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Left His US Job To Start Villa Mart, A Phygital Market In Odisha – Helping Farmers Grow

India is an agrarian economy, making agriculture the main source of income and a major economic force in the nation. Although the nation’s agricultural...
5 3 min read

4 Delhi-Based Students Making Rural India Future Ready & Bidding Financial Crises Adieu

Money somehow is the new god & everything today is revolving around money. Technical Growth, political development, cultural upliftment, social harmony – every single...
1 4 min read

Urban Farming By Easy Acres – A Possible Solution That Would Save Us From Food Shortage In Future?

With an ever-growing population, agricultural land is getting lesser and lesser. City boundaries are expanding and village and forest boundaries are shrinking. Every day...
0 2 min read

5 Lesser Known But Easy Ways You Can Adopt To Reduce Air Pollution Around You

In the last two decades, the air quality around us has gone from worse to worst. The air around us is toxic and one...
0 3 min read

Hand-Woven Traditional Art, Kashmiri Carpets to Bejewel The Highest Constitutional Building

India stands first in adorning its heritage with traditional arts. With values, belief systems, and cultures beautifully poured into the traditional art forms, it...
0 2 min read

An Engineer From Pune Ruling World’s Largest Coffee Chains – Laxman Narasimhan, CEO, Starbucks

Recently a lot of Indians have taken over senior and management roles at big corporations all around the world. One such great example is...
27 2 min read