Top NGO In India- AROH Working For Marginalized Communities, Dr. Gupta – A New Name For Smart Charity

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Top NGO In India- AROH

AROH Foundation – Top NGO In India Working for The Marginalized Communities

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” –

Albert Einstein

How many times do we come across people who have the guts to do something for society without even thinking about its consequences? Meet, Dr Neelam Gupta founder of AROH foundation; the top NGO in India – which is working towards the upliftment of the marginalized communities of society.

The Seeds for AROH foundation

On a cold December morning, young girl Neelam Gupta saw a little girl shivering in the cold morning and without giving it a second thought she gave the sweater she herself was wearing to the girl but when she came back another day the girl was without any sweater and the answer from the girl jilted her to the core.

She said,” My father sold it so that we can have a meal for that night.” At that moment Neelam realized that instead of just giving them what they need, we have to make the poor and underprivileged people self-reliant and independent so that they can have equal opportunities for growth and development in society. She knew she had to do something for this girl so that the girl could buy a sweater for herself and help many others like her.

She faced numerous hurdles in starting the AROH foundation – the top NGO in India. She quickly realized that starting a business by woman is tough but on top of that, starting a social welfare foundation was altogether an uphill task in this male-dominated society.

Even she had to fight her own family members to start this social cause because she had no one to support her financially in this amazing endeavour. But this determined woman would not be deterred; she established her financial independence and launched her own printing company before founding the AROH Foundation, the leading NGO in India. She overcame a number of obstacles before attempting this non-profit endeavour, including domestic duties, social and family issues, and financial planning.

For 15 years, she struggled but kept going on & her fruits of labour came into being in 2001 when Dr Neelam Gupta started AROH Foundation as a charitable society.

Challenges faced In Becoming The Top NGO In India

Before beginning any new project, there are risks and difficulties that accompany the process. Dr. Gupta thinks the entire process has been rewarding, satisfying, and fulfilling, but there have been many difficult obstacles to overcome in order to bring this top NGO in India alive.

It took her almost 15 years of toiling in the printing business to be financially sufficient to start a non-profit venture since there was no one to believe in her cause and there was no one to fund a women-oriented non-profit venture that Dr Gupta was so determined to start.

Apart from that, while working for this venture they had to work in remote and unreached villages, especially in the Naxalite affected areas. AROH Foundation took the bold decision to venture into the Red Corridor villages of Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. Dr Gupta herself was threatened by the Naxalites of that area but the will to do something for society was way more than her own safety.

The competent workforce and the procurement of funds were one of the main challenges while working in these rural areas. The funds given by the Government were often put on hold due to various local and central administrative issues and these CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) projects were stopped midway often. It was not given sufficient time to significantly impact the development indicators. But a strong-willed woman is like a running stream., rocks and mountains can divert her but can never stop her.

The unprecedented Covid times have also impacted the investment in CSR and funding of NGOs which has impacted the functions of the AROH foundation but slowly they are building their manpower and today with help from governments and other partners they are working for the welfare and the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged people.

Famous programmes of AROH foundation- top NGO In India

‘When God raise your standard of living, raise your standard of giving’

An inspiring thought is what the AROH foundation stands for. In over two decades, Aroh foundation has worked in 1200 remotest villages and slums of the country mainly in social welfare projects on Education, Skill Development & Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Health & Sanitation and Water, Natural Resource Management projects, etc.

AROH foundation also started the remedial education flagship programme ‘Padho and Badho or RISE’ – which addresses the issues related to learning outcomes and gender inequality in education. This was started in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and has also started in the slums of Delhi. This includes an innovative and child-oriented model of learning with dedicated teachers. This top NGO in India also gives so much importance to extra-curricular activities along with value education. The foundation has developed a strong network with government and private schools. The programme has positively impacted more than 50,000 children.

Under their Holistic Rural Development in villages of Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya and Uttar Pradesh 70 villages have benefitted with basic amenities of education, sanitation, water and skill development. The foundation has impacted more than 5 lakh people with the provision of water and sanitation facilities.

AROH foundation – a top NGO in India has provided clean and renewable energy solutions in more than 300 villages, impacting more than 3,00,000 lives. Along with that, 3000 solar lights to address the problem of power outages in remote locations and 250 solar water pumps to provide access to clean water in communities suffering from inadequate water.

This top NGO in India has also taken part in the Government’s initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and built toilets for more than 10,000 households in the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, and Uttar Pradesh. Also build child-friendly toilets, water supply, and hand-washing facilities have been provided in more than 500 government schools.

What Makes This Top NGO In India So Unique?

AROH foundation hopes to work more and more for the deprived community in the future and along with that, they hope to work for the environment and the planet. Recently, they joined Jal Shakti Abhiyan and Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to work for the environment and our planet.

Over the last two decades, the AROH Foundation has developed a pool of experts; who have developed SMART (Sustainable, Measurable, Accountable, Replicable and Time-bound) ways for better education, child care, healthcare, water management, sanitation, environment sustainability, agriculture outputs, women’s empowerment and sustainable livelihoods for income enhancement for the poor and underprivileged.

This top foundation of India is spread across the innermost locations of 18 states and the AROH foundation also extensively uses new technology with a wide group of communities, and government officials to do their projects in a more productive way.

Dr. Gupta – A New Name For smart charity

A young girl saw another one shivering in the cold of life and decided to give her a warm hug in the form of a sweater. That’s what great stories sound like – They are simple yet moving, and they are warm and inspiring. Dr Gupta could have lived a luxurious life and could have bought an exclusive car and branded shoes, that’s what we all do. Right! But instead, she chooses to give all her resources and energy for the good of others.

Are we currently reading about the new generation Mother Teresa? Or are we simply reading about Dr Gupta who will make her name in the school books one day. The story of Dr Gupta is much more than Aroh, she is a colourful cloud of thoughts and ideas, to explore more about her, do read our next article.

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