India’s Top Female DJ Rink, Makes History: Ranked Top 5 In “Asia Top 50 Djanes”

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DJ Rink

We are all fully aware of the buzz surrounding partying and disco nights as we live in the Genz era. DJs’ play of hot tunes and remixes is now a Genz thing. We can’t get enough of the excitement and surge of energy that we get when a DJ plays a song. When we call the DJ to change the tune, we invariably get “DJ Wale Bhaiya” or “DJ Wale Babu.” It’s normal to imagine a boy or a man as the DJ playing our tunes. But picture a moment a “DJ Wali Didi”, making us dance to her DJ’s tunes. Well, this moment is now a reality.

DJ Rink
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We Mad4india bring you the story of the first female DJ Rink aka Snehal Shah who has broken the shackles of patriarchy to fulfil her dream of becoming the first female DJ in India. Let’s dig more to know about her journey and achievements.

Who is DJ Rink?

Dj Rink is a 38-year-old woman named Snehal Shah, who was born in Gujarat and raised in Mumbai. This gifted musician has a diploma in business management from Mumbai’s Wellingkar Institute and a master’s degree in commerce from Mithibai College. Snehal Shah has always been a studious student, yet she has never compromised her love of music. She also completed a sound engineering diploma at the government polytechnic in Bandra to pursue her passion.

Dj Rink
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After completing her graduation, Snehal worked in the marketing firm but she decided to leave her job to follow her dream. Snehal loved music and every kind of music fascinated her. Her fascination turned into a hobby of collecting music and songs from every DJ she met. Once she had a huge collection of Bollywood songs, she knew that her soul’s calling was becoming the DJ. She worked on expanding her vision in the field of music. Her dedication turned out to be fruitful as she started receiving opportunities.

Snehal’s Journey of Becoming DJ Rink

Snehal’s Journey of becoming DJ Rink started with one incident which she mentioned in one interview that she played for the first time when a DJ refused to play the song of her choice and asked her to play the DJ herself. This was Snehal’s first experience of playing the DJ.

Her official training started in the year, 2005 when she took the training under the famous DJ Joe Azeredo and DJ Suketu. After completing her training, she also worked in different clubs to learn about the new technologies related to DJing. In 2005, Snehal joined the DJ world and put all her dedication and determination to complete her dream.

DJ Rink has expertise in EDM “Electronic Dance Music”, hip-hop and bhangra. She also made remixes of songs based on particular festivals. Her expertise and passion with her family support gained her fame in 2013, when she achieved the rank in the top 22 DJs across India. She also became the first female DJ to mix Bollywood songs in 2013.

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Snehal’s parents supported her dreams and passion. Her parents’ love and affection with which they used to call her Rinku become her nickname, DJ Rink for the DJ world.

DJ Rink in Male Dominated DJ Industry

When DJ Rink was asked how she made her place in this male-dominated DJ industry. She mentioned that it was a difficult task as all the male DJs used to stare at her for hours so that they could find faults in her but she was determined and didn’t budge from her dream.

Now, the environment gets pink with the terrific beats of DJ Rink as she has become the female face of the DJ industry and has broken many records and achieved high accolades and appreciation. DJ Rink is an unstoppable force who has changed the entire look of the DJ world with her exceptional craft and love for music. She has also inspired many women and girls to step into this patriarchal society and break the stereotypes.

Achievements and Recognition of DJ Rink

Talking about the achievements of DJ Rink, we Mad4India feel proud and humble.  This multi-talented singer, remixer, performer, and DJ has been in the number 1 position in India for the last 10 years among the top 100 DJs in the world. 

DJ Rink
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In the past 10 years, she has also secured the 5th rank in the highly prestigious “2023 Top 50 Djanes of Asia” list by Djane Mag. Wait, the list doesn’t end here, she was recently honoured with the Best Wedding DJ award at the WOW Awards 2023. Well, she was well deserving as she has been setting every music scene on fire since 2005.

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DJ Rink is a household name, having remixed 2000 Bollywood songs, and her ability and guts are phenomenal. With her accomplishments, her contribution to the music industry is equally noteworthy. She runs her own DJ school, record label, and a YouTube channel called “Sound Factory.”

She has also shared the stage alongside well-known Bollywood stars such as Amrita Rao, John Abraham, Karan Grover, Illeana D’cruz, Meet Bros, Nucleya, and Ranvijay Singh. “The Way You Like Me,” DJ Rink’s debut album, was additionally an enormous hit.

She was the only female DJ to perform on national television for 54 days during Sony Max IPL Season 6 in 2013. As a joint secretary, she also represents and promotes the DJ Rights Association of India in Mumbai.

Being the first female DJ Rink’s achievements are remarkable and she is a juggernaut of the music Industry. Her journey of making her place in the male-dominated field is a motivation for all women across the globe that “Women can do anything.”

We at Mad4india feel immense pride in calling DJ Rink, The First Female DJ of India. To know more about her and her music collection, you can check out her Instagram and YouTube.

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