Two Friends Quit Jobs To Reduce Plastic Waste Through The Bamboo Bae; Makes 70 Lakh/Year

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The Bamboo Bae

Have you ever thought about how much plastic is used every year? The answer could surprise you! Every year, the average person uses roughly 20 kg of plastic. To find a solution to reduce plastic waste and give back to nature this friend duo has joined hands to create a change.

The Bamboo Bae is a sustainable firm based in Delhi that makes a variety of common products out of bamboo, including toothbrushes, combs, razors, and more. 

Sanchit Goyal and Anuj Sagar who are in their mid-20s met while pursuing their studies in hotel management at Delhi University.

Sanchit became aware of how much plastic hotels used regularly during this period.  A significant amount of plastic is used by each hotel that provides services like plastic toothbrushes and many others. 

Bamboo Bae’s Beginning 

bamboo toothbrush manufacturer india
Image: The Bamboo Bae

The Bamboo Bae was created with the idea that ‘no alteration is too little.’ 

‘Anuj and Sanchit,’ two travel enthusiasts, commonly occurring in nature wrapped in plastic waste, and in their quest to discover a solution to this never-ending problem, they stumbled across excellent handmade bamboo products on their journey to the woods of Northeast India.

This was their “Eureka” epiphany when they came up with the notion of introducing plastic-free items to the world.

‘By Nature, For Nature’

“The Bamboo Bae” was founded on the idea of “By Nature, For Nature.” Our primary purpose is to instill a sense of responsibility for environmentally friendly products.

When the two were travelling across Assam, Shillong, and other parts of the northeast, they had the concept for The Bamboo Bae. They discovered a bustling handicraft industry. Utensils were even constructed of bamboo. As a result, we were motivated to create common goods out of bamboo, thereby reducing plastic waste.

bamboo toothbrush india
Image: The Bamboo Bae

They discovered that bamboo is an easily accessible and moldable raw material during their research. They discovered that bamboo is a highly adaptable material. They spoke with local craftspeople there, discovering how widely available it is in the region. 

Their earliest efforts also taught them the significance of drying the wood properly so that the finished product does not flex or lose its shape.

In the northeast, bamboo is commonly accessible. It may reach a height of 30 feet in three years. Available was already skilled labor there; we just needed to direct them toward the items we desired.

They started work with three such artists and presently employ 20 who shape and treat the bamboo into goods for The Bamboo Bae. The artisans they hire receive 30% of their sales, and the duo claims to be on course to make Rs 1.35 crore in the coming year.

The raw materials are provided by the corporation to these artisans, who subsequently make the bags. Every month, they make approximately 20,000 cotton pouches.

The Bamboo Bae has recently expanded its raw material to include coconut shells purchased from southern India, which are then processed in-house and transformed into innovative goods.

They produce coconut shell candles out of soy wax and sell them for Rs 399 each. The majority of wax is derived from petroleum.  It’s known as paraffin. But they wanted to create something long-term. The candles also employ natural fragrances and essential oils.

bamboo toothbrush manufacturer

Faced with competition from other brands, their priority is to keep pricing affordable, with the goal of lowering them as the firm grows. Their toothbrushes cost Rs 89, combs cost Rs 129, razors cost Rs 299, mobile holders cost Rs 399, and cutlery sets cost Rs 299.

They are one of India’s most dependable bamboo product manufacturers. Their store sells a variety of high-quality bamboo goods. Aside from toothbrushes and combs, there is also a stationery kit and coconut shell craft items.

Choose their products and contribute to the conservation effort. Explore their extensive product line and shop now on their website.

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