Instead Of Retiring At Age 60, These Dadi’s & Nani’s Became The Talk Of The Town – Epitome Of Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment By Ritika Bidawat | 27 min read

Women Empowerment

As a lady of Z. generation, I have seen women breaking boundaries in so many ways, I have seen women empowerment taking its shape into a giant goddess of admiration and change. Ladies throughout the country and the world are creating great stories through their actions and determination, we have seen strong ladies run businesses and countries by now. Women empowerment is constantly showing its benevolent power.

Women Empowerment
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But if you go back to the 80s or 90s, Successful women – working & ruling the world would sound like a joke. our Dadi’s and Nani’s lived a life of compromise and adjustments. They might be respected the same but never had the same kind of freedom and scope for growth as a girl in this generation enjoys & for that. – all thanks to women empowerment.

Women Empowerment
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But when it rains, each plant in the garden gets some water and in the rain of development and growth because of women empowerment, the oldies also got sprinkled with the water of inspiration. Women empowerment is reflected in the life of some stubborn and optimistic Dadi’s and Nani’s as well.

Here, we are going to introduce you to some hardworking ‘up 60 but not retired’ ladies of this flourishing age of women empowerment who have proven that age is just a number.

1. Harbhajan Kaur, At 94 Become A Witness Of Women Empowerment

Meet our first superhero Mrs Harbhajan Kaur famous for her ‘besan di barfis’ from Chandigarh. 94-year-old Chandigarh resident Harbhajan Kaur demonstrates that everything is possible in life, at any time. If one is passionate about what they want to do and makes the time for it, they can overcome all obstacles and succeed.

Women Empowerment
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Five years ago at 90, she thought it was time to do something of her own, she wanted to feel the breeze of independence, as she was ready to embrace the era of women empowerment.

In 2016, The discussion began when Raveena Suri questioned the 94-year-old aspiring entrepreneur about her regrets in life. Harbhajan Kaur expressed remorse over not working for herself to her daughter Raveena Suri.

She claimed that although she was content with her life, her main regret was not working. On hearing this, Raveena Suri felt the need to erase this regret from her life. Raveena lived in the era of women empowerment and she decided to empower her own mother.

The second thing she did was inspire her mother to start a business creating delectable delicacies that her family enjoyed. This was the origin story of the Harbhajan family, who are known for their besan barfi and various pickles. She remembered the times when her mother had everything at home and would make sweets, squashes, and sherbets. However, her mother didn’t get any credit for what she accomplished as a mother.

Her granddaughter gave her an idea to sell barfis so that’s what she did and sold out her first order and made Rs2000 that day and ever since then she had been building her brand ‘Harbhajan’s- Bachpan Yaad Aajaye (You will remember your childhood)’ which is being sold on the shelves of their homegrown grocery store in Chandigarh.

The phrase Bachpaan Yaad Aaygi is one of her company’s most endearing features; it transports us back to our younger selves. She always had the support of her granddaughter and daughter. The branding and packaging of the food products are handled by her granddaughter. The trio is proof that if a woman stands next to another the team can create wonders, women empowerment has taught us the power of unity.

Women empowerment
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Mrs Harbhajan is not only famous for her best-selling dish ‘barfis’ but her seasonal creations like sharbat, jam, achar, and halwa. Ever since her success, she has gained more than 12k followers on Instagram. Her granddaughter keeps shooting reels and videos for her Instagram.

When asked about the expansion of the company, Raveena responded beautifully. She claimed that her mother’s newly acquired confidence is what she views as growth. She is growing because she is talking to her clients, receiving well-deserved praise, and conducting interviews. Her mother’s life has effectively changed as a result of this new endeavor.

Over the course of her four-year entrepreneurial career, she has produced over 500kg of barfi, and her entire family has joined the firm. They are considering hiring more staff in light of the volume of calls they receive about questions and requests.

She has received praise for her efforts from a select few renowned people, like Captain Amarinder Singh and Anand Mahindra. Captain Amarinder Singh stated he would love to try her famous barfi, while Anand Mahindra referred to her as the year’s most successful entrepreneur.

Mrs. Kaur often says, “Beta ek vaar pair rakhan do jagaah banao te behan di jagga mil hi jaandi hai (Once
you make space to put your foot, you definitely get the place to sit too).”

Our Nani’s and Dadis always focused on the brighter side of life and that is what pushed them to deal all headship in the times of up and down and today they are witness to the growth women empowerment gave to each woman of the country.

Knowing that she still works and finds it rewarding despite her advanced age is both strong and heartwarming and proof that women empowerment can create marvels in the kitchen or anywhere the strong will lies.

