To Help Grandfather Fight Alzheimer, This Mother-Daughter Duo Revive Age-Old Art Of Making Ventha Velichenna: Started Purvina

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In this hasty era, we have entirely forgotten how, as children, the majority of our needs were handled by traditional techniques. When we were kids, our mothers or grandmas usually fed us homemade meals and used natural oils like mustard and coconut oil for massages.

Everyone is aware of and agrees with the value of naturally made products. We try to incorporate it back into our regular lives, but we can’t. Due to their affordability and durability, things manufactured artificially have now largely gained ground in the consumer sector.

Understanding this problem, the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Jaya and Parvathy has re-claimed the power of organically produced goods by utilizing the advantages of nature. The story of Jaya and Parvathy, like the goods they sell, is purely inspirational.

Starting Point for the Duo

In the beautiful town of Anamangad in Kerala’s Malappuram district, 56-year-old Jaya and her husband manage a number of businesses, including a pharmaceutical and machine manufacturing company. Parvathy, her 32-year-old daughter, worked in digital marketing.

Unfortunately, everyone’s work around the world, including some of their businesses, was put on hold during the epidemic. On the other hand, Jaya had a lot of spare time. Parvathy was a digital marketer by profession, but the mother-daughter team was always up for trying anything new.

The Avanoor family owned ancestral farmland close to their Anamangad home. Their modern way of living and the high cost of labor prevented them from making greater use of the land. They made the decision to begin organic farming on their own property during the pandemic.

Some part-time employees were hired from their other businesses and began working on their farms. They began cultivating turmeric, pepper, rice, and other crops before initially selling their organically produced goods to their friends and family. That was the time when Purvina started its journey.

They were inspired to expand their business by friends and family who purchased their products. They soon realized that they should begin producing Ventha Velichenna, also known as “virgin coconut oil,” as it is called locally.

Ventha Velichenna was first taught to them in the kerala culture both as infants and as adults. Coconut oil offers several advantages, including hydrating the hair and scalp, healing the skin, being effective against fungus infections, and lowering cholesterol.

Grandfather of Parvathy was prescribed 15 ml of Ventha Velichenna daily since he had Alzheimer’s disease. For both newborns and conventional ways, virgin coconut oil has always been quite significant.

Virgin coconut oil, which Purvina began manufacturing on their own farms, quickly achieved widespread customer recognition and became a top seller on numerous online markets. Purvina set out on its journey with the goal of giving customers their products in the purest form possible.

 Why Purvina is Better to Compete Brands

When establishing their company as Purvina, Jaya and Parvathy had only one thought: they wanted to provide the highest quality so that none of their customers would have to endure any kind of hardship. Making good, pure virgin coconut oil is a labor-intensive process. It takes about 250 coconuts to produce 10 liters of pure virgin coconut oil.

Purvina uses the majority of the coconuts from their own farms to generate virgin coconut oil, Even if they require more, and they always make sure that the coconuts they use are farmed organically.


When making it in Purvina, the ladies boil coconut milk steadily while stirring it constantly in a bronze uruli. They make the oil the old-fashioned method, as suggested by their name.

The Purvina founders have devoted their hearts and souls to the company. While Parvathy is in charge of Purvina’s online sales, marketing, and other operations, Jaya manages the company’s whole production. While some of the hard lifting is done by males, women make up the majority of Purvina’s labor.

By giving them jobs and training for the jobs, Purvina contributed to the empowerment of those women. The two were determined to extract virgin coconut oil for Purvina using only traditional methods.

Despite the premium quality of their turmeric powder and peppercorn line, it isn’t one of their best-selling products. One of the causes is that consumers are ignorant about the ingredients. However, Purvina receives recurrent requests for virgin coconut oil from customers in Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Telangana, and even the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Future Aspects for Purvina

Ventha Velichana is being made available by Purvina. This little business from Kerala is making a difference by providing modern solutions with tried-and-true components. They are passionate about teaching the younger generation about the advantages of Ventha Velichana in addition to marketing the product. In Keralan homes, the recipe has been handed down through the years. Our grandparents and great-grandmothers would have prepared it in their homes as well.

Jaya and Parvathy Avanoor, by starting Purvina and making it a bestseller have set up a high motivational bar for the women who are managing their households or working in tech companies to pursue their dreams and true callings. Purvina is focused to provide more and more purely formed products for a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Mad4India appreciates this dynamic duo for their step towards bringing the generation closer to the traditional roots. If you loved reading their story, you can visit their Instagram @purvina_india and their website on

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