Ekatra: Handmade Sustainable Brand By Mother-Daughter Duo Gets Rs 20 Lakh On Shark Tank

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Minakshi Jhawar, a true inspiration for all those who believe that age and household responsibilities can hinder their pursuit of dreams. Meet the 50-year-old homemaker from Kota, Rajasthan, who defied the odds and pursued her passion for business.

Despite being busy with her household duties, Minakshi never let go of her entrepreneurial dreams. Along with her daughter, Aishwariya, she founded Ekatra, a sustainable lifestyle brand that not only fulfilled her dreams but also helped other homemakers earn a livelihood.

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From humble beginnings in Kota to making a splash on Shark Tank. With grit and determination, the mother-daughter duo recently secured a Shark Tank deal worth Rs 20 lakh for a 20% equity stake in their business, proving that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

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Starting a business with her daughter was not an easy task, but Minakshi’s family’s unwavering support gave her the courage to take the leap. Today, Ekatra stands as a shining example of a women-led business that has trained over 32 homemakers from underprivileged backgrounds. Their Second Life Project has recycled over 75,000 meters of fabric, transforming them into unique handmade products.

Minakshi’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She proves that age is just a number and that household responsibilities should never hold anyone back from chasing their dreams.

She has not only empowered herself but also other women, instilling in them the confidence to follow their passions and make a difference in the world. Minakshi is a true role model for anyone who wants to break free from the chains of conventional thinking and dare to dream big.

Empowering Homemakers & Promoting Sustainability

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Imagine a world where the creative potential of homemakers is unleashed, and sustainable living is the norm. That’s the vision that inspired Aishwariya, a design student at Srishti Institute of Design, to start Ekatra. It all started during her thesis project in Bidar, where she encountered countless women with extraordinary talents but no platform to showcase them.

This realization hit close to home when Aishwariya saw her own mother and grandmother’s hidden skills. She knew she had to do something about it. Starting small by making handmade products and sticking up flyers around college, Aishwariya’s passion never waned, even as she worked as an urban planner in Pune after graduation.

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Ekatra’s turning point came when Fabindia noticed their products and gave them a massive bulk order in 2019. This motivated Minakshi, Aishwariya’s mother, to seek out talented homemakers in Kota and train them to make handmade products for Ekatra.

Today, Ekatra is not only a sustainable lifestyle brand but a women-led business that has trained over 32 homemakers from underprivileged backgrounds.

At Ekatra, sustainability and women’s empowerment are at the core of their business. They’ve recycled over 75,000 meters of fabric through their Second Life Project, creating unique handmade products that promote conscious consumerism.

The story of Ekatra is a testament to the power of recognizing and unlocking the potential of talented homemakers, proving that with passion and perseverance, dreams can become reality.

Crafting Sustainable Future

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Aishwariya’s entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a passion for creating something truly extraordinary. Driven by her unwavering commitment to empowering women and promoting sustainability, she quit her job to bring her vision to life.

Ekatra is more than just a lifestyle brand – it is a movement that inspires conscious consumerism and elevates the incredible skills of homemakers across India. Using only the finest materials, such as recycled cloth, bamboo, and banana leaf paper sourced from Jaipur and Bangalore, Aishwariya and her team pour their hearts and souls into every product they create.

But their commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Aishwariya and her team constantly strive to minimize their waste production, transforming leftover materials into beautiful and functional items that promote a zero-waste lifestyle.

At the core of their brand is the belief that women should be empowered to pursue their passions and achieve financial independence. By training and employing talented homemakers from underprivileged backgrounds, Ekatra is transforming lives and inspiring others to do the same.

Through their sustainable and empowering business model, Aishwariya and her team are making the world a brighter place, one handmade item at a time. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and women’s empowerment sets them apart and inspires others to make a difference in their own communities.

Ekatra – The Sustainable Brand

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Aishwariya’s brand is all about girl power, sustainability, and creating amazing products that can change lives! When she first opened that box of materials in her office, she knew that she had something special. And now, she’s empowering women all over to take charge of their lives and build a better future for themselves.

The women that work with Ekatra are total rockstars! They’ve got skills for days and are seriously dedicated to their craft. And let’s not forget about their incredible work management skills. These ladies are straight-up bosses! They come from all over, from Boondi to Jhalawar, and each and every one of them brings their own unique expertise to the table.

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And what’s even cooler? Ekatra doesn’t just teach these women how to make beautiful products – they also help them gain financial independence! For many of these ladies, working with Ekatra has been a total game-changer. It’s given them the confidence, skills, and income they need to take control of their lives and support their families.

Just listen to Farzana’s story! She was in a really tough spot after losing her lands in a family dispute. But thanks to Ekatra, she was able to step up and provide for her family. Her sons are back in school and her family is financially stable once again. How awesome is that?!

Through their dedication to sustainability, quality, and women’s empowerment, Aishwariya and the Ekatra team are seriously changing the game. They’re proving that you can make a difference and look amazing while doing it. So let’s all raise a glass (or a bookmark or a cutlery holder) to these incredible ladies and the amazing work they’re doing!

You can support Ekatra by buying its products from its Amazon Store.

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