Manukhta Di Sewa Is Helping Mentally Challenged People For Better Lives in the Interest of Serving Humanity

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Manukhta Di Sewa

“If you see flaws while helping others, then the drawbacks are set within yourself.” Helping distressed, helpless, and vulnerable people is not just a good feeling but a good deed as well.

In keeping with the idea that serving humanity comes first, the Manukhta Di Sewa society uplifts by providing services to mentally challenged people who are in need. Manukhta Di Sewa volunteers to save people who are abandoned to perish on the road and have no one to take care of their basic needs and are harbored by this noble NGO.

Gurpreet Singh, the founder of the NGO Manukhta Di Sewa, is shouldering individuals seeking a better life alongside volunteers, giving thousands of people hope.

Mad4India brings you the touching story of Manukhta Di Sewa, Sab Ton Wadi Sewa, to inspire many.

Manukhta Di Sewa

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The Ludhiana-based non-profit organisation Manukhta Di Sewa was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping the ill and vulnerable. It runs a shelter for those with mental illnesses and offers emergency medical care, food, and support when required.

The NGO also has volunteers who would remain outside hospitals, slums, and places of worship to rescue and care for them.

Manukhta Di Sewa (MDS) aims to become friends with lonely and sad people who feel they have no one to care for and talk to. They are provided with medical care and facilities, along with food.

Given enough time during their stay, many inmates recover and leave the shelter to live a normal life.

At any given time, the shelter houses 200 inmates, and according to founder Gurpreet, hundreds of them have made a full recovery and have rejoined their families. Some prisoners are unable to return home or choose to remain at the centre; they are permitted to do so as long as they assist in the work.

In this fast-paced world, everyone is equipped with responsibilities and liabilities. People rarely express emotion or empathy for one another because they are so consumed with their own ideas. However, Manukhta Di Sewa society is defying all social conventions regarding helping others and showing them kindness.

They provide shelter, food, and medical provisions for better enhancement. They also have volunteers who help them assist the individuals and provide for all their needs.

Manukhta Di Sewa also works in a charismatic way. They readily assist and support the individual in their quest for better health and guidance.

In addition to these, every two weeks, the NGO hosts a free medical camp for people who are blind or physically disabled. They guarantee to give them free prescription medication for the rest of their lives. Additionally, they provide free rations every month to the neediest members of society. The Manukhta Di Sewa Society also aids financially in the education of gifted students from low-income families.

How did the journey start?

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In 2016, Gurpreet Singh opened a closed dhaba where he used to provide food to the needy free of charge. He found a man in a deplorable state one day and gave him a place to stay for the time being.Later, after revealing his name, Furpreet posted about the man’s whereabouts on the social media platform.

Then he understood the strength of social media and how it can have a significant impact. He immediately fueled his No with volunteers to assist the needy by providing them with food, medication, bandages, essential items, and clothing in the best manner possible.

The Manukhta Di Sewa Society in Ludhiana has been assisting and supporting those in need and those with medical challenges. They have served as an inspiration for many people to take the same course and work for the betterment of society.

Gurpreet Singh and Manukhta Di Sewa receive the warmest wishes from Mad4India for their upcoming journey.

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To learn more about the NGO, check – Manukhta Di Sewa

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