India’s VLSI Industry All prepared To Work Toward True Gender Equality Thanks To Arti Pushing Women In Tech

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Arti saw beautiful jewellery into making all her young life and then she ended up marrying an engineer. Life for Arti changed drastically from beauty to brain but believe us this girl piked everything with grace and pride. Not just that she accepted the change but also she decided to become the change maker of an industry that not many of us know a lot about.

This story is about the zeal to grow and hold the hands of many while growing. Arti is the woman behind successfully executing the “ women in tech “ program. Meet the protagonist of today’s story ARTI KISHOR, the CEO of FutureWiz tech wizards LLP – An ed-tech start-up which is about to change the game in the VLSI industry of India & Arti decided to play a very important role in the future of VLSI in India.


WIT – Scholarship for Girls and Women

The women in Tech program is as simple as its name, This Scholarship for Girls and Women is headstrong to increase women’s participation in the VLSI industry. NXP the giant  Dutch semiconductor designer and manufacturer company was looking for a befitting partner company to invest their trust in with this project & on the other hand, Arti with her team was working day in and out in establishing an ed-tech start-up that helps engineers find quality education of VLSI.

Futurewiz tech wizards, a very young company had never imagined that a giant Like NXP will ever be interested in making them a partner in this project but it did. NXP found FutureWiz and Arti’s zeal befitting for the project. And after having a word with Arti now we too understand what NXP saw in her.

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FutureWit VLSI course
Source – FutureWiz

Life Of Arti

Arti with her husband Nitin was working on making their chip designing startup TrueChip, a master in the industry. A seed for VLSI industry germinated in Arti’s heart as time passed. Tho the company was doing well in the market but it still faced a major lack of competent engineers to hire in their company. This was not just the case of TrueChip but the whole VLSI industry suffered from a lack of a good working force. 

As a young girl, Arti often use to assist her father in the jewellery buisness but this was a new industry, she was not aware of the dos and don’t of the tech industry but one thing was aware of was – identifying the problem the first step in getting closer to the solution. When Truechip faced a lack of the right workforce she identified the problem and with it, a solution was given birth by Arti. Mrs Kishor came up with a very smart solution to the issue of a compromised workforce,

“How about we first train the people we hire and then create our own workforce.’ The industry needs trained employees and the students need training–  she proposed to become the anchor. Arti under the guidance of her husband and a reliable team started her own venture called FutureWiz tech wizards LLP.

FutureWiz tech wizards LLP – The Most Promising Course Of The VLSI Industry

FuturWiz is an institution that guarantees to impart all the fundamentals of VLSI, it makes learning more convenient for students, and equips them to provide world-class services in VLSI. With the necessary industry experience, their institution has gained additional recognition among the top-rated VLSI institutes in India. Many thanks to Arti and her team the Indian market has an easy-to-walk-in gateway for students to enter the chip designing industry of the world.

FuturWiz provides an assured career path to VLSI professionals or recent Electronics as well as Electrical Branch graduates who have earned any of the following Bachelor degrees: B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Tech., and M.Tech. In fact so confident about this plan FutureWiz assures a 100% placement promise to the enrolled students. Arti was so clear in her vision that she introduced a
“pay us when you earn” policy to make sure that no student just does the course and takes back home nothing. I mean, the confidence and clarity Futurewiz has under the guidance of this women entrepreneur is simply astonishing.

Best VLSI Course
Source – FutureWiz

While Arti was still struggling to establish her plan in full force in the industry, the giant NXP found their attention-getting pulled by the work FutureWiz and Arti were doing. NXP wanted to start an initiative that can boost women’s participation in the VLSI industry in India and what better than a women-led company for this women-oriented program. NXP found their perfect mate in Arti’s company FutureWiz.

The WIT Program – Scholarship For Girls & Women

Through this structured scholarship and training programme, FutueWiz under the sponsorship of NXP wants to empower women at an early stage in their graduation level and mentor them towards a successful career in the semiconductor industry. The course introduces the fundamentals of VLSI and directs aspiring students and graduates from theoretical knowledge gained from books to actual real-world situations.

Without a doubt, we say that genders are equal, but decades of sexism have made it difficult to close the gender gap just by words, we need loud actions to uplift women.

Arti Kishor, CEO FutureWiz tech wizards LLP

Arti often felt that the VLSI industry was not gender-equal. She observed that women are still lacking the confidence to enter VLSI. With the Women in Tech program, NXP and FutureWiz are making a bridge for all the ladies out there to reach the zenith of their aspirations and become a part of the VLSI industry with 110% success promised.

Source – Instagram

WIT In The World Of Arti

The WIT scholarship for girl students has been awarded to 50 students. The one-year programme aims to provide female students with the exposure and opportunities they need for contributing to the semiconductor industry. This will enable them to gain useful skills and it will inspire the future of VLSI with their wisdom, talent, and creativity.

“Our goal with this programme is just not to produce future professionals who are qualified for the industry but also to uplift the women of society. Well after all I was a newbie and felt alone here, I need my girl force super strong, and I am gonna do it for sure.”

Arti Kishor, CEO FutureWiz tech wizards LLP
scholarship for girl students
Source – Arti Kishor

The lower number of women in the industry is a sign of gender inequality. FutureWiz is therefore attempting to empower women in society through this initiative. FutureWiz under the guidance of Mrs Kishor wishes to hit two birds with one stone, the industry is short on qualified and smart freshers therefore this program will make the students ready to uplift VLSI and the nation while promising them an elite job which will solve the problem of unemployment in the engineering sector. Now that is what we call a perfect women-led organization. Arti is inspiring not us you and me but countless no women in becoming what they are mostly destined to become – absolutely stunning at what we do.

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