan D’Silva  

Society teaches us that an old dog cannot learn new tricks, it’s an archaic saying that deserves to retire because we have people like Susan to show us that it’s never too late for anyone to bite the bullet and take charge of your dream. 

Susan D’Silva 

Susan did her Master’s degree in law and started her professional career in early 1995. She worked as an HR for around two decades, went around the world, learning things, growing her skills and providing her expertise to the corporate world.   

She is a very enthusiastic young woman who advanced quickly through the ranks and eventually attained the CXO position of a reputable company. Everything was going well, but something was still missing. 

She was disciplined and experienced, but she stopped seeing the thrill of working from nine to five. The corporate environment was the same as ever, but Susan discovered she was outgrowing it.  

It was time to begin working for herself- but was this a challenge she was ready to take up? 

The average Indian starts planning for retirement at the age of 50 – and one thing about Susan is that she is by no means average! 

But starting a business is no small feat – she had no idea where to begin! 

She came from a structured corporate job, a steady income, and a clear picture of how her everyday looks – but being an entrepreneur means embracing chaos, uncertainty and many losses before you take a win. 

Was she ready to make this the next phase of her life? 

Ready or Not, Here She Flies 

Susan was at a crossroads, but two people knew she was more than capable to take charge of her own venture – her husband Rex & her brother Rupert. They knew she possessed talent, passion, and youthfulness in her heart and encouraged her to achieve her dreams.  

With their constant encouragement, Susan got the final push she needed to start a new chapter in life.  

At the age when most people plan for their sunset years, Susan began planning her own venture. Unconventional for a woman of 53 but she went in guns blazing to start her own skincare line. 

Many young women start this but for women of 53, it’s really something gutsy. I was a little hesitant as to what people will think but then, who cares!   

Side-hustle to Small-business 

Natural Skincare Line
Source – Susan DSilva  

Susan began making skincare products at first to help naturally cure her husband’s psoriasis. It started out as an experiment, but with more practice and research, she soon began making all sorts of products to cater to the whole family’s skincare needs. 

What started as a side hustle to reduce store-brought chemical-ridden skincare products at home became the basis of her new business. 

Natural Skincare Line
Source – Susan DSilva  

Susan signed up for a diploma course in natural skin care production from the UK & decided she needed to learn more about the art of skincare formulation. She became a formulator and realised her most renowned products were the ones she formulated herself. 

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What will she do next? 

Susan knew she needed mentoring and expert advice if she wanted to take her small business to the next level, so she applied and was chosen to be a part of the NSRCEL of IIM Bangalore. She worked hard through all her classes, and soon enough, ‘Goodness Project’ was picked up by IIM Bangalore for pre-incubation! 

This was the affirmation she needed! A push to progress convinced her this was what she needed to be doing.   

IIM Bangalore helped me gain my confidence and convinced me that I was ready to do this 

Natural Skincare Line
Source – Instagram


Susan now is a skincare formulator who is catering to eco-conscious skincare enthusiasts, by making sustainable & natural skin care products. She only uses locally sourced butter and natural oils in all of her products.  

She is so firm about using locally sourced materials that she has introduced products made with kokum butter rather than using cocoa butter. Kokum grows in the western ghats and is excellent for the skin’s natural clearing. Serums for the face and skin, night creams, and lip balm with coffee and caramel are among some of her most popular products. 

Goodness Project has a whole range of head-to-toe products. Starting with conditioner bars for your hair to foot care products like cracked heel creams. All her products are plant-based or made of plant-derived material. She has made bars of many products that come in plastic tubes to reduce plastic waste, combining another passion – sustainability! Most items are 100% product and contain 0% water and are self-preserving.  

Natural Skincare Line
Source – Susan D’Silva  

Susan’s Top Picks 

The lotion bar & Face and Body Milk hold a special place in Susan’s heart. It was the first product she created to cure her husband’s skin problem in 2008–2009. The first lotion bar she created was nothing more than a simple combination of some natural oils and butter, which she would then give to her friends and family to try out and experience the benefits of homemade lotion.  

Back then, she had no idea that this lotion’s formula would one day become a top seller for her company 

Susan’s story is a unique tale of ‘life happening”. She saw consistency, experience failure and above all embraced courage. As an entrepreneur only has one piece of advice for us 

“Understand your customer and meet them face to face and innovate for them”  

Susan is the kind of Saturday stardust we look for, hope her new begging shine as bright as her spirit. You can become part of her journey as well, connect with her over her Instagram handle called _Goodnessproject_ or connect with her directly at @+91 96062 04647

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