The Man Left His Family Business & Established The Largest Company That Recycle Lithium Battery E-Waste To Conserve Nature!

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Lithium battery

Remember the last chapter of our science book that taught about environmental conservation? And how we become aware that even Air conditioners pollute the air. Well, as we grew up that chapter was erased from our minds. Today, we don’t even think before throwing our mechanical gadgets into landfills. The result is here in the years 2021 to 2022, India has processed 3.2 tonnes of e-waste.

And our stationary applications and vehicles contribute a lot as they contain the lithium battery that causes the most harm to the environment. The sad part is that only 5% of lithium battery e-waste is recycled in India out of 3.2 tonnes of waste.

However, there is one courageous individual, Rajesh Gupta who left the well-established family business to follow his love and passion for the conservation of the environment and founded a company that became the largest lithium battery recycling company. Today, his company is the leading lithium battery recycling company and Mad4india is extremely proud to share this story of saving our planet for future generations.

Recyclekaro- The only company to recycle lithium battery

Recyclekaro is the leading e-waste recycling company that aims for a sustainable future. This is the only company in India that has started recycling lithium batteries and extracting the valuable metals that later on get used in different industries as per the requirements. Started with recycling paper, this company was established in the year 2010. In the span of 13 years ago, this company recycles e-waste, and recovers precious metals from the e-waste.

By 2022, Recyclekaro become the only company in India that recycles lithium battery and extract the metals like cobalt, lithium, nickel and manganese. In 2023, this company has also inaugurated a new plant with an e-waste recycling capacity of 7500MT. In India, Recyclekaro differs from all the companies, as it recovers 90% of critical elements and contributes to the overall economy. This company has collaborated with big industries like Bajaj Auto and Tata Motors to serve the growing demand for the lithium battery.

In addition to this, Recyclekaro commits to maintaining sustainability by producing cleaner solutions to recycle e-waste and lithium batteries. Well, Let’s know how the Recyclekaro founder established this big company.

Rajesh Gupta- Founder of Recyclekaro

Rajesh Gupta is the founder and managing director of Recyclekaro who is passionate about conserving the environment and society. He established this company to promote the circular economy, resource efficiency and waste management solutions that are innovative, sustainable and profitable.

At Recyclekaro, Rajesh looks after the growth of the company and also handles the different operations and strategies to enhance the waste management facility of the company. He is handling this big company, however, his journey of starting this company was full of challenges.

Top 5 Leading Recycling Companies

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2. Greenworms
3. Vermigold Ecotech
4. A2Z Group.
5. Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.

Journey and Challenges

Rajesh Gupta was passionate about starting his own business and he had a great interest in recycling and sustainable practices. To pursue his passion, he left his family and also gave up his lucrative family business. He wanted to do something for this planet and thus he combined his love for the planet and his passion for sustainable practices which led to the establishment of one of the leading recycling companies, Recyclekaro.

Initially, it was difficult to collect the e-waste and lithium battery from the Indian household due to the absence of the proper mechanisms for the collection. In 2015, Recyclekaro started extracting the metals from the electronic waste and then in 2019, he set up a small pilot plant and produced 5 metric tons of cobalt sulfate per month. Their first success was when various companies like Tata Chemicals started buying our products and then he built the largest commercial plant to recycle the e-waste like Lithium battery.

The biggest challenge Rajesh faced in this journey is that as per the export policies of India, countries like China and South Korea take all the black mass, the crushed powdered form of lithium battery from India. These countries process this black mass and sell us at higher taxes and prices. So, raw metals mustn’t go out of India so that they can be recycled into more products.

Recycling E-waste and Lithium battery for a sustainable future

Rajesh Gupta envisioned a sustainable future and he looked at E-waste and lithium batteries as the harmful elements that were polluting the environment. However, some parts of that e-waste still hold value and can be recycled into new products. Recycling this e-waste is important to save the landfills and Recyclekaro has been successful in continually recycling most e-waste.

Looking at the success rate of RecycleKaro, it has successfully extracted the platinum and Rhodium metals out of the spent vehicle catalysts. Apart from this, it has been successful in the extraction of the Niobium and Neodymium out of Nd Magnets. Today, with his determination and passion, Rajesh Gupta has turned his recycling company into an award-winning organisation with the triple bottom line approach–People, Planet and Profits.

Mad4india appreciates Rajesh Gupta and his Recyclekaro company which is working on making our future greener and cleaner with their effective e-waste management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Recyclekaro founder?

Rajesh Gupta is the Recycle founder.

What are the harmful effects of Lithium battery?

Lithium battery contain metals such as cobalt and nickel that are toxic to the environment and contaminate the environment when released into landfills.

Where is RecycleKaro company located?

This company is located in Millennium Business Park , Building 5, office 8, Mahape, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400710.

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