The Forgotten 90’s Childhood Games That Will Surely Bring Back The Nostalgia

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90's childhood games

With the advancement in technology, time has been made simpler but it has robbed our kids of the innocence of their childhood. There was a beauty in the 90s when all the kids would just gather around in their free time and would play their hearts out. It would help them in their social development and builds their growth.

Surely, all the 90’s kids would relate to it that it was a time when all of us would gather around with our friends and will have the time of our life. Today, especially after the lockdown kids are more inclined towards video games on their mobile phones or on their computers which has limited their physical activity and has affected their interpersonal skills as well.

Though we have forgotten these 90’s childhood games, there are people like Swapna Wagh who are trying hard to revive the lost era of traditional Indian toys with her venture “Desi Toys”.

We at Mad4India have listed some of the forgotten 90’s childhood games for all our readers that will definitely bring back the nostalgia of those days and will inspire today’s kids to go out and play.

Some Of The Forgotten 90’s Childhood Games For You To Bring Back The Nostalgia:-

Chupan chupai(Hide & seek) :-

Well, this game will surely bring back nostalgia for all of us! It’s one of the most common 90’s childhood games that every kid very well knows of. In this game, one person is supposed to give the countdown to the other kids and after that, they are supposed to find their friends one by one until the last person is left, if he/she is not able to find the last person then they have to start again. It’s basically a game in which every kid is involved. There was a beauty in these games where all the kids would gather around in the locality to enjoy and laugh their hearts out.


90's childhood games
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Stapoo aka hopscotch is one 90’s childhood games that every girl used to play. The name hopscotch is coined because it is played by hopping or jumping in each block. This 90’s childhood games, it’s a street game or can also be played on the ground the person used to draw a rectangular block with street chalk or with a stick on the mud.

One by one they are supposed to throw the stone or pebble in each block and they are supposed to jump on the block (in all the other blocks except the one in which the pebble is thrown) to retrieve the pebble. And, if the person is not able to throw in the correct block in one go or if they have put both the foot on the ground while hopping; they are supposed to start from the beginning.

Aankh- Micholi(Blindfold) :-

Aankh Micholi or the blindfold is generally played between the group of kids aged between 5-12. As the name suggests, this 90’s childhood game is in which the person(denner) is blindfolded with a dupatta or any other piece of cloth and they are supposed to find the other kids one by one. This game is the complete opposite to hide and seek where the denner is able to see while he/she is supposed to find the other person(the other kids are hidden) . This is also a group game where a minimum of 4-5 players can play and maximum there is no limit. This is one 90s game that will surely bring back the nostalgia of those days.

90's childhood games
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Pakdam – Pakdai :-

This 90’s childhood game is also played with a group of people. It’s a simple game where the denner is supposed to catch the other players who are supposed to run away from the denner. The one who is caught by the denner; will now become the new denner and similarly, catch the other kids in the same manner.

90's childhood games
Source: PXHere

Gilli- Danda :-

Gilli- danda is a popular 90’s childhood games that is similar to cricket and is mostly played in rural areas and in small towns. Along with India, it was popular in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan and also played in some parts of Cambodia and Italy. This ancient 90s childhood game; is believed to be originated in India only.

This game is played using 2 sticks – one longer one is called ‘Danda’ and the other smaller one is called ‘Gilli’. In this game, the Gilli is supposed to hit with a Danda (just like we hit the ball with the bat in cricket). The person who has hit the Gilli farthest with the maximum spins in the air wins the game. This can be played individually and between 2 teams as well.

Pitthu(Seven stone) :-

Pitthu also known as ‘Lagori’ and ‘Seven stone’ is one of the oldest and most popular 90’s childhood games. It is played between two teams with a ball and 7 flat stones or wooden blocks which are placed above each other with a shape of a pyramid. One team will knock down the blocks and the team whose blocks are fallen is supposed to build it in the minimum time until the chasing team found the ball and hit the player from the building team. If they are able to make it within the time limit they won otherwise they lose the game.

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So, what are you waiting for people, take a break from your laptops, computers and mobile phones and grab your running shoes and bring back the beauty of these simple games.

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