This Bird Sanctuary Is All Set To Leave South Africa Behind – Hyderabad’s World’s Largest Aviary Is Ready To Get Going

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Aviary in Hyderabad

India is a diverse cultural land with so many unique tourist places that you cannot miss. Can you think of any hyped-up aviaries in India? Foreigners are mainly excited about their trip to India to visit the 7th wonder, the Taj Mahal, witness the purity of the holy city of Varanasi, and see the magical Golden Temple in Amritsar. For nature, everybody prefers the beauty of North India. But now, India is all set to add more to that list.

Aviary - Tourist places in India
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India’s growing pace is so fast that it has made some of the major achievements in the world in a short time period. After the IGI airport became the main highlight in southern Asia, India is again ready to make history in the world as we are all set to launch the world’s biggest aviary in Hyderabad. Read further to learn all about it.

Understand Aviary Meaning

Modern transformations are majorly destroying the natural habitats of various birds and animals. Sometimes it is avoidable but sometimes it is necessary too. Leaving the animals and birds without any protected home after taking theirs is not fair and that is why zoos and bird sanctuaries are there.

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A bird sanctuary or aviary is a designated area, mainly a natural habitat or a protected environment to protect the birds from all kinds of danger and extinction. Birds are provided, protection, care, food, and all the necessities in a bird sanctuary and since it is a tricky task, the bird sanctuaries are owned by the Government of India. Some of the major bird sanctuaries in India are Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa, Sultanpur National Park in Gurgaon and so on.

Top 10 Bird Sanctuaries in India

1. Bharatpur Bird SanctuaryRajasthan
2. Kumarakom Bird SanctuaryKerala
3. Salim Ali Bird SanctuaryGoa
4. Kaundinya Bird SanctuaryAndhra Pradesh
5. Chilika Lake Bird SanctuaryOrrisa
6. Mayani Bird SanctuaryMaharashtra
7. Nal Sarovar Bird SanctuaryGujarat
8. Nawabganj Bird SanctuaryUttar Pradesh
9. Ranganathittu Bird SanctuaryKarnataka
10. Chintamani Kar Bird SanctuaryWest Bengal

Which is the largest Bird Sanctuary in the world till now?

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South Africa tops the table till now in terms of hosting the world’s largest aviary. Birds of Eden in South Africa is the largest free-flight aviary in the world till now. It has a unique two-hectare dome area of indigenous forest. Currently, it is home to more than 3,500 birds, with a variety of more than 220 species.

The main feature of the Birds of Eden sanctuary is African birds due to the climatic conditions. You can take a guided tour of the bird sanctuary for a detailed viewpoint of all the species and types.

Main tourist places in Hyderabad

Aviary - Tourist Places in Hyderabad
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As of now, South Africa is the dream destination for all the bird lovers in the world, with the biggest aviary in the world. But India is all set to leave behind by adding one more major attraction to the tourist attractions in the city. Hyderabad, being the largest city in the southern state of Telangana, has so many tourist attractions in terms of monuments, as it was ruled by the Mughals, Nizams, and Qutub Shahis.

Adding variety to its tourist places, Hyderabad is curating the world’s largest bird sanctuary in the Kothwalguda Eco Hill Park occupying 5.5 acres of the total land. So, add this aviary hosting a variety of birds giving a perfect retreat to eyes in your bucket list.

Know all about the World’s Largest Bird Sanctuary in India

The world’s largest aviary in Hyderabad is likely to open before March 2024. It will also house India’s largest aquarium. The estimated expenditure on this park is around Rs. 8 crore, as it will be equipped with proper facilities for housing more than 5,000 animals of more than 20 different species.

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The aviary will be covered with a dome-shaped, chain-link path that will allow people to stroll inside while watching the birds. Some of the main highlights of the park will be a butterfly park, viewpoints, a boardwalk, an adventure zone, and an aquamarine park as well. Furthermore, it will be converted into a perfect chilling point with some restaurants and food points as well. So, do not miss this aviary on your next visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Okhla Bird Sanctuary the largest in India?

No, Okhla Bird Sanctuary is an artificial habitat developed for birds in Delhi. It is a soothing place to visit but it is not the largest. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan is the largest bird aviary in India till now.

How many aviary birds sanctuary are there in India?

India has a total of 72 bird sanctuaries spread all over the country. These are protected areas that provide an ideal habitat for different species of birds all over India.

Which Bird Sanctuary in India has the highest number of birds?

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary being the largest, has the highest number of birds in India. It is home to more than 400 different species of birds.

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