2. Seema Anand & Her Voice of Desire

Age gives you knowledge and knowledge is power. This is proven well by the sexologies and scholar seems Anand At an age when people are expected to talk only about spiritual things Seems Anand focuses on talking about the spirituality of bodies and touch. It’s all because of women empowerment that women finally got their voices back after a long dominating era of patriarchy.

Women empowerment
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The mythologist and storyteller Seema Anand is based in London. She has attracted a lot of attention by discussing the Kama Sutra publicly on her Instagram account, “seemaanandstorytelling,” as well as by emphasising the value of being physically, emotionally, and mentally present with your partner.

She finds power in pleasure and sensuality, which are considered wicked. It’s the result of strong women ready to accept themselves for who they are. Anand’s backbone is the confidence women empowerment gave to the society to present India.

She has authority on the Kama Sutra and has spent the last 20 years studying the Kama Shastras. She is the author of “The Art of Seduction,” and her related TED talk has received more than 8 million views.

The Kama Sutra was revived by Seema and made available to readers in the twenty-first century. The Art of Seduction, her book, was released on February 19, 2019. Her goal is to demonstrate that sensuality and seduction are complex issues that should be present in our daily lives as a condition of mind.

Seema once stated that her major goal in authoring the book was to “make the concept of seduction a part of everyday life.” Seduction, according to Vatsyayan, ought to be a psychological state for yourself rather than an “event.”

It was impossible to imagine women talking about sex openly 50 years back but the result of correct and strong women empowerment is in front of us in the form of Seema Anand’s book. The history of Vedic India is filled with scholar women who talked about bodies and souls and the concept of oneness, but time drained the space of creativity in women. today in the year 2022 we are free to think whatever we like, we have the right and atmosphere for speaking our minds out loud all thanks to the women empowerment

3. Ravi Bala Sharma At 62 Became The Dancing Dadi

When the world was swirling fast this Dadi doll was spinning in the waves of women empowerment and was making her every day a light show. This is a story of lost love, passion and newfound love in self.

She was always urged to follow her long-lost enthusiasm for dancing by her late husband. He wanted to watch her perform onstage despite being given a cancer diagnosis in 2016. Sadly, he died suddenly before he could witness her perform.

Her sister and kids noticed that the loss of her husband was having a negative psychological and emotional impact on her. They stepped in and urged her to carry out his final desire by dancing more. That’s how she got the opportunity to dance on the song “Murli Manohar,”.

Women Empowerment
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Even in her 60s, Ravi Bala Sharma, a.k.a. “The Dancing Dadi,” continues to pursue her passion. Her graceful reels show her moving and grooving to the music with such enthusiasm that it would make anyone smile. Ravi made the decision to focus all of her sorrow on her other love in order to overcome her trauma, women empowerment gave her the songs to fly one more time.

Ravi had no idea that this accomplishment was just the beginning of her second inning, during which time she would continue to overcome age-related preconceptions and rise to fame on social media. she prove to the world that women empowerment was a much-needed element for many to survive and many. to thrive.

When her son uploaded a clip of her dancing in 2020, her Instagram journey officially began. Recognition followed soon, and she eventually gathered nearly 2,00,000 followers.

Ravi hasn’t been afraid to try out many genres of music, whether it be an old classic song like “Piya tose naina lage” (Guide; 1965), an upbeat song like “Ghagra” (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani; 2013), or a soulful song like “Moh moh ke dhaage” (Dum Laga Ke Haisha; 2015). This is most likely the reason her viewers are immediately drawn to her lovely expressions and amazing dance movements. She uploads clips of herself performing songs and playing her tabla in addition to dancing.

Women Empowerment
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Rehearsals take up her entire day because she pledged to produce at least 1 video each week. She gets ideas for her steps from other dancers, and she also choreographs some of them. Her son takes the videos after extensive practice and uploads them.

Ravi is truly unique at this age because of her enthusiasm and love of learning. People from our parent’s generation, like Ravi, spent a large portion of their lives primarily between the house and the workplace, giving little thought to their ambitions. Ravi responds to those who believe they are too old to pick up old interests by saying, “Ageism may prevent you from pursuing what you want, but wouldn’t you wish to accomplish something for yourself in this final phase of your life? Show that your age is nothing more than a number.

It was Ravi’s enthusiasm and love for dance that made her into a star while women empowerment sits in its chair and watches her bloom.

4. Mrs. Shakuntala Choudhary, amway herbal

Behind every successful man, there’s a woman, and this is proven when Mr Choudhary launched a hair oil with 50 herbs in it with the help of his wife Mrs Shakuntala Choudhary. women have always been the magical force behind a man but it is in this era of women empowerment. that this force is finally getting its much-deserved praise and acknowledgement.

they have more than 2 lakh followers on Instagram. The 85-year-old resident of Surat Gujarat has joined a growing tribe of entrepreneurs who emerge post-retirement age.

