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39-YO From Udaipur Decided To Never Marry & Stay Dedicated To Animal Safety: Rescued More Than 2500 Animals

Have you ever wondered why gods like Ganesh and Hanuman have animal faces? Why does Lord Shiva hear every prayer said in Nandi’s ear?...
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This Bihar Mom’s Idea Revolutionized a whole Industry; Started A Shoe Laundry & Is Making a Fortune

Have you considered having your old shoes cleaned, repaired, and dried by a professional service? Probably your answer will be that there is no...
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Meet Kolkata’s Terrace Garden Guru :Housewife Turned To Social Influencing, Has More Than 27,000 Followers

Is there any heaven on earth? Just like the Garden of Eden, a terrace garden is one kind of heaven that we can create...
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Daughter Of A Fish Seller Sabita Mahato Sets A World Record: First Female Runner To Conquer Umling La, Highest Motorable Road In The World

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary Have you ever seen a girl climbing summits and running on the highest...
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This 12th-Class Student Turned Into An Environmentalist: Planted More Than 5000 Trees, Even Started An Earth Foundation At 17

On average, it takes approximately 300-400 plants to generate sufficient oxygen for one person to survive a lifetime. Tell me, how many have you...
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‘Bhartiye Tohfe’ That Delegates Received At G20 Summit – Unique Kamalam, Sustainable Paintings And Many More

Indian heritage has become the talk of the town since the G20 summit, held on the 9th and 10th of September 2023 in New...
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