Family Members Come Together To Revive Hand Block Printing – Chhapa, Earns Rs 1.5 Crore/Year

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Block printing, an old method of stamping fabric using hand-carved wood blocks, is connected with Bagru in Rajasthan. Chhapa is thoughtful apparel and accessory start-up that aspires to enable artists who practice this trade to make a respectable living. Chhapa is one such firm that strives for a sustainable resurrection of block printing.

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In Gujarati, CHHAPA means to leave an impression. Chhapa is a group of four passionate, culturally-inspired people who are working to revive the deep art of block printing. Inspiring just like, This Sisters Duo Built a Rs 200-Crore Brand, Yoga Bar With Guilt-Free Snacking

Chhapa Creates Sustainable Clothing: Here Is How It Started

Shipa Patel was looking forward to doing something unique while her visit to her village in Gujarat after receiving her degree in interior design. She has always cherished handcrafted items for their raw quality. 

She came across artists doing hand block art printing in the village of Deesa, close to her hometown and was enthralled by the technique. She was captivated by the method and the unfinished appearance of the wooden blocks. She began creating hand-block clothing as a passion for herself and quickly fell in love with the entire process. 

In 2013, she decided to start the sustainable fashion label Chhapa, which is derived from the Gujarati term for stamp or impression and aims to revive and promote hand block printing.

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The brand now generates close to Rs 1.5 crore in yearly income, with 25% of it going to the roughly 25 artisans it employs. It has an online store that supplies internationally to Singapore, the US, the UAE, and other nations.

Since then, it has taken a tremendous amount of work to hire highly trained artisans, come up with ideas, and iterate between villages and cities to perfect the designs. Chhapa became unstoppable when family members Hardik, Bimal, and Shital joined the team with their innovative ideas, knowledge, talents, and skills. 

Their goal is to revive traditional block printing, particularly among young people.  Youth can create a revolution by fashion just like these Three Ladies Who Made History With Other 1000 Ladies At Royal Escort Event In the UK – Proud To Be Indian

Fabric, Blocks, Printing & More… 

Image: Chhapa

Fabric: All of their designs are printed on cotton. Cotton is considerably safer for the skin and the environment than its alternatives. 

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Cotton was chosen because of a conscientious desire to support the traditional hand-weaving sector, which is on the edge of extinction. 

Employing artisans improves their level of living and lifestyle while also encouraging reserve migration. Cotton fabric has a low carbon footprint since it is totally hand-woven. It is long-lasting, skin-safe, and extremely environmentally friendly!

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Blocks: The printing blocks are made from reclaimed and recycled wood. They get the wood from local furniture stores and carpentry shops, as well as small-scale farms and woodworks that ship us their leftover and unwanted stock. 

The patterns are carved on the surface of the wooden blocks to emerge from the facade. Because of the precise carving required, wood is favoured over other materials.

Printing: The dyes they use are azo-free, which means they don’t contain any toxic materials, making them both safe to work with and environmentally beneficial. 

The artisans’ tremendous ability and craftsmanship are evident in the process of dipping the blocks in colour and meticulously laying them on the cloth with flawless accuracy. 

Image: Chhapa

After brainstorming ideas, the four-member family team of Shipa, Hardik, Bimal, and Sheetal at Chhapa settles on a collection concept. Shipa, who oversees the company’s design and creative components, then produces a mood board and colour combination. The next stage is to begin collaborating with the artisans, deciding on colours and patterns, and preparing a collection. 

Image: Chhapa

While they strive to provide consumers with something fresh and unique, Chhapa’s primary goal is to empower artisans.

Through Chhapa, they hope to enhance traditional art forms and ethical design, while also making a difference in the lives of our artisans, consumers, and Mother Earth.

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