Ferried Around 10,000 Women Safely, Chennai’s Auto Akka Is Breaking Stereotype; Never Says No For A Ride To Women & Elderly

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If you’re a woman in Chennai and afraid about taking public transportation, don’t be, Auto Akka will help you.

There is nothing that women cannot do. Raji Ashok has proved to every woman that there are no limits to your goal. Breaking the stereotypes, she is ruling the profession dominated by men. 

P.V. Raji Ashok, a woman autorickshaw driver in Chennai, is a God-sent savior for women and the elderly. Raji, also known as Auto Akka (sister), never refuses a woman passenger when providing free rides to senior residents.

Auto Akka Never Says No To Those In Need; Especially Women & Elderly 

Auto Akka, who is 50 years old, has been securely ferrying people for the past 23 years, working a 9-hour day that is frequently extended to accommodate individuals who want immediate transportation. She not only provides free rides to little children and senior folks but also to women who may be unable to afford to pay the cost. 

auto akka
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In the event of an emergency, she does not charge for transportation to the hospital. She is willing to help women in the early hours of the morning if they give her an hour’s notice. 

Auto Akka Has Ferried Around 10,000 Women Safely In the Nights 

Not all superwomen can fly but can drive to reach the others safely to their destination.  

She never refuses a woman a ride, whether it’s in the middle of the night or on a sweltering summer afternoon. Even after her 8-9 hour shift is done, she gets a lot of calls from women who want to commute to the Chennai airport or who work late shifts. She accepts every request but, her only request is that they book the ride at least one hour ahead of time so that she can accommodate them.

auto akka
Image: Facebook

She never denies rides to women, especially during the night. Until today she has ferried around 10,000 in the mid-night, made sure they reached home safe. 

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30 Rides In A Day; Earns 40,000/Month

She makes at least 30 trips every day and earns between Rs 30,000 and Rs 40,000 per month.

Raji, a native of Palakkad, Kerala, traveled to Coimbatore to work as an accountant after marrying Ashok, an auto driver. Following the Coimbatore bombings in 1998, the couple relocated to Chennai, where she struggled to find work despite her education and expertise.

She chose to start driving an auto for a living, just like her spouse, after a series of failed interviews. 

Auto Akka believes that driving an auto rickshaw is an excellent job for women because it pays more than working as a domestic helper.

Free Driving Classes For Women Who Wishes To Learn Driving Auto

Auto Akka also offers free auto-driving training to ladies who are interested in pursuing a career in this field. Raji thinks it’s a fantastic job for women, and she wants to encourage other women to pursue careers as professional drivers.

For the same reason, Auto Akka believes that other women must be taught to drive. “Many uneducated women work as domestic help for a pittance,” she rationalized her assertion, “but an auto driver earns Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per month.”

Raji Akka feels one must be entirely pleased with whichever profession one does. She is truly inspiring. Let us thank Chennai’s Auto Akka for her contribution to society.

If you like to connect with Chennai’s Auto Akka, Raji Ashok find her on Facebook

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