Top 10 Popular Memes Of 2023, Most Funniest Meme In India This Year- We Bet, You All Loved Them

By Akarshi Srivastava | 2 min read

Popular memes

Doston ke sath new year plan set tha but bank balance dekh ke “moye moye” ho gya?

2023 is about to end, and with it, a series of events too—the World Cup, Congress in the Hindi-speaking states, and our hopes of fulfilling the resolutions set for this year. However, as 2023 comes to a close, we are all set to create a new list of resolutions that may lose their value right after the first two months.

2023 has been a fun year, from Chandrayaan to the G20 summit to the Odisha train collision. Whether good or bad, thanks to the new way of communicating, everything becomes dealable through memes.

While we thank all the real heroes who have made our lives better, the funny ones also deserve appreciation for making our challenging times more bearable. Mad4India has always believed in promoting smiles, and memes are the most cherished way to do it; therefore, memes surely deserve some extra attention.

Let’s celebrate the joy spread by some of the most popular memes in 2023.”

1. Haule-haule Sajna

Haule haule sajna by Asha Bhosale Ji from the movie “Sawan ki Ghata” is a gem from the millennial musical industry that will have a redefined memory in 2023. From funny captions to clever adaptations, the cutest video of two kids singing that song was flooded all over the internet. It was surely one of the most funniest meme you would have seen this year!

2. Lappu sa Sachin

Source : Youtube

The love story of Seema and Sachin uniting from Pakistan and India was the talk of the town and all the credit goes to their super cool neighbor. Well, “lappu sa sachin hai ya nahi”, was surely a mystery for all of us but we can bet, you all must have stopped to laugh every time you saw her video.

3. Uncle Jiiiiii Pani pila dijiye!

Feeling tired and thirsty? Just turn around and say “Uncle Jiiiiii Pani Pila Dijiye!”

The hilarious video of a village kid asking for water in the humid weather went viral over the web and now whenever we talk about the most unforgettable popular memes in 2023, this kid will surely cross our mind.

4. Bhupendar Jogi

Do you also wonder how Bhupendar Jogi must be surviving now with his video going viral on the internet? Next time, be aware when somebody asks you a question on camera. Who knows whether you will be next on the list of popular memes or not!

5. Baigan

The most funniest meme of all time, it’s like you say “baigan” and we all will immediately connect to that village kid answering some random questions on TV. He might be innocent but his innocence surely made our day!

6. Khatti Toffee

Well, this is something that needs no explanation. The cuteness in this video was more than enough for a crazy laugh and this video tops the list of popular memes of 2023.

7. Just looking like a wow!

We all know what the first appreciation is that comes to mind these days. The popular memes have changed the way you praise. Now it is only, “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a WOW!”.

8. Moye moye

The public will never accept someone who missed moye moye in the list of popular memes in 2023. Let the originality say “moje more” meaning my nightmares, but for the genZ, it will always be moye moye!

9. Sher ab rest krega

Popular memes
Source : Canva

After listing all the top memes of 2023, “sher thak gaya hai” and now it has to rest to rejuvenate and bring more such interesting articles for you all!

10. Aukat dikha di

Mad4India was continuing such a funny and interesting article but ending it too soon? Aukat dikha di! This was another crazy banger in the list of popular memes in 2023.

Do leave a comment if you think we missed any of your favorite memes. We would love to laugh with you!

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