25 YO Sneaked Rs 3000 From Mother To Start A2 Ghee Business, Now Earns Lakhs Every Month

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A2 Ghee

In today’s health-conscious era, it’s essential to be aware of the impact our dietary choices can have on our well-being. When it comes to oils and ghee, quality matters. And when we talk about quality ghee, A2 ghee tops the list.

Harnessing the power of nature through sustainable farming practices, Kasutam offers a range of pure and premium oils and A2 ghee that not only tantalize your taste buds but also weave a mesmerizing tale that rekindles your faith in the cosmic tapestry of destiny, the resolute spirit of perseverance, and the bountiful fruits of relentless labor.

Here we have for you the remarkable journey of Bhavesh Kumar, the CEO of Kasutam, and the maker of A2 ghee brand Kasutam, Who inspires us with His Passion and determination.

A2 ghee – Kasutam’s Story Of Success Through Struggles

Born and raised in the rustic village of Berla, Rajasthan, Bhavesh Kumar was brought up in a farmer family deeply rooted in traditional values.

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While pursuing his higher education as an engineer, his initial aspiration of serving in the army like his father or securing a well-paying job took a transformative turn as his heart yearned to start his own buisness.

Like other young men in his village, he invested years in pursuing his dream of cracking government exams. However, as time went on, his hope of securing a job faded, causing worry among his family members. While his friends succeeded, Bhavesh found himself adrift, jobless and lost in life.

Despite his father’s frequent anger over his perceived lack of effort in cracking exams, Bhavesh remained steadfastly optimistic about life, regardless of the challenges he faced.

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As a keen observer with a sharp mind, Bhavesh noticed the growing influence of the online market, even in rural areas. Inspired by this realization, he thought to himself, “Even though my village has limited resources, I have the power of the internet at my disposal, and I must harness it for my benefit.”

“I began brainstorming a business idea that could thrive in my village and help me earn a livelihood using the internet.”

Bhavesh had many ideas, but none worked until he had a new thought. Instead of creating something new, he decided to use what people in villages already had, which people in cities desperately needed. He thought of starting a Desi Bilona A2 Ghee home brand.

“I saw many youtube videos talking about a organic lifestyle, going back to the old days, using natural healthy things, so I thought of selling some rural commodities, but I lacked the funds to make it happen. I didn’t have a job or any source of income at that time.

Snekaed Rs 3000 to start a business

In an Interview with Mad4India, Bhavesh further tells us how his life took an interesting turn when he sneaked a significant sum of money from his mother to get his driving license, but due to the delay in the official tasks, he decided to use the money to fuel his startup.

With only Rs 3000 in his pocket, he placed an online order for two jars and a tape and started his A2 ghee business.

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“We always have to have at least 12 to 15 kg of Desi ghee available in the home. So, in secret, I filled those Jars with freshly prepared Desi ghee, took a picture with a phone I borrowed from a friend, as the camera of my phone was a average to click an aesthetic picture, and posted it online for sale.” 

Bhavesh knew virtually nothing about social media and online commerce at the time. He uploaded those two jars on Facebook and YouTube and fixed his pricing with a tiny profit using the limited knowledge he had of those two platforms.

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“After years of grappling with social media, I discovered its astonishing potential when I ventured into starting my own business. But back then, I had zero knowledge about social media or how it could be leveraged for business purposes. All I knew was – people must know about my desi ghee business, so I would wake up every day and comment on each YouTube video that talked about consumers of desi ghee , saying they could click on this number and get pure A2 ghee.

After months of sending random messages and leaving comments, he finally received his first order. At that moment, this once-lost boy from a small village transformed into a determined entrepreneur.

Without letting anyone know what was going on in his mind, he started his very own startup in a small village that was not even very well aware of what startups are.

He understood what he wanted to do after the first purchase arrived and he received his first payment. He began selling freshly prepared A2 ghee created from the cows at their home. The orders began to come in from all parts of the country. Bhavesh started uploading videos to YouTube and gradually learned how to edit and create videos. He received just two orders in the first month.

But once his initial investment came back, he knew this was a good project to work on, but his family was still unaware of what Bhavesh was doing secretly.

My father wanted me to secure a government job at all costs. When my family discovered what I was doing, they were upset because they believed that owning a dairy or working with cattle was only for the uneducated, and they had spent a significant amount on my education, considering our modest background. It was very difficult for me to make them understand that I could achieve something by settling ghee. It was my mother who stood by me and decided to help me.

Bhavesh’s mother, who not only adored her son but also understood how important it was for people to eat well, came to his aid. She taught him how to make bilona ghee, which she had been doing for a long time.

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Kautam A2 Ghee Becoming a Brand: Beating Challenges

He named his company “Kasutam” after the term “kasuta,” which means “amazing” in English. With the help and guidance of his mother, he started making organic A2 ghee with the milk of 2 cows he had at home. He would record and share the everyday activities and tasks involved in the ghee-making process on the internet. As the company grew, he built a proper farm where he used to work while making videos.

However, the true test began when Bhavesh’s business hit a standstill. There were no further opportunities for growth, no access to evolving markets, and a lack of awareness regarding cutting-edge technologies. Living in a remote village in Rajasthan, he faced the daunting challenge of reaching out to a wider market without knowing where to begin.

He describes how he hired someone to create a website, but the website could not function since he lacked the necessary understanding.

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Finding a delivery service was quite difficult in places like Berla. He wanted his company to expand, so he took a loan from a friend and paid extra for his ghee bottles to be delivered to their destination.

With time, Bhavesh gained more and more knowledge about marketing his company. He put a lot of effort into studying digital marketing and expanding his knowledge of it. Bhavesh not only did his homework well but also mastered the art of social media and marketing, it was his zeal and learning of the online platforms that led to a leap in the growth of the Kasutam Desi A2 ghee brand.


For a man who knows very little about the world, stepping out can be overwhelming, as was the case with Bhavesh and his endeavours, he knew very little about business, social media, brand development, and in fact, even about working at the age of 25. But this headstrong individual not only made a thriving start but also grew well with his hard and smart work 

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A2 Ghee is uniquely manufactured on his farm using the “Bilona method,” an age-old technique. Kasutam soon began providing supplies abroad. Bhavesh continued operating even throughout the pandemic because consumers realised how vulnerable poor-quality items made us.

The aroma of products made with traditional has no comparison with today’s products. Bhavesh now has 4-5 workers working for him.

He brings years of experience with him. He wanted people to recognise the value of the old Vedic culture of India and how it may influence the way we eat on a daily basis. He was inspired to create pure, creative products that are more focused on quality than just profit by his insatiable passion for organic goods and a healthy lifestyle. Always putting the consumer first, he continues to improvise the Kasutam using their feedback.

Personal Life and Family

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After overcoming all blocks, Bhavesh is focused on his business and building a brand. His family has recognized his desire and encouraged him to pursue this career further while feeling proud of his determination.

Bhavesh never stopped learning and putting in a lot of effort, which inspires us to fulfill our personal ambitions. Mad4India admires his dedication and incredible willpower. You should try Kasutam Bilona desi A2 ghee too, by visiting their website Kasutam and their Instagram @kasutamfarm .

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