Kishore Indukuri: Left Intel Job In The US To Open A Dairy Farm In India

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Kishore Indukuri

Dreams and hard work together with lead to success. Kishore Indukuri is a perfect example of how one can achieve anything they want if they work hard. Kishore’s hard work took him to the US, and his dreams brought him to India, where he opened his dairy farm. Today at Mad4India, we will discuss the journey of Kishore from the US to opening a dairy farm in India.

Kishore Indukuri’s Education and Hardwork

Kishore Indukuri completed his graduation from IIT-Kharagpur. he pursued his Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in Polymer Science and Engineering. Kishore Indukuri mentioned, “I could not believe when I got into IIT. It was a big dream come true for me. I used to wake up early and sleep late for studying. My mom used to sit beside me and supported me throughout.” Kishore Indukuri belonged to a middle-class family. From a very early age, he heard people telling him that a good academic record and hard work were the only way to success.

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Job in The US at Intel

Kishore Indukuri applied for his education in the US after completing his graduation. After completing his education in the US, he took up a job at Intel, Arizona. Kishore worked at Intel for six years. His work made him travel to various counties like Japan, Canada, South Korea, etc. In 2012, Kishore decided to move back to Hyderabad and work in the field of agriculture.

Interest in Farming

Kishore’s father was also an engineer but he too did not have much interest in the field. On the other hand, Kishore’s father-in-law was an agriculturalist. Kishore Indukuri did not know much about farming. The entire concept was new to him. He started with Sid’s farm in 2012. The farm was named after his son, Siddharth.

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Kishore Indukuri’s Dairy Farm

The dairy farm had 20 cows, and Kishore Indukuri invested several rupees 1 crore on the dairy farm. The dairy farm provides fresh milk to its customers on the doorstep. Kishore Indukuri mentioned, “One of the main things to learn about running a dairy farm is to buy the right cattle for the dairy farm. The choice of cattle can either make the dairy farm a success or failure.” To choose the right cow for his dairy farm, Kishore started reading books and researching.

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Process Followed During The Dairy Farm

The customers need milk around 6:30 am every day. For this, the team of the dairy farm had to wake up around 4, milk the cows, pack the milk and load it into the auto-rickshaws. As the number of customers increased, Kishore Indukuri and his team had to wake up at 2:30 am to carry out the same process. Kishore Indukuri mentioned, “This kind of work requires the commitment of entire 365 days. Taking offs is not possible.”

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Success of Dairy Farm

The feedback of customers gives Kishore the motivation to work hard. When COVID started, the customers were invited to the dairy farm and were allowed to check the safety precautions that Kishore was following. The motive is to run a transparent dairy farm. The milk delivered to customers is checked on 26 parameters. In the present scenario, Sid dairy farm has tie-ups with 1,500 dairy farmers, 70 cows and caters to over 10000 customers daily. Mad4India wishes Kishore Indukuri all the best for all his future endeavors!

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