Dr. Riitesh Sinha – A Kid Who Is Affected With Cerebral Palsy Is Now An Academician, A Teacher & An Inventor

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A person’s mental fortitude can overcome any physical handicap given the will is strong and the soul is stubborn.

A boy who was turned down for admission to most schools to someone who has shaped many careers in computer science, created an Android app for people with Cerebral palsy, and spread the message of boosting immunity through his poems and haikus, Meet Dr. Riitesh Sinha.

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

A man who suffered from a group of chronic movement disorders, known as cerebral palsy. Right at the time of his birth, his parents were made aware of the fact that he was born with a swelling in the brain.

Simple movements become painful and time-consuming due to poor motor skills, stiff or weak muscles, and tremors that are brought on by them.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine living a normal life with such physical limitations, but this hero skillfully manipulated happenings to work in his favor.

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

A devoted student, innovative creator, a diligent teacher, Model employee, Cavinkare Ability Award winner, Holds the Limca Book Record, holder of an honorary doctorate, basically one person, with many accomplishments: Dr. Riitesh Sinha.

Dr. Riitesh Sinha has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a condition that leaves a portion of the brain dysfunctional and leaves him unable to control his body movements. But even with such hardships, he strives to enhance the quality of life for those who have cerebral palsy.

He gained international recognition for his tireless work in the field of cerebral palsy over the past 40 years, particularly for his contribution to the medical and legal empowerment of those who suffer from the condition.

Meet Dr. Riitesh Sinha

On March 30, 1974, he was born to a scientist in Vadodara, Gujarat. But soon the family shifted to karnal.  But life was not easy, he had struggles that not you and I can even imagine. Normal life was unimaginable for him and his parents.

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

Despite the fact that no school was prepared to accept him, his parents were determined to provide a normal and great life for him.
After many rejections, finally, in 1977, a private school in Karnal was obliged to admit him with many rules. But in 1980, he got admission in St. Theresa’s Convent School.

The principal of St Theresa’s Convent School was a very progressive person and could see through my challenges. Her support along with that of some teachers and few students really helped me throughout my school life. Taking me to the toilet and taking down notes for me during class – these everyday kindly gestures would really help me as I couldn’t walk on my own, and my writing speed was quite slow.

His mom and dad had to drive him to school as well as other places. He was totally dependent on them for his day-to-day activities.

He never turned away from the challenges he experienced because he was such a zealous and enthusiastic child. In fact, he took part in many extracurricular activities just to fit in at school. He once stood still as a banyan tree during a school event, it was wonderful

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

He continued his education via correspondence after earning his degree in genetics in Karnal because those programs weren’t offered therein in his city.

Once done with his education, he was expected to start his adult life like all of us. But when he applied for a job in 1995, he was abruptly fired from a Cerebral Palsy NGO before being given any consideration for employment.

It was explained to his father—who had hoped the NGO would help his son find employment—that it was impossible for someone with Cerebral Palsy to be gainfully employed.


In 2010, Riitesh landed a job at the District & Sessions Court in Karnal.

“But after a few months, I was ousted from the job on the grounds of my disability,” he recounts. “I then approached the High Court with my case. The Court asked me to submit to an ability test. I did and I won the case. The Court quashed my termination order.”

“Since it was the first time in the history of the High Court that a physically challenged person was asked to undergo an ability test, my name is in the Limca Book of Records 2015 and the case has featured in a judicial periodical Punjab Law Reporter November 2013 part 2 ” says Riitesh.

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

We are all aware that people have this attitude toward those who have cerebral palsy. Unfazed, Riitesh continued on in life, he decided to open his own computer training facility, where he taught more than 1000 people computer skills in order to develop a successful career in the IT sector. It was facilitated by NIOS, New Delhi.

He is also a beautiful writer. His blog is popular as riitesh.blogspot.com. Through his blog, Alternative healing methods are described, especially for people with cerebral palsy. His research on complementary therapies is extremely beneficial and is helping nearly 40 lakh Indians who suffer from cerebral palsy.