Women Empowerment
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In June 2021 the duo launched their startup ‘Avimee Herbals’ with an aim to produce a chemical-free hair oil that will put an end to hair problems like premature balding, excessive hair loss, dandruff, and premature greying. Mr Choudhary took his retirement in 2010 from his family business but his work here was not done, little did he know that more success was on the way.

when in early 2021 his daughter complained about hair loss, instead of researching existing hair oil brands or suggesting home remedies like every other parent, Choudhary went one step ahead.
One morning, he sat at his desk, switched on the computer, and began researching the causes of hair fall.

With several research papers and books by his side, he would spend hours at a stretch for the cause. Impressed by his diligence and focus, Shakuntala joined him in his research.

They would identify the cause of each problem and find its solution in different herbs. shakuntala would do the research work with her husband and manage the project.

The duo tested the oil on themselves for about 3 months and the response was overwhelming, to say the least as hair started growing on bald patches. Amway herbal’s success was the result of a determined couple, and Shakuntala’s role was exactly what the role of women empowerment is playing in the lives of women – a strong backbone for all kinds of adventures.

For these golden agers, the experience of running a startup has been positive and satisfying so far. women empowerment has slowly found a place in the life of each couple in India. It is due to women empowerment that Shakuntala stood by him and started a successful company.

5. Asha Puri At 75 Setting The Trends Of Fashion

75-year-old Asha is knitting her world with joy and bliss, she is proof of women empowerment at the age of 50 by creating joy out of threads.

She has been knitting sweaters, mufflers, scarves, and more for the last 50 years. She never believed that anyone would buy hand-made knitted items in this machine-made world.

They initially had one or two customers, but within a month Asha had to adjust her daily schedule to keep up with the growing demand. However, Kritika quickly secured employment, and Asha temporarily relocated to the US. As a result, they only took a few requests, and activities dragged on.

Women Empowerment
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That was three years ago, and today the company sends off 100 orders per month. She started this venture in 2017 with the help of her granddaughter and they named it ‘With Love From Granny’.“Though the venture materialized in 2017 it picked up only after the nationwide lockdown. The duo has a two-generation age gap but their success is a result of women empowerment enjoyed by both generations.

At this age, she had certainly not anticipated that her hobby would turn into a full-fledged startup, that too, during an unprecedented time like this. Kritika is the force behind bringing back knitted clothes in vogue,” Asha Ji said in an interview.

Kritika is her granddaughter who suggested starting their venture. Two generations came together and proved women empowerment belongs to no age no time no space women empowerment is the result of pure passion, women empowerment is a result of never-ending demand for our space and rights.

WLFG hopes to expand its work in the coming years and they also want to work with NGOs in Delhi that can connect them to needy artisans who want to work. with the help of growing women empowerment and their experience, they wish to create more work opportunities for women around the country.

6. Bhagwani Devi At 94 Won The Gold

Age is never a barrier, You have the ability to inspire and realise your dreams whether you are 16 or 94 years. All thanks to women empowerment our generation saw wonders taking place, we saw girls talking about rage and rights, and we saw mothers breaking barriers and fighting all mental and emotional evils but it was still not imaginable that women will break the barriers of physical limits.

Women Empowerment
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This lady ran a marathon throughout three generations that saw women empowerment evolving and taking shape. 94-year-old Bhagwani Devi Dagar made history by taking home the gold medal in the 100-meter sprint in the Tampere, Finland-based World Masters Athletic Championship.

The 94-year-old Indian athlete Bhaggwani Devi took home three medals for her efforts at the Tampere, Finland-hosted World Masters Athletic Championship: one gold, and two bronze. She was granted this right after running the 100 metres in 24.74 seconds.

Bhagwani Devi also won a bronze medal in the shot-put competition and added another bronze to her name in the disc-throwing competition.

Bhagwani Devi’s accomplishments won praise from people all around the world. This star of women empowerment is from Haryana and has received a lot of congratulations from people all throughout the country. Young people have been inspired by her determination to pursue their passions.

Women Empowerment
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Tampere hosted the World Masters Athletic Championship from June 29,2022 to July 10,2022. It is a world championship competition for athletes who are 25 years of age or older. It is a sporting event of a certain calibre, specifically for tracking and fielding. For the competition, the participants are split into five-year age groups.

Bhagwani Devi won three gold medals at the National Masters Athletics Championships, which helped her reach this milestone at the World Masters Athletic Championship. Earlier, it took place in Chennai, India.

Many believe that when people age, they lose their energy or desire, yet Bhagwani Devi is inspiring people all over the world. Her winning the gold medal is a significant watershed moment that shows her guts and gutsy approach to the competition.

