Manasi Patil, a class 10th student who is an author, motivator, TEDx speaker and an entrepreneur

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Manasi Patil

Today, young students work hard to enhance their personality and cognitive development from a very young age. The heights that these young children are achieving would have been unimaginable some years ago. Students are growing conscious of the world around them and want to make it a better place to live. Mad4India interviewed Manasi Patil, a resident of Mumbai and a perfect example of a hardworking student.

Harshita Singh: Hello Manasi! Kindly introduce yourself and tell me something about yourself?

Manasi Patil: I am 15 years old high school student, and I am currently in grade 10. I feel inspired by the quote, “Be the change you want to see.” I believe to make a difference, an individual needs to step up and do something you believe in. I have authored two books till now.

 Manasi Patil motivating story
Image Source – Manasi Patil

Harshita Singh: Can you tell give some details about the two books you have authored?

Manasi Patil: The first one is a fictional book while the other one is a non-fictional book. The first one is – ‘The Cousins Crime’ and it is about a girl Krisha Dutta who takes up the role of a detective to solve some mystery. The other one is – ‘Why Ignore Them?’ It deals with problems that get ignored and need to be paid attention to by us. The book also talks about some ways to reduce the effects of those problems.

 Manasi Patil
Image Source – Manasi Patil

Harshita Singh: Apart from the books you have written, what other things occupy your interest and time?

Manasi Patil: I work as a content writer for some other websites and work on my blog as well. I am a board member of several organizations. People at these organizations are like-minded, and it fosters growth and development. One such organization is “Mind Champs.”

Mind champs work for awareness of mental health. At Mind Champs, we decide on a theme monthly, and I write poems related to it. I also work for the promotion of STEM for students as an editor and podcaster. I have spoken at a few global events as a keynote speaker, and my first TEDx would soon take place this year!

 Manasi Patil content writer
Image Source – Manasi Patil

Harshita Singh: Congratulations! A chance to talk on TEDx is such a great opportunity. All prepared? 

Manasi Patil: Yes, I have worked very hard to get a chance to talk on TEDx. I plan to talk about how to make your way when there seems to be no way. In life, many times, all the doors may seem closed. It then becomes necessary to carve out your way and reach your goal. I will talk about my challenges and how I reached my goal. It is important to work towards your goal and not let age become a barrier. In my case, my age has been a barrier in various circumstances, and I do not want that to be the case with others.

 Manasi Patil story
Image Source – Manasi Patil

Harshita Singh: Your words are very inspiring, and I am sure others will get a lot to learn from you. Also, can you elaborate on the challenges that you have faced? Additionally, what do you write in your blogs?

Manasi Patil: Nobody in my family is in the ventures that I am interested in. It was initially difficult to learn everything from scratch on my own. I started writing a story that turned out to be too long to just be a story. And then it turned out to be a novel. I didn’t know how to go ahead. During the pandemic, my father used the laptop almost all day for his work. I used to get up early in the morning to use it for a few hours before my father started working and slept late at night to finish my work after my father’s work got finished. 

Currently, I am working on building my start-up. Although it is still in its initial stage. A lot of work still needs to be done.

Harshita Singh: What do you write in your blogs?

I write blogs that will motivate others. Also, I write book review articles. I don’t pick a random book for reviewing. I pick up books that foster learning, motivation, and inspiration. 

 Manasi Patil inspiration
Image Source – Manasi Patil

Manasi’s parents are very supportive. They motivate her to do well, and she is loves studying as well. She is good at managing all her work and enjoys doing it all. She is doing his part in creating a better India. We wish her the best in all her future endeavors!

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