3 Easy Ways To Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Ganesh At Home This Festival

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Eco-friendly Ganesh

As the Ganpati celebration grows bigger and bigger every year, we all look for unique and attractive idols. With a zeal to grab the most eye-catching one, we often forget the devastating environmental pollution the festival leaves behind.

The best way to have a wonderful festival and also contribute to the environment is to go green. Create your own eco-friendly, handcrafted Ganesh and add a sense of emotional touch with your personal creativity. Here are 3 convenient ways to craft a sustainable and picture-pleasing idol.

1. Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols Made Of Clay 

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To make attractive Ganpati idols, one can use shadu maati, or the organic clay found on riverbanks. They don’t affect the environment and are readily soluble in water. Here are some steps to create affordable and unique idols with clay-

  1. Mold clay with water to create a non-sticky dough.
  2. Divide the dough as per the requirement of various body parts. Keep the larger ones for the main body and the smaller ones for the arms and legs.
  3. To keep the stance, place a tiny stick or toothpick in the center.
  4. Once the overall structure is complete, add features and clothes by using a sharp object.
  5. Use any additional features and natural colors as your creativity dictates while painting.

This eco-friendly Ganpati is advisable because its creation and Visarjan, both is friendly to the nature as you can easily convert the idol into a plant after Visarjan. While making the clay dough, combine a few seeds of your choice for the plants. You can use fruit seeds, vegetables, or herbs and after that the idol should be soaked in water and blended with garden soil for the plant to nourish properly.

This way you can cherish your Ganpati celebration forever by looking at that plant and in turn you will save your share your waste as well.

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2. How to make Ganpati from Rice Flour

Image: Flickr

Flour is a basic kitchen essential that everybody has, so why not make something interesting out of it? Consider using rice powder to create a unique and impactful Ganesh idol. This way you can save your share of the waste and celebrate the festival with same sentiments and values.


  1. Use the same technique as mentioned for preparing the clay dough. Just a little tip, add some oil during the mixing stage, as it will prevent the dough from becoming sticky.
  2. The idol’s eyes, decorations, and clothing can be made from cardamom, pepper, chili flakes, and any other colorful object within the household.
  3. To make the idol appealing, color it using turmeric or natural food colors and add your personal with basil leave if you want.

3. Newspaper Ganesh Idol

Old newspapers are forever a trendy option to make eco-friendly Ganesh idols. Moreover, it is much simpler to paint the idol or add colors to the paper mixture.

Follow these steps to make your eco-friendly Ganpati:

  1. Grind the newspaper in a blender after soaking it in water for a few hours.
  2. Squeeze the surplus water with a piece of cloth to dry it completely.
  3. To make a thick batter, combine one cup of all-purpose flour with two cups of water and boil it over a high temperature.
  4. After adding a teaspoon of lemon juice, let it dry.
  5. Combine the batter and the blended newspaper to form a dough.
  6. Put the dough in the fridge for a few days to form sturdy idols.
  7. To create an idol, repeat the previous procedures. 
  8. For the finishing touch, choose whatever colors and beads you like.

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Image: Canva

The main purpose of Ganeshotsav is to commemorate Lord Ganesha’s arrival into this world. It is crucial to prevent environmental exploitation completely as a result of the festivities but we can always try as much as we can. Use the methods listed above to create eco-friendly Ganesha statues for the occasion and enjoy your Ganesh Chaurthi without hurting the environment.

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