Many well-known people and figures came out to wish Bhagwani Devi well, including the chief minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, and the state’s governor, Bandaru Dattatreya.

7. Rajinder Kaur Chatha At 92 Went Back In Time

There’s truly no age when one can become an entrepreneur, with her homemade blends, Rajinder Kaur Chatha, 92, is whipping up a spicy success. Her startup tale serves as the ideal model for a female business owner, she is a great example of women empowerment unfolding well in India.

When Amritsar resident Rajinder Kaur Chatha, at 18 years old, was married off, independent India had only been a year old. at that time, India was an infant in the world and women of India were blur under their veils, a successful wave of women empowerment was still just a little baby in the cradle of many future-oriented women.

Women Empowerment
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“I got married in 1948 and moved in with a stranger, together in a strange house, and amid slightly hostile strangers,” Ammiji said . I looked for solace in a strange and occasionally heartbreakingly cruel world, and chai had always provided it for me. However, I detested the tea in that home. It was a tasteless, mud-like mixture that was heavy with sugar. I consequently purchased many handfuls of various spices during one of my infrequent journeys to Majith Mandi, Amritsar’s spice bazaar.

Her love and reliance on tea took a leaping jump In 2015. Amrita Chatha posted on her Facebook about her grandmother and her favourite chai masala it all began there and soon she started getting enquires and by April 2018 she launched her brand ‘Ammiji’.

Today, two years into operations, there have been several new products added and they retail close to 40 products like pickles, chai masala, and papad.

Products are shipped throughout India, and many orders come from Maharashtra, Orissa Chhattisgarh, and even Assam and Nagaland. Amrita says of her relationship with her grandmother, “Ammiji was and still is the best storyteller of my life.

Women Empowerment
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Some of my finest childhood memories centre around her, from being soothed to sleep to just being diverted from pain and kept from boredom through her stories. Our most popular products include papad, pickles, and chai masala.

According to Amrita, customers appear to enjoy the variety of papads they sell. While the rest of the goods are manufactured at Amrita’s Delhi house, the papad & wadiya are made in Amritsar under Ammiji’s supervision.

one great thing about women empowerment is, it connects all the ladies out there in one loop and it is due to women empowerment that how amrita and Rajinder Kaur became the important ends of the loop of “Ammiji” success.

8. Mukta Singh At 60 Ready To Walk The Ramp

Age-related social norms for marriage, parenthood and employment are all taken into account while determining the retirement age of a person, but some creates the odd. When determination and passion come hand in hand nothing can stop a progressive mind, Mukta was a witness to the growing women empowerment and it gave birth to a dream in her.

Whereas most seniors raise their hands and take the backseat, Mukta Singh, a striking 60-year-old woman, reinvented her profession to become a model.

Women empowerment
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Mukta Singh is not only gifted with language and imagination, but she is also a stylish enchantress. Starting her career as a model at 60 was a tremendous leap, and nothing was going to stop her, not even the criticisms that came prowling toward her. Women empowerment made us confident to own ourselves.

She had no prior modelling experience, but she overcame the obstacle and soar high on her wings. she is the outcome of Indian women, she is the future of women empowerment.

Her aspirations had to change because of her husband’s frequent travel and transfers because she was married to an Air Force pilot. Her time after marriage was spent caring for her children and her ailing mother. Mukta Singh was always a woman ahead of her time, she freelanced for numerous publications, including newspapers and journals.

Mukta Singh’s first modelling job came from attending a wedding. She accepted her grey hair and wore a traditional attire that caught many people’s attention. She then made her modelling debut. Her family helped her along the way. Mukta Singh continued on without pausing after this. Women empowerment is only accepted in India due to smart women and progressive men, Mukta had it all.

She was defying expectations and travelling a less-travelled path, but her family was steadfastly behind her. As time went on, she shot for well-known companies and became well-known.

Women Empowerment
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The social networking platform Instagram significantly contributed to Mukta Singh’s improvement. It has improved her outlook. She is without a doubt a symbol of women empowerment for the females out there, setting records at such a young age.

Mukta Singh is a role model of women empowerment for all the ladies who abandoned their aspirations but have the ability to reappear if they so want. It is undoubtedly an inspirational story of women empowerment. It is amazing to witness senior citizens defy stereotypes and pursue their passions.

We learn from Mukta Singh that age is simply a number. Age must be cherished and appreciated. She is not just a role model for women empowerment for many, but she is also creative and wants to show it off in her photo sessions.

you can do whatever you like and believe us there are so many ladies standing at your back, women empowerment in India will power your courage. When compared to Indian women, Western women are encouraged and are not stigmatised.

