From Local Vegetable Vendor To Oxygen Man Of Delhi: This Man Walked 500 km To Raise Environmental Awareness

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Over the past few decades, the condition of our Earth’s environment has become a cause for concern. While many individuals devote their lives to raising environmental awareness, there is often limited action taken. Perhaps this is because only a few are willing to get their hands dirty and got down on the streets.

However, history has repeatedly shown that when someone decides to take a stand and hit the streets, their impact becomes inevitable and unstoppable. And now, we introduce to you yet another such individual who embodies this spirit of change and is determined to make a difference.

Environmental Awareness – By Oxygen Man Of Delhi

Pankaj Kumar, a local man from Bihar, has now become the ‘Oxygen Man of Delhi’. Pankaj carries a plant strapped on the back of his shoulder inside a 20-litre plastic bottle, wearing an oxygen mask, becoming a walking reminder for all the people that soon our dear environment is going to be totally degraded and each one of us will have to carry oxygen just like him. 

Environmental Awareness
Source – Instagram

Where It All Began For Pankaj

Pankaj was born in Bihar, but when his family fell on hard times, his father made the move to Delhi to fine a better employment source. Here he started his life as a vegetable vendor. As a dutiful son, Pankaj began helping him sell vegetables.

This young man knew he was not destined to sell vegetables from a cart on the sidewalk. He had to overcome many obstacles as a result of his humble upbringing. Pankaj has always been inspired by his father’s tales of the brave men and women who fought for our independence. Despite the harsh reality of his situation, he dedicated himself to his studies.

In 2015, he commenced his employment with a multinational corporation. However, leading an ordinary existence and pursuing monetary gain through a conventional 9-to-5 job did not satisfy this individual.

Despite securing a stable position, there remained a sense of unease in his heart. Pankaj consistently pondered a thought: While we were fortunate enough to inherit a pristine and magnificent environment, what kind of legacy are we preparing for the generations to come?

Environmental Awareness
Source – Instagram

Even with a settled life at hand, there was something that stayed unsettled in his heart. He realized the rapid degradation of our environment, particularly in India, where pollution levels have significantly increased in recent years due to rapid industrialization and urbanization.

Pankaj got his real motivation from an animated cartoon character who wore an oxygen mask and carried a plant on his back. He wondered about the artist and tried to unbox his thought process. He questioned himself: if an artist could make such a character, then could he bring that character to life for spreading environmental awareness?

Following this idea, Pankaj started Wearing an oxygen mask and carrying a plant in a 20-litre plastic bottle strapped to his shoulders. He works the night shift for a multinational company, and he campaigns around Delhi during the day.

Efforts and challenges to save our mother earth

Environmental Awareness
Source – Instagram

He chose to inspire others by becoming a walking reminder to save our planet. Pankaj thinks that people in power, influential personalities, and political leaders do not consider initiating a step forward to save the earth from a toxic future, but it’s the most important thing at hand. Pankaj tries to initiate a conversation with people and spread environmental awareness.

Over a period of time, Pankaj has realised that a huge number of people lack environmental awareness about the bad health of our environment. Many people have come forward to create environmental awareness around the world about degrading environmental health.

Pankaj had his idea of ‘ silent activism ‘. He calls himself Earth Warrior and goes by the name Earth Worri on his social media handles. On his Instagram, we can see his posts, which are dedicated to causing change and spreading environmental awareness.

He campaigns during the daytime, trying to generate environmental awareness among people by holding a placard.

He wants to change the mentality of people around the world these days who are just focused on earning money to live their lives. People need to learn about the importance of the fresh air we inherited and maintain it for the future.

Driven by a deep concern for the deteriorating state of India’s rivers, this courageous individual embarked on a journey from Delhi to Gangotri by walking more than 500 km, aiming to investigate the locations and projects responsible for polluting the Ganga. In his unwavering determination to restore the pristine Ganga of yore, free from pollutants and plastic, he can rightfully be hailed as the Bhagirath of this century.

Environmental Awareness
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The Yamuna, flowing through the heart of Delhi, has been sadly dubbed a lifeless river in recent years, plagued by a woeful state. It has become laden with chemicals, pollutants, and plastic, while the efforts to address this crisis seemed insufficient.

However, thanks to the initiative of Earthworri, numerous young individuals have rallied together to tackle the issue head-on. Inspired by Earthworri, these individuals engage in regular “Shrmdan” activities, working diligently to clean and restore the Yamuna River.

Recognition and Impact

Pankaj managed to create a great impact on people through his efforts, He is appreciated across the country, and many people have come forward to help him with his initiative. He now holds campaigns in various different states and cities and involves himself in environmental cleaning activities and encourages people to join him in the same while continuing to spread environmental awareness.

Environmental Awareness
Source – Instagram

His social media has more than 70k followers, which indicates that people are becoming aware of and want to get involved in his initiative. He helps in the relief for victims of natural disasters with his campaigns providing them with food and water.

Environmental Awareness
Source- Instagram

He is now involved in almost all activities that help keep our environment clean and happy. He encourages people to use eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for almost all of the activities that cause pollution or harm the environment.

Environmental Awareness
Source- Instagram

He helps street animals, cleans rivers, plants trees, and encourages people around him to do the same. He holds campaigns in which he introduces people to this growing environmental concern. On his Social media, he can be seen doing campaigns, collecting garbage from the streets, helping street animals, etc. to spread environmental awareness.

Mad4India understands the importance of this concern and appreciates Pankaj for his awesome initiative toward this major cause. If today we do not understand the importance of free resources, soon they will turn into paid entities. You can visit his Instagram @Earthworri .

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