Urban Farming By Easy Acres – A Possible Solution That Would Save Us From Food Shortage In Future?

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With an ever-growing population, agricultural land is getting lesser and lesser. City boundaries are expanding and village and forest boundaries are shrinking.

Every day the requirement for food is growing exponentially and there are more people to feed every year. To cater to this evergrowing food demand we need to find a practical and scalable solution. And the solution can come from our neighbouring space in our own metro cities. While metropolitan land is costly which makes it unsuitable for mass-level agriculture. But there is a ton of small deserted or unused land patches in these developed urban communities that can be used to grow food.

Urban farming can be an answer to our growing food requirement. It is a practice to transform unused urban lands into a farm suitable for agriculture.

Urban Farming And Its Importance

Urban farming is the practice of using land banks available in metro cities and use it for farming. It is used for cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas. It encompasses a complex and diverse mix of food production activities. Urban farming can also include fisheries and forestry. 

A suitable model or activities to be done under urban farming in any city can depend on the city’s local demographics.

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There are numerous benefits of urban farming. It increases access to healthy, affordable, and fresh produce in the community. It can be a solution to our growing food demand. 

Urban farming also provides communities with opportunities to learn about nutrition and growing food. It helps people to know more about how their food is grown, where the food comes from etc. Urban farming offers a great learning opportunity for everyone and also offers people an opportunity to connect with nature.

Keeping in mind that the metropolitan cities in India have ample spaces to turn them into Urban Farming spaces, Easy Acres is one social startup that helps you to farm easily in your cities. They offer scientific advice and help at your doorsteps. Easy Acres is a brand owned and operated by Grün Agro Ventures Private Limited, Kerala, India.

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If you are interested in organic farming, then you should also check about Aquaponic which is a new and improved method of Organic Farming.

Why Easy Acres?

Easy Acres endeavor to transform underutilized and abandoned metropolitan scenes into useful spaces through farming. By developing locally they produce and cultivate and then sell the produce to the locals through drop-off at the nearest location and payments are made through various modes.

Easy acres is a brand owned and operated by Grün Agro Ventures Private Limited
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Easy Acres will help you from start to finish. Their support group works with full commitment by offering you 24×7 help for any questions.  Their focus is to create a value chain that offers sustainability alongside financial stability.

Easy Acres follows a 4 step process to transform your unused land into an agri-farm.

Assessment of Unutilized Land – Easy Acres field faculty reaches out to you to assess and figure out the development potential of your territory. A venture plan is made after the initial study.

Implementation Plan – The group deals in all aspects that go into setting up an urban farm. They have an in-house capacity to productively address every one of the cultivating issues.

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Maintenance of Farm Land – Easy Acres technicians assist you with monitoring your land key execution boundaries and further develop crop efficiency. They allocate assets to visit and keep up with your farm now and again.

Monetizing through Hope Markets – Easy Acres takes up the liability of collecting and selling the produce. This guarantees that your farm produce generally find steady interest and a fair cost protected from market cost variances.

Hope Markets at Easy Acres

Easy Acres arrange Hope Markets every week in their network, where pesticide-free vegetable produce from Easy Acres’ project farms is retailed to locales. This guarantees that the produce from farms consistently has a table to be served at and veggie supporters get magnificently new produce.

Farm Technology

Easy Acres is striving to develop and deploy in-house best technologies for improving crop efficiency, better management of farms, and increased revenue through the sale of farm produce.

Easy Acres’ Ally, a smart irrigation management platform is a robust multi-zone irrigation device that controls the irrigation process remotely and also provides real-time temperature monitoring.

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If you want to read more about new irrigation technologies being developed in India, visit Bhungroo: An initiative to help solve farmers water problems along with making women financially independent

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To know more about Easy Acres, visit their Facebook page or Website.

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