But it’s time we overcame the obstacle and became a new pioneering example for many. India is growing remarkably in the world and women are playing a significant role in this development, today many like Mukta Singh are results of growing women empowerment in India. Mukta Singh has the best wishes from Mad4India for her upcoming career.

9. Neeru Gandhi, Monicka Chanana, and Pratibha Sabharwal On a Girls Trip After Retirement

Back in the 80s & 90s, it was believed that roads are not safe for women, a female must stay within the protected walls of her home and avoid going out alone. The notion that women are not capable of doing things alone was broken years ago but still travelling alone was not so easy before the spread of women empowerment.

One blessing of women’s empowerment that came to all of us is the confidence of roaming alone. our generation is free and independent to travel alone, can use vehicles and go on solo and group trips often. but the concept of girls’ trips and the solo trip of girls doesn’t fit well with our society. these Nanis are finally living the perks of women empowerment. and decided to go out girl tripping.

Six days and 1,700 kilometres. Neeru Gandhi, a resident of Delhi, plus her friends Monicka Chanana & Pratibha Sabharwal drove through four states on their quest to cross the India-Bhutan border at Phuentsholing. As “Nanis on the route,” the group of travellers tried their skills at archery, the national pastime, sipped some butter tea, and enjoyed a well-earned respite once they arrived in Thimphu. Then they travelled to Paro Valley to take part in the 17th-century eponymous dance event.

Women empowerment
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Given that they have been three elderly women travelling alone, Neeru remembers several raised eyebrows. The nanis, however, are seasoned travellers by car. She made the monumental decision to drive from Delhi to Rameshwaram in 2016, inspired by a previous trip she had taken with her son to Haridwar.

She contacted her friends since she thought having some company would be beneficial. Sarita Manocha, Monicka, and her sister were her travelling companions. Girls’ trip is a thing of the Z generation but our Nani’s belong to the young generation at heart, all thanks to women empowerment.

Four car trips have now been successfully completed by Neeru and her pals (frequently from a different group). The crew had difficulties on the second trip, from Varanasi to Ayodhya, when Monicka’s wallet, which included all of her ATM cards & her driver’s licence, was stolen. This put a kink in the plans until she was able to secure a duplicate of the licence. But turns are part of the road and the journey must go on.

The women often leave before 8 am and aim to go at least 160 kilometres (they have gone as far as 560 kilometres) each day. They used a Suzuki Ertiga for the first three journeys before switching to a S Cross Nexa donated by Delhi-based Maruti Suzuki dealer DD Motors.

Additionally, they typically stay more than one night in numerous locations, taking part in cultural experiences like desert safaris, camel rides and rafting because the journey is about more than just getting to the goal. When Google is unavailable, they rely on others to lead them when there is no other option for navigating. Women empowerment inculcates courage in all the women around the country be they young or old.

women empowerment
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As we go further out from Delhi, Monicka acknowledges that people are surprised to see our car with women behind the wheel. More than one hotel receptionist has questioned them where their vehicle has parked the car while they are still checking in, expressing surprise when they explain that the nanis are indeed the ones driving.

Regarding handling curveballs and dispelling stereotypes, Neeru adds, “Over the previous three voyages, I have grown more confident and capable.” And one of the highlights has been running across kind folks along the road.

On their way from Amravati toward the Ajanta Ellora caves, they received assistance from a group of male primary school teachers in changing a flat tyre.

The three women express their gratitude to the Bishnois people of Jodhpur who taught them how to make pottery and blocks for printing. the experiences are vivid these Nani’S are the cool aspect of women empowerment in India.

The nanis are returned to Delhi and have begun making plans for their next tour after travelling via Bhutan and returning to Guwahati. The wanderlust community is thankful to these Nani’s and the spirits of travelling through the merging women empowerment.

10. Radha Daga At 74 Started Her Ready-To-Eat Boxed Meal

Ideas and innovations are free clouds of creativity, nothing can stop them, and gender can not obstruct the proposal. A person ready to create something does it no matter what comes in the way. Indian women through this century created wonders of their kind, women empowerment gave wings to every passionate woman.

In 2011, Radha Daga founded Triguni Eze Eats. It is a company that offers ready-to-eat boxed meals in retail stores around the nation, on Amazon, and on trains and aeroplanes like IndiGo and Air Asia.

Triguni Eze Eats’ creator, Radha Daga, was 69 years old when she started the firm, and ten years later, she still is working just as hard and as successfully as someone half her age.

Before starting her food firm in 1987, Radha Daga was managing Chimise Indus Pvt Ltd., a textile import company in Chennai. She established that company in order to hire women.

She started that business to give women jobs. She wanted her staff to have better lives, nicer clothing, and most importantly, better food. Women empowerment is the result of one woman thinking for all the other women.

