12-year-old Sri Nihal Tammana Recycled Over 1.5 Lakh Batteries To Make The Earth A Better Place

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Nihal Tammana

Many kids are being very vocal about today’s age problems. They are keenly stepping into taking actions for making society competitive, and it is such s good riddance for many to learn.

Entrepreneurship knows no age, and Sri Nihal Tammana proves it rightly so. A 12-year-old, Indian-origin boy has been working for the last three years to get rid of the world’s battery pollutants and make it safe from fires.

Indian-American Nihal Tammana has founded a sustainable company that promotes and facilitates the recycling of used batteries through safe disposal and awareness.

Today, Mad4India brings a young voice with ferocious courage that is on the path to making the earth a more suitable and safer place to live.

Nihal Tammana’s Journey

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Nihal Tammana is the founder of Recycle My Battery in 2019. It is a US-based NGO that facilitates recycling used batteries through safe disposals and educating others about the same.

He wishes to bring a cultural change in which people think and the act of used batteries. He wishes to create public awareness of the unscientific and indiscriminate ways of battery disposal.

Nihal Tammana from Edison, New Jersey, is an eco-hero who aspires to make the world safe from fires. His parents work in IT and are in awe of their son’s dedication to making the planet a safer place to live and how he is so considerate of the environment.
Nihal is very fond of talking with his grandparents in Vijayawada, India.

Now, at the age where kids are mingling to try new things. This 12-year-old aspiration to sustain the earth started in 10th Grade. He was watching TV on how a fire started at California -based waste plants caused damages. Upon continuing watching, he came to know that the damage was caused due to the evildoer being a discarded lithium-ion battery.

Nihal Tammana was disturbed by the ill effects of the used battery. When he researched it, he realized that globally, over 15 billion batteries — containing toxic chemicals — are carelessly dumped in the garbage each year.

The improper causes fires and pollution, risking the lives of millions of humans and animals at risk.

Then and there, the call for the campaign, Recycle My Battery, emerged.

Recycle My Battery

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In 2019, Recycle My Battery was formed by Nihal Tammana started this campaign with the initiative by providing battery bins so that people could recycle used batteries.

He was consistently active through his social media platforms and blogs to educate about the cons of used batteries.

Batteries are commonly used by everyone and people forget that they can be recycled.

As a start, Nihal Tammana’s Recycle My Battery teamed together with the US-based Call2Recycle, a rechargeable battery and cell phone collection organization.

Call2Recycle is the US largest battery recycling organization that came forward to support by offering free bins.

These sorted batteries are taken to recycling facilities, where they are made into a new item or new batteries.

Recently, Recycle My Battery has collaborated with the Telangana Government and battery-making company Aloe Ecell for its operations in India.

The Telangana Government is planning to build a battery recycling facility plant, which will help in spreading awareness to school and university students to recycle batteries.

Nihal Tammana expresses that Aloe Ecell will help in recycling over 30,000 batteries each month, starting from March 2022.

At present, about 15+ kids are working in India on this project.

Nihal Tammana’s Success & Appreciation

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Nihal Tammana, a young entrepreneur, environmentalist, eco-hero, and Point of Light Honouree, is a Ted Speaker who has talked about sustainability, battery management, and waste recycling, urging everyone to join hands in this cause to save the earth.

With his NGO, he aims to reach the day where there will be zero used batteries dumped in the bin.

Recycle My Battery is a proud state that has changed the old habits of many people who used to throw the used batteries in the garbage and now has replaced it with Recycle My Battery (RMB).

Nihal Tammana has received many special awards and nominations for this movement including, the One in a Million Award for 2020 and Global Kids Achiever Award for 2020, and is supported by many.

He has been appreciated by mayors and senators for this thoughtful campaign in the US. The eco-hero awardee is an inspiration for many young heroes who aspire to do something sustainable for the environment.

Besides, children from India, Canada, the UAE, and Ireland have come forward to help Recycle My Battery.

Nihal Tammana is an eco-hero who wishes to see the world without used batteries that pile up in landfills. He is a young environmentalist and is a founder of Recycle My Battery, a powerful step to change old-habit and make the earth a little place to live.

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