Hand-Woven Traditional Art, Kashmiri Carpets to Bejewel The Highest Constitutional Building

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Kashmiri Carpets to adorn new Parliament Building

India stands first in adorning its heritage with traditional arts. With values, belief systems, and cultures beautifully poured into the traditional art forms, it provides a shared experience of the communities. Traditional art is a common language of the world that makes up our social heritage passed on from generation to generation.

One such example is the beautiful Kashmiri carpets weaved with hands that will embellish the new Parliament building in the National Capital, Delhi. Traditionally woven carpets had undergone a decline in the past years but this project is going to boost the moral and financials of weavers making handmade Kashmiri carpets.

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It is a proud moment for Jammu and Kashmir that this state was chosen for its traditional arts and Kashmiri carpets would adorn the floors of the New Parliament Building. This opportunity will not only help this art regain its position in India but all across the world.

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Why Kashmiri Carpets?

Kashmiri Carpets are a wonderful masterpiece; they are an exquisite work of art. These carpets are hand woven and intricately designed. A significant piece of Kashmir’s crafted works, Kashmiri carpets (otherwise called Kashmiri rugs) are famous across the globe and have been exported to the United States and numerous European nations.

These carpets are hand-tied oriental mats created by craftsmen from the Kashmir Valley. They arrive in a large number of styles, varieties, plans, and sizes that can be used to adorn floors.

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How Are These Kashmiri Carpets Made

The art of making Kashmiri Carpets is a strenuous one. It is a time-consuming activity with the process starting from designing the piece, acquiring the raw material, treating and dying them into different colours, and finally hand weaving and providing final touches to the pieces. After the artisans finish weaving it, these carpets are washed before they can be used.

Unique Kashmiri Carpets For Parliament

Kashmiri Carpets for Parliament will be uniquely designed and will be laid in a circular motion on the floor of the Parliament. Three designs for carpets have been influenced by the Kashmiri “Kani” shawl designs. The width of each carpet differs from the other ones. It initiates with a lesser width and goes on increasing. However, the least width is kept at 4 feet.

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People Involved In Making Kashmiri Carpets

Tahiri Carpet from Kashmir had received an order from a Delhi-based company to manufacture 12 Kashmiri silk-on-silk carpets of 8*11 feet size.

50 artisans and craftsmen from the Budgam district, including men and women, are working on this huge project day and night. This order for 12 carpets was received around October 2021 and it is expected to be delivered by 20th September 2022 a month before the deadline of the project. 12 families have been associated with this project from supplying raw materials to designing, manufacturing, and so on.

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Opportunities Associated

This project has given opportunities to women to showcase their talent as well as it is expected that the whole carpet industry will flourish when representatives from all across India will walk over the beautiful pieces of traditional art.

Workers associated with the carpet weaving industry were getting wages ranging from 150-225 per day for their hard work. However, weavers associated with this project range from 600-700 a day.

Kashmiri Carpet industry is hoping to receive more orders which will eventually boost the economy and particularly the carpet industry. This project has provided greater employment opportunities and is expected to generate more after the completion of the order.

All in all, this project for the highest constitutional building has helped the old traditional art be recognized by the whole world.

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