Women Empowerment
Source – Twitter

Despite the fact that she had yet to fulfil her childhood dream of working in the food industry, she was happy with her business. Then, one day, she decided to take a risk and go into the food business.

In 2010, Radha Daga started out modestly with a room in her clothes factory. She lacked the resources to hire more staff or put up a separate store on its own. Initially employing just one chef, Radha Daga progressively added more staff as she became more confident in the business’s potential.

The foundation of Radha Daga’s Triguni Eze Eats company, which she launched at the age of 69, was her perseverance, faith and the essence of women empowerment.

During one trip to the USA with her spouse, she found inspiration for her current business. She noticed a ready-to-eat pasta advertisement in a magazine. She found it fascinating that the spaghetti would be instantaneously ready to eat with just a simple addition of hot water.

She kept looking into different ready-to-eat food options after she got back to India. Her initial plan was to make idli, but it didn’t work out. Her lemon rice & biryani quickly became popular, and her business flourished as she began to experiment with new dishes.

During manufacture, Radha Daga places a focus on the product’s quality, flavour, and cost. They currently provide about fifteen foods with a six-month shelf life that are sold all over India.

Their food cartons cost between Rs 80 and Rs 120. These can be bought from the company’s website and on Amazon. I don’t think like an entrepreneur, says Triguni Eze Eats creator Radha Daga in a conversation with The Hindu. They consider generating income as well as profit and loss. I started my business without considering if it would be profitable.

Triguni Eze Eats’ biryani was discovered by an Indigo Airlines agent, and Triguni was then given a contract. They expressed a wish for the product to be offered on their flights.

With a purchase of 85% of its total output, the airline has become one of its most significant clients. Air Asia India soon started carrying these products as well.

Radha Daga faced many obstacles in her business, including the pandemic in 2017 and demonetization in 2016. The demand for her goods has decreased as a result of people staying home & cooking for themselves as a result of the limits on flying. she decided to never give up, Radha is a proud example of growing women empowerment and women creating wonders in the country.

Her pre-pandemic revenue was over 16 crores, but in 2020–2021 it was just 5 crores, and sales didn’t start to increase again until December 2020. She currently produces 16,000 tubs of food in a month and sales stand at 1crore a month. Indeed women empowerment at its best.

11. Poonam Sapra At 65 Became “Mother with Sign”

Women empowerment is just not women going out and parting, no. Is women empowerment a source of visible outcomes in the form of revenue or success? NO. women empowerment is creating woman with self-worth and a growth-oriented mindset, that is all.

Mothers and grandmothers may have not been earning money, but they have earned tones and tones of experience thought out their life. Advice that moms give can be found in no books or on google, the lesson they teach us throughout life is priceless.

Poonam Sapra (65), also known online as the “mother with a sign,” gives all the motherly advice from India a lighthearted and adoring spin. She decided to create an Instagram account to offer her motherly wisdom to others after her son Pranav suggested it. His son made use of this evolving women empowerment wave and asked his mom to guide us all.

Poonam started uploading pictures of herself holding placards with realistic and amusing motherly advice for leading a happy and healthy life in 2020 after setting up her page.

Women empowerment
Source – Instagram

The concept was proposed by my son Pranav, who believed it would be enjoyable. Everybody’s parents, he claimed, are always advising their children what to do, but the children don’t pay attention and eventually come to regret it.

She gives advice on life, parenting, humility, and kindness in the form of tiny stories, poetry, and humorous catchphrases at various times.

At first, I was dubious, but then I decided to give it a shot. The initial posts started receiving a lot of shares. Everyone could relate to it.”

women empowerment
Source – Instagram

Poonam informed us that although her Instagram account does not have a specific mission, they do aim to spread as much happiness as it can each week.

Poonam admitted that when she started the Instagram page, she had no plans for it. She is appreciative of everyone’s love, though, and she says so.

In response to the question of why her writing is so accessible, Poonam remarked, “I believe it taps a chord since it comes directly from the heart. “My kid and I make every effort to keep the information straightforward, accessible, and fun”

Poonam is teaching the youngster the way of life, important lessons, much-needed advice and little moments of joy through her social media. she is a hero of this marching women empowerment army. A fighter of her own kind.

12. Santoshini Mishra At 74 Became The King In The Business

Her husband used to run a pan shop when he died due to an illness and all the responsibilities came upon her shoulder, she had to become the breadwinner in their home since cooking was the best she did she relied on it by opening a catering service, Today Santoshini Mishra’s catering service in Odisha is a hit at weddings and other occasions.

She is recognised in the region as a go-to for catering and even has 100 employees working under her. She with her startup has proven women empowerment can create wonders.

