This Twin Sister Duo From Odisha Converts Crop Residual Into EV Battery: Their Brand – Nexus Power Can Change The Future

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Crop residual EV Battery

Alert for electrical vehicle owners! Don’t panic, it’s not the one where you discover your dead EV battery. Every electrical vehicle owner must be tensed by the battery life and charging time of their batteries. But here is a twin sister-duo from Odisha who convert crop residual from farms into EV battery which has a short charging time and a notable battery life.

Who is the founder of Crop residual-based Nexus battery?

23-year-old twin sisters from Odisha made their presence in the automobile industry by introducing a technology that has the potential to increase the consumption of electronic vehicles in India. Nikita Bailarsingh and Nishtha Bailarsingh co-founded Nexus Power, a company that produces batteries for the automobile industry to increase the consumption of electronic vehicles.

Crop Residual - Twin sisters
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They wanted to execute their idea but protect the environment as well so they found an alternative way for fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The twin sisters were recently featured on the Forbes 30 list for their great business model and for their zeal to protect the environment as well. For their call to protect the environment, they created a battery that was durable, easy to charge and produced sustainably.

What is Odisha Startup Yatra?

Odisha Startup Yatra was launched by Naveen Patnaik, the chief minister of Odisha, to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among youth on 11th September 2023. 50 shortlisted ideas will be invited for a three-day acceleration program out of which the best 10 will be awarded seed funding worth Rs. 3 lakh each to develop their ideas into startup ventures. Schemes like these promote an entrepreneurial mindset but the twin sisters from Odisha made an eco-friendly unique business without any back support.

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With no prior experience in science, they enrolled in courses for Nanotechnology, battery thermal management, and hybrid electric vehicle design. They started their journey in 2019 by setting up Nexus Power with the aim to use protein extracts from crop residues to make batteries that can be turned into manures when their lifecycle is complete. Their continuous efforts reaped in the 2020 lockdown when the company successfully produced the prototype of the battery they desired. This Bhubaneshwar-based company went commercial in 2022 and they even got a grant of Rs. 4 lakh by the Government of India under its TIDE program.

Where to get EV batteries for two and three-wheelers?

The electric automobile industry lacked efficient batteries as most of them take four to six hours for charging and only a strong charging infrastructure can help fasten the process. This is the main reason for the comparatively low consumption of electronic vehicles in India. You can get good EV batteries at Nexus Power as they are it from crop residue which is otherwise burnt causing vast air pollution in winter.

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They have lithium-ion-free batteries that can charge from 0 to 100% in 50 minutes. Nexus aims at bringing the period down to 25-30 minutes only. They procure crop remains and manufacture rechargeable, energy-saving batteries that help farmers earn an additional income of Rs. 25,000 for every 100 batteries. Their product idea will eradicate seven billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the next century. So, Nexus Power creates bio-organic and bio-degradable

What are Bio-organic and bio-degradable?

Bio-organic means the composition and biological activity of carbon-based compounds. On the other hand, bio-degradable means the substance that can decompose and mix back with nature causing no harm to the environment. Nexus Power produces batteries for electronic vehicles that manages the composition and biological ratio of carbon compounds. Their batteries do not harm the environment as they can be crushed afterwards their consumption and converted into manure.

So, you will get bio-organic and bio-degradable batteries at Nexus Power.

Crop residual - EV Battery founder
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The entrepreneur twin sister duo have a long journey ahead of them as Nexus Power is still figuring out ways to transform crop residuals and develop an EV battery that can charge within a few minutes. They have a goal of transforming India so that we can rely on environment-friendly ways and still grow together with the developed nations.

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