Nature Warrior Manya Harsha Inspiring Millions, Just At 13 And Won International Eco-Hero Award

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Manya Harsha

How many children nowadays are concerned about our mother nature? Probably only a few, right? Our environment is deteriorating considerably faster than we could have predicted. And people are so preoccupied with their hectic lives that the environment is the least of their concerns. Waste is a major issue anywhere, but especially in a country the size of India. Manya Harsha understands that recycling paper may conserve trees, water, and landfill space. It also aids in the prevention of deforestation. It’s significant! Among these young people, however, is a young enthusiast who has become a source of inspiration for today’s generation.

Manya Harsha
Manya Harsha

In this blog let’s dive into the inspiring journey of Manya Harsha, 13 Year old Young environmentalist, who has changed the air among us, with a wave of motivation to push us further towards the mother nature.

Where It all Began for Manya Harsha ?

In a world where the pandemic kept most kids at home, a young hero named Manya Harsha emerged from Bengaluru, India. She’s just 13 years old, but she’s doing some really amazing things for our environment. While others might be busy with their phones, Manya is focused on making a big difference. Manya Harsha is a young girl who’s doing amazing things for the environment. She recently received the 2023 International Young Eco-Hero Award, which is a big deal. This award is given to young people between 8 and 16 years old who are taking important steps to help our planet.

Manya is a student at Vibgyor High BTM in Bangalore. While the world was staying inside due to the pandemic, Manya was busy turning kitchen waste into paper. She believes that nothing is a waste unless you consider it to be one. When she was just 4 years old, she planted her first tree with her grandma, who taught her to love nature and be kind to all living beings.


Manya’s love for nature and her beautiful city, Bangalore, inspired her to find a way to use flower and plant waste in an eco-friendly manner. She started making colorful vegetable papers, just like any other handmade paper. You can write, draw, paint, fold, and create art on it. When you’re done, you can put it back in the soil as fertilizer. It’s a win-win!

She’s been passionate about nature since she was just 6 years old, and she’s been fighting against environmental problems ever since. Things like wasting water, littering in beautiful places, using single-use plastic, and cutting down trees are all things she’s trying to stop.


At the young age of 8, she organized a walkathon to raise awareness about saving water. She gave paper bags to local vendors to reduce the use of plastic and taught them about the harm plastic does to our planet. One of her coolest ideas is making colorful paper out of things like vegetable peels and old denim jeans. It’s like recycling, and it’s a big inspiration for other kids. She’s even held workshops to teach others how to make this fantastic paper.

Manya has also done beach cleanups with her family and encourages other young people to volunteer for such events. She’s even cleaned up the Markonalli Dam water bed and convinced people not to throw garbage in the lake. Her efforts were even praised by UN WATER on their official Facebook page.

How she Inspires millions : Achievements of Manya

Manya was honored with the WATER HEROES award in 2020 for her work in spreading awareness about water conservation. Even with the pandemic, her activities for nature never stopped.

As the founder and editor of the kids’ digital journal, SUNSHINE FORTNIGHTLY, Manya launched the #EachOnePlantOne Campaign. This campaign inspired more than 236 people, including her friends, family, teachers, and even the Bengaluru police force and hospital staff, to plant trees.


Manya is also an author of five nature-themed books. She’s received several titles and awards for her remarkable work, including being the YOUNGEST POET OF INDIA in 2019. She’s a motivation for not just kids, but for all of us. She proves that even at a young age, we can do extraordinary things to protect our planet and take action against climate change. Manya Harsha is truly an inspiration!

Manya won this award for her “SUNSHINE” project, which is all about being kind to the environment. She’s not just any kid; she’s a young author, climate activist, and recycler. Manya also edits a cool journal for kids called “Sunshine fortnightly.” In her journal and nature-themed books, she talks about how we can fight climate change and protect our planet.

What’s Next for the Eco -warrior?

But Manya is not just about words; she’s all about action. She’s been working on her mission to help the environment since she was very little. Manya has done so much already. She’s given away thousands of saplings, distributed lots of sustainable bags, planted thousands of trees, and even thrown seed bombs during her travels.

Manya believes in taking action, not just talking about it. She even has a YouTube channel where she shares educational videos about helping the environment. She wants to raise awareness about climate change and inspire young people worldwide to protect nature and wildlife.

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