There were many glass ceilings to women in the profession when Santoshini Mishra established a catering company 36 years ago in order to support her family as women empowerment was still not acceptable.

Women Empowerment
Source – Youtube

The 74-year-old woman, who broke through all of the hurdles with such a steely will to carve out a place for herself within the industry, is now Sambalpur’s most in-demand and busy caterer. Most of the orders in the community come to her catering company, whether they are for weddings, birthday parties, or funeral feasts.

Santoshi’s team consists of 100 people, largely women, and is affectionately known as “Mama,” which in Sambalpuri means grandma. She accepts at least 4 feast orders every day throughout the wedding season. She controls the planning and arrangements, while both of her sons occasionally assist her.

She claims that the catering industry has long been dominated by men. “However, I selected this industry since I was a skilled cook. My mum taught me how to cook by letting me observe her. When our family came together, I used to cook for 30 to 40 people by the time I got married,” she recalled.

Women empowerment powered her to take a profession which was entirely dominated by men but she dared to enter it and make a name in the industry, the power of women empowerment is evident in the life of Santoshini Mishra.

13.Manju Ji At 80 Finally Started Living Her Dream

London’s favourite Gujrati Indian restaurant is the brainchild of Manju Ji, who started this venture at 80. Lip-smacking dishes like bhel puri, Pani puri, paneer masala, & khanda bhajiya are curated at her restaurant.

Behind this desi curation, is the eponymous 85-year-old’s love for cooking & force of women empowerment that made a restaurant in Brighton, 50 miles south of London, a famous spot for anyone looking for their dose of desi tadka.

A young girl from Uganda travelled from her home in Gujarat to give birth to her child in 1936. In accordance with Gujarati tradition, Manju was birthed in her grandparents’ home in India before moving with her mother to Uganda at a very young age.

The eponymous 85-year-passion old’s for cooking, which developed an eatery in Brighton, Fifty miles to the south of London, a well-known destination for those seeking their dosage of desi tadka, is what drives this desi curation.

Women Empowerment
Source – Facebook

Menu for restaurant “Manju”: “Bhel puri, pani puri, paneer masala, khanda bhajiya.” Even though there are numerous Gujarati and Indian eateries close to the curb, this item is not from one of them.

Every morning at seven o’clock, Manju arrives, puts on her chef’s hat and apron, and begins preparing a feast. She made the decision to focus on cooking because she was tasked with assisting to run the household.

When she was 14 years old, she began producing 35 tiffins each day thanks to her mother’s guidance and recipes. These would be adored by Ugandan office workers. As they sampled chana daal, Manju grew more infatuated with the flavour of Gujarati food.

Revisiting those days, she asserts she has her mom to thank for this. Along with teaching her how to cook traditional Gujarati dishes, her mother instilled in her the importance of discipline and a strong work ethic, which she still upholds.

Manju eventually landed in the UK.

The family knew terrible times lay ahead of them because they had two small boys and just 12 pounds. Manju eventually found employment in a facility that produced electrical plug sockets, where she would remain until she reached retirement age at 65.

She would treat the boys to various delights, including her renowned kadhi, aaloo ki sabzi, daal dhokli, undhyu, thepla, khandvi, and more such delicious meals, because she still had a secret love for cooking.

Has her desire to open her own restaurant vanished? It did seem a little less likely over time, she admits.

She fulfilled her son’s aspirations. They wanted to do so for her as well, According to him, “We wanted a place that saw a convergence of cultures.”
In 2017, the pair finally located a location where they could picture their mum establishing her food business after searching for three years. They purchased the property in Brighton by pooling their savings from the business they had started.

The two now greet customers and take orders at the restaurant, with assistance from their mother and two daughters-in-law Dipali & Kitty who assist in the kitchen.

This nature’s force is unaffected by the COVID pandemic, rainy days, lockdowns, or other natural disasters. She does not take any days off.

“I believe every person should have enough just to eat, drink, and have a house. I can’t stand to watch people who are hungry.”


Ever since the restaurant opened its doors to the public in 2017, they say the response has been fantastic. After a life of bringing up a family and putting her dreams on the back burner, she says she is blessed to have got an opportunity to follow her passion.
“Dreams do come true, for Manju life was a ride on the rollercoaster, she saw all the shades of the rainbow. she evolved with time, Manju is a story of women empowerment. Women empowerment was inforced by manju and many like her.

14. Nirmala Hedge At 64 Discovered Herself

Whomsoever send “nothing beats home cooked meal” was so right and this mother is now providing home cooked authentic south Indian food in Mumbai. Nirmala’s life story is similar to that of many Indian women. She was married off at 22 and moved to Mumbai soon after from Karnataka, where she grew

Within a span of two years, she had delivered her child and was a mother at 24. Thereafter the responsibilities of managing the home and child took over and before she realized it, she says, she turned 60.