He wrote a Hindi and English version of the Cerebral Palsy anthem to inspire people with the condition. Additionally, he has written the book Understanding Cerebral Palsy, which is about the condition. He leads a social media group called “Capable Persons” Group and works tirelessly for the cause of disability empowerment and awareness.

A Unique Way To Fight Hardship – Create Superpowers

An innovator by enthusiasm. His inventions include a unique, independently created foot-operated tricycle for mobility outdoors. He transitioned from complete dependence to independence thanks to this solution.

Riitesh Sinha highly depended on his family for basic movements. It was during his struggle days that he had the inspiration to build a trike.

“I got modifications done on a regular cycle after two years of research and with little expertise accessible in a small town like Karnal. I decided to add a foot pedal to help me balance and control the bicycle.

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

The trike is easy to use and reasonably priced. Soon after purchasing the trike, Riitesh Sinha began using it to get around town, frequently covering distances of up to 10 km on his own. This was an impressive accomplishment for someone who had previously been relegated to relying on others to get around.

Using the trike made it simpler for him to attend his B.Sc. classes at Dyal Singh collegeas well as teach in nearby villages as part of literacy campaigns. He got wings from the trike.

He quips, “It even helped me skip classes.” After all, skipping class is a necessary component of an enjoyable college experience.
With the assistance of encouraging professors and friends, “all of his classes were set up on the ground floor. He never once experienced accessibility issues, Riitesh Sinha said after earning his B.Sc.

And later completed his masters as well in Computer Application, Masters in Tech from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, and a Certificate in Naturopathy from Nature Care Institute, Nashik.

No Limit To A Man Who Created His Own Wings

For people with Cerebral Palsy, he created a new Mudraa, a hand gesture and pencil holding technique that function like magic wands for them. He has also created adaptive clothing to make life easier for those who have cerebral palsy.

He created the Android app “Alternative Therapies for Cerebral Palsy” to increase awareness of the condition among the general public. This is for the general public as well as parents and carers. India Book of Records thanked him for creating the app. His mission is to raise awareness of this condition and build an inclusive society.

Riitesh Sinha is also a Corona warrior, he aided people to develop immunity against Corona virus by using natural therapies using an innovative way through poems and haikus on his social media platform.

“I was reading an account of a yogi and the advantages yoga provided for him. I began doing it myself and experienced great relief—my body stiffness vanished. I made the choice to aid others in learning this as well,”

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

Well Deserved Awards

In 2012 he recieved CavinKare Ability Award by Ability Foundation, Chennai. In 2016, under the Digital India initiative of Government of India, he was selected by intel and thebetterindia.com for their Digital India campaign.

He received the ADAPT Activism Award from ADAPT, Mumbai, in 2016. He received the Haryana “Divyang Ratna Puruskaar Award” in 2021 from the Kaithal-based Guru Brihaspati Divyang avam Baal Upvan Trust.

He was chosen in 2021 for the 2022 calendar by the Swarga Foundation in Coimbatore. By redefining disabled to mean distinct ability and CP to mean capable person rather than cerebral palsy, he has given many people hope.

As his sister Anila says, “For a man who finds it difficult to hold a pen, who finds it difficult to wear clothes, who sometimes takes as long as two hours to brush his teeth… the fact that such a man has achieved so much is truly inspirational.”

Riitesh Sinha
Source – Riitesh Sinha

His victory has a positive impact on a number of other cases. He is now in charge of maintaining digital records at the Karnal District & Sessions court.

Source – Riitesh Sinha

When you ask him what the biggest challenge is for physically challenged people in India, he immediately answers, “Social stigma.”

In India, society views people with physical disabilities as useless. Even worse, we receive inhumane treatment. Cerebral palsy affects up to 40 lakh people in India, but very few of them find employment. More than 80% of physically challenged people can, in my opinion, lead more fulfilling lives if we eliminate this social stigma.

Dr. Riitesh Sinha feels that Government should include Disabilities Studies with Practicals from primary school level and make India a inclusive society as future generations will become aware of the problems being forced by Disabled Personas

Riitesh Sinha’s life is truly remarkable; it is a work of pure magic. He has accomplished things that not everyone can even fathom. He is a real fighter.

Feature image- Riitesh Sinha

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