Helping Hand Organization Transforming Lives Of Underpriveilged Children With Autism Since Last 10 Years

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Helping Hands Organisation

No two children are similar. The IQ levels of children differ. One might be good at socializing the other might be good at studying. But parents and society need to understand that every child can’t be weighed on the same scale.

If a normal child can suffer from this judgemental society, you can imagine how would a child with developmental disabilities survive in this harsh and judgemental society.

There are some children who develop lesser social key skills and this might be because of a disorder called Autism. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that weakens the social skills of a child. This developmental disorder is likely to occur at the age of 3 years or below in children. What is problematic in this order is not its treatment but the awareness.

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Awareness related to Autism is very poor amongst us and there is ignorance in Indian families for this developmental disorder. Especially in the case of underprivileged children, families do not possess adequate resources and awareness of this disorder. Due to these issues, underprivileged children are majorly left untreated.

For this social cause, one social organization, Helping Hands Organisation, is working continuously to help people in need. They are working towards this social change and transforming the lives of children suffering from Autism.

Impacting lives for over 10 years, Helping Hands Organisation is based out of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This not-for-profit organization focuses on underprivileged children suffering from Autism and other learning behavioral issues.

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Addressing other social groups in need of support, the Helping Hands Organisation runs various support programs for the betterment of society.

  • Daffodils

With 72 registered beneficiaries, Daffodils is the focal program working towards underprivileged children with Autism and other learning and behavioral differences. To prepare children for their future, they are being trained vocationally and educated by experts. For children with special needs, psychologists provide therapies on a need basis.

  • Pratheeksha

Helping Hands Organisation’s Pratheeksha program is filling a two-way gap:

  • Providing holistic training to underprivileged autistic kids
  • Getting them familiar to comprehend, acknowledge and work with other peers with Autism and other special needs

The Pratheeksha program imagines a future for its 91 enlisted kids, which is moderate, mindful, and comprehensive. This program is run majorly by youth volunteers and is hosted every weekend at the Helping Hands Organisation Center.

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  • Sanjeevani

Accounting for 61 beneficiaries, this program is run in association with the Indian Medical Association and Ananthapuri Hospitals for impacting the lives of the elderly and poor.

Beneficiaries are being provided with basic needs and they undergo regular health checkups every week. Sanjeevani, an outreach program of Helping Hands Organisation is exclusively driven by volunteers toward the common social development goal.

  • #MeTheChange

This campaign run by Helping Hands Organisation works towards encouraging kids to voice their thoughts and opinions and inherit confidence in them so that they successfully respond to the positive changes happening around them.

With over 6000 stories of change, Helping Hands Organisation is proud and thriving to impact more lives across their centers and beyond.

How Can You Contribute To Helping Hands Organisation

  • Volunteer

Join hands with Helping Hand Organisation and build a strong community that spreads awareness around disability, Autism, and inclusivity in society.

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  • The 500 Club

For a lifetime impact on the life of a child, donate INR 500 per therapy, per month, per child, and be a part of the 500 Club. Domestic donations are 80G exempt and in the case of international donations, they are FCRA approved.

  • Social Partnering

Helping Hands Organisation invites corporates and different associations to partner in the work, particularly the outreach work. As a grassroots NGO that works with underprivileged communities, the monetary and asset support goes quite far in impacting the quality of work. Connect with H2O at, to take this further.

  • Ambassadors

Helping Hands Organisation invites applications for youth volunteers to enroll in a 1-year certificate program (part-time), helping the organization with project elements like decision making, supervision of work, planning, and implementation.

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