Women Empowerment
Source – Instagram

Women empowerment is the essence of womanhood and the kitchen plays a very important role in creating the essence of a mother. She always loved feeding her friends and family but the idea of starting it as a business did not cross her mind until the lockdown was announced in March 2020 and thus formed ‘Aai’s kitchen’.

Aai was preparing food for the tower security guards throughout the lockdown. They were confined inside the premises for several days during a time when they were unable to leave the property. Aai was preparing them some basic meals from home. In addition, she frequently sent meals to her friends who have been stranded in Mumbai and far from their homes.

Several of her friends urged her in starting a business because they wanted to place frequent orders with her. That may have been how the concept germinated, and it caught on within two months. The response was beyond all of their expectations, and they ultimately sold close to 80 food plates as a result of the launch.

She had believed that selling approximately 20 food plates the first would be a fair figure to aim for. And with this Nirmala received the much-needed confidence boost as a result.

Women Empowerment
Source – Instagram

I had never tried this before, so I had little idea how much to prepare or even how to pack properly. She would pack the homemade food in their dabbas. Only later did we start utilising plastic boxes for the food as they became more organised.

Nirmala earned Rs 8,000 over two days, which was her 1st income. she must have had the feeling of being empowered this day she felt the touch of women empowerment in her life.

Women empowerment turned Nirmala’s life into a new journey and she is going great on the path. Their Instagram has got more than 5k followers and her venture is flourishing like never before.

15. Laxmi Ammal,89 and Kasthuri Sivaraman At 79 Found An Exit For Many

‘Golden girls’ of Tamil Nadu run Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Farm Stay. For this mother-daughter duo running a business was like a dream even when Indian women are the ethos of women empowerment they were still unsure. But in 2021 they faced all their fears and listed their 185-year-old farm as an eco-friendly farm stay.

Today, the same land is thriving with trees of various kinds. Along with this, ponds on the property capture the rainwater. Fish are bred in the same water. Visitors can spend time in the bliss of nature or enjoy reading in the mini-libraries.

Those who want to bring their pets along with them are always welcomed by the duo, The farm stay has hosted over 200 guests so far.

Women Empowerment
Source – Facebook

Due to the location of Pico Farmstay, which is far from the bustle and clamour of the city, you experience a sense of serenity as soon as you enter. Visitors are given a wonderful dining experience here. On-farm produce is used to make delectable dishes, and there are also modern conveniences like air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, and the internet.

This duo fought their doubts and started this wonderful place, a homeland for many. Ladies can create wonders if they decide to do so. Padmavati Nayar is the outcome of dedication and will with a little blend of women empowerment in it.

16. Padmavati (Padmam) Nayar At 100 Is Ruling Time With Art

You ask me what exactly women empowerment has done.

It has given the power to a 100-year-old to start a business. Women empowerment means power to each and every woman, this legend here is an absolute hero of women empowerment.

“Stay busy and do not interfere in other’s lives,” is the mantra that 1922-born Padmavati (Padmam) Nayar lives by.

This 100-year-old productive legend runs a successful business by designing and painting sarees. She began her carrier at the age of 60. She is a hardworking designer who still continues to hand print
sarees every day for 3 hours.

Women Empowerment
Source – Facebook

Between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, Padmam awakens. She enjoys reading the newspaper while she completes her morning ritual of tea and breakfast. She will be at her workstation by 10.30 a.m. and spend virtually the entire day immersed in the universe of her paints & brushes.

She charges roughly Rs. 11,000 for a single saree, which includes the price of the saree. Her initial sale is still clearly imprinted in her thoughts. This was the first occasion she had gained something in her more than sixty years of life.
In agreement, Padma says, she painted very little at first, but her daughter, who is a designer, may have played a big part in encouraging me to pick it up.

She generously spends all her earnings on her grandchildren and keeps nothing for herself told her daughter in an interview. Mrs. Nayar has taught her children to be self-dependent.

Her message to all women is that age doesn’t matter when you want to do something on your own: “Stay busy, find something that you love doing, and try not to interfere in the lives of others.”

The quintessence of Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a building on five pillars a women’s right to make and exercise choices, their feeling of self-worth their access to resources and opportunities, and their right to have the authority to manage their own lives, both inside and & outside the home and their capacity to direct social change toward the development of a more just societal and economic order both domestically and globally.

These 16 Dadi’s & Nani’s grew in the era where women’s empowerment was still an infant & grew to a lady with grace and power. these superwomen who gave rise to their dreams at an age when most crawl back into their beds is commendable and amusing. Mad4India is proud of its passion.

They are the real quintessence of women empowerment.

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