This 23-YO Converts Old Gaadi Into Electric Vehicle In Just 2 Days!

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Electric Vehicle

This 23-year-old engineer transforms used vehicles into electric vehicles in just two days. 

Maaz Ahmed Khan, a Hyderabad engineer, founded Torq Electric to transform used two-wheelers into electric automobiles. Khan’s interest in electric vehicles first surfaced in 2021 while he was still a mechanical engineering undergraduate. 

It began when he began studying the electric vehicle topic in his senior year. He would carefully examine how these machines functioned and come up with his ideas to create a replica of them. 

But the 23-year-old’s plan was not to create a new design. Instead, it intended to turn existing petrol vehicles into the fully functional electric vehicle instead of turning them into scrap.

electric vehicle
Image: Maaz Ahmed Khan

The Methodist College of Engineering and Technology student, who was then in his final year, began looking for assistance to begin realizing his idea. This led him to EdVenture Park, a non-academic startup incubator that specializes in student inventions. He was chosen for the position he applied for here. 

They encouraged him to start working on his vision, and in March 2021, he founded Torq Electric with their help.

Converting Old Vehicles into Electric Vehicles

electric vehicle
Image: Maaz Ahmed Khan

He said, ” At first, I had no idea what student entrepreneurship was.  At that point, one of my friends, Shaik Ahmed Irshad, a senior team member at EdVenture Park (India’s first and best business incubator focusing on students), introduced me to the organization and sparked my interest in entrepreneurship.”

After a year, when demand for electric vehicles in India was increasing, I came up with this idea, filed for the EdVenture Park pre-incubation program, and was accepted. The remainder is history,” Maaz added.

Maaz developed the prototype of a two-wheeled electric vehicle on August 27, 2021, after investing Rs 60,000 to modify an old petrol scooter. He recalls that the model received extensive media attention and additional internet fame. 

Even then, building up people’s trust took time. After a few months, he was able to attract several clients. The majority of them struggled to part with their two-wheelers because of sentimental ties and other factors. It sounded like a brilliant idea to turn these into electric vehicles so you could keep your beloved old bike.

According to Maaz, he has modified seven bikes so far and has orders for fifteen more. 

Moreover, he provides engineering students with the necessary technical know-how and encourages them to take on EV-related academic projects.

Leading the way towards eco-friendly earth 

electric vehicle
Image: Maaz Ahmed Khan

Even if it only takes 5-7 hours to transform a two-wheeler into an EV, Maaz requests two days so that you can inspect and confirm the safety of the vehicle before using it.

He offers two models: electric and hybrid vehicles. Those who prefer to keep gasoline as an alternative can do so. He claims that converting any sort of two-wheeler into a fully electric EV costs Rs 50,000. He charges Rs 55,000 for the hybrid. 

The engine and petrol tank are substituted with a strong motor and batteries in completely electric two-wheelers. A motor and battery are added to the existing engine in a hybrid conversion. This provides the option of driving on both electric and engine power.

Talking about his vision, Maaz said, “Torq Electric aims to maximising motor efficiency while maintaining user comfort. A vision of an eco-friendly future and an influence on the environment for a cleaner, greener future through the production of profitable living through vehicles.”

The standard form of the vehicle takes three to four hours to charge and can travel up to 75 kilometres at an average speed of 45 kilometres per hour. Customers can also specify their preferences, which may result in different prices.

electric vehicle
Image: Maaz Ahmed Khan

He hopes to establish an eco-friendly world with his company, which attempts to generate sustainable living through car production.

Despite the positive reception to his present creation, the engineer’s ambition is to launch his own design of an electric vehicle specifically for Indians. He also intends to expand the current technology to three and four-wheelers.

Torq Electric’s founder intends to work on three-wheelers in the future, and, he intends to work on four-wheelers as well.

He said, “We are currently just changing 2 wheelers, but we intend to do the same with 3 and 4 wheelers in the future. We also want to go into the commercial vehicle market. Furthermore, we plan to introduce our own iconic products and grow in the global marketplace.”

Are you impressed by this innovation and want to contribute to the environment? Then connect with Torq Electric

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