The Most Uplifting Mother-Daughter Story, Compete Against One Another & Both Pass The Test To Become Sub-Inspector

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Recently, an extremely uncommon yet proud moment was observed in Telangana. This mother-daughter story will fill your day with bliss, it’s a story of motivation, hard work and perseverance.

A mother and daughter pair were spotted on the same stage for the Telangana sub-inspector selection process, which was unusual. Both have successfully passed the physical examination and are eligible to take the written test.

Mother-Daughter Story
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The Proud Mother-Daughter Story

We all know how committed parents are to helping their children realize their dreams and how supportive they are. But in this adorably sweet story of a mother and daughter, the parent not only went above and beyond to encourage the child in realizing her dreams, but she also discovered her own passion and worked on it parallel to her daughter.

Tholla Trilokini, a Telangana woman in her twenties, is vying with her mother, Tholla Nagamani. Nagamani is 37 years old and has stunned the whole internet with her physical abilities and passion by clearing the physical entrance exam for the sub-inspector.

This mother-daughter story has astounded people in Telangana and all over the nation with their enthusiasm and commitment to serving the state.

Story Of A Fighter Mother

Nagamani is from the village of Chennaram in the Khammam district – Nelakondapalli Mandal. She was raised in a humble family which struggled for many years for their financial needs and stability.

She was married to Tholla Venkanna, a farm labourer, in 1999. She found a great and loving husband who not only loved her but also understood her strengths and abilities.

Trilokini was the name given to the baby girl the couple had. Nagamani worked multiple jobs to support her family, including teaching, where between 2005 and 2006 she served as an Anganwadi teacher.

With time, Nagamani developed a liking for physical fitness and sports, and her husband supported her in pursuing her passion for sports as well as physical fitness. She began participating in sports like kho-kho handball, volleyball, and Kabaddi and quickly rose to the top.

While fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, wife, and daughter-in-law, she never forgot to pursue her passion for sports. She would carve out time during her busy day to work out and prepare her body for different sports.

She continued to compete in a number of national and regional tournaments, winning up to ten medals, five trophies, and numerous awards. Soon her hard work paid off and she was asked to join the Telangana police force.

She began working for the Telangana police dept as a home guard in 2007 and was promoted to a police constable in 2020. She is currently on duty in Mulugu.

Mother-Daughter Story
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Observant Daughter Of A Passionate Mother

Kids don’t listen; they imitate – very well said. As a result of watching her hardworking and devoted mother, Nagamani’s daughter grew up to be just like her. Children frequently imagine themselves doing the jobs that their parents do, so it was obvious that Trilokini wanted to become a police women like her mother when she grew up.

Nagamani’s daughter, Trilokini was pursuing postgraduate studies while closely watching her mother’s every move with each passing day. Like her mother, she prepared herself to don the police uniform one day.

The mother-daughter team took part in the physical test for the continuing sub-inspector recruitment, along with a number of other candidates. Both passed the test administered at the Khammam police parade grounds.

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The mother-daughter team is now eligible to take the written exam. This mother-daughter story has evolved into the centre of attention throughout the entire hiring process.

The opportunity to compete against her daughter in the SI recruitment process, according to Nagamani, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hope they clear the final exam with flying colours and fulfil their dreams soon.

It was blissful to write this mother-daughter story, and I hope it was a joy to read as well. We wish this team a successful future.

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