Janvi Bhuva Sacrifices Her Own IT Career To Uplift Slum Kids, Teaching More Than 50 Kids Under Bridge Of A Highway

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Janvi Bhuva

As you go to work or school every day, you probably see at least one poor child in torn clothes begging for some money. But many of us think that we can’t do much to help because there are so many kids in need, and one person can’t change the lives of hundreds of them.

India’s streets are occupied by a significant number of child beggars, with conservative figures suggesting at least 300,000, while some estimates go as high as half a million.

Tragically, the majority of these young individuals are deprived of education opportunities. Alarming research by Cook (2019) indicates that a considerable portion of these children are victims of abduction, coerced into the harsh reality of begging.

Indeed, it can seem overwhelming for one person to change the fate of so many affected by such troubling circumstances. However, there are exceptional individuals who rise to the challenge, taking on such evils.

Janvi Bhuva, hailing from Surat, Gujarat, is one such remarkable individual who defies the norm. In a world often driven by self-interest and material pursuits, she exemplifies empathy, kindness, and unwavering determination.

Janvi Bhuva’s Inspiring Journey

Janvi’s life story begins in Surat, a vibrant city in the Indian state of Gujarat. She grew up in a loving family, surrounded by the care and support of her businessman father and housewife mother. She was raised with strong ethics, compassion, and concern for others throughout her childhood, which later defines her amazing journey.

Janvi, who graduated at the age of 21, could easily have taken the traditional route of looking for work to guarantee her future. Her heart, however, was drawn to a different calling—one that required her to devote her time and energy to helping others in need.

Janvi Bhuva
Janvi Bhuva

I used to see kids begging, and it made me wonder how I could help them all because just giving them money wouldn’t solve their problems in the long term.

Her conscience would not allow her to ignore the suffering of disadvantaged youngsters living on the streets, lacking basic necessities and education. She realized she had to take action.

I was a young woman fresh out of college with limited knowledge of how to approach this, but I felt compelled to visit the slums and connect with the families of these kids to understand why they weren’t attending school. I came to realize that even if these kids considered going to school, their families couldn’t afford to lose the income they earned from begging. It was a difficult situation that they simply couldn’t afford to risk.

As Janvi went further into the slum, she discovered that these kids lacked basic life knowledge, and they couldn’t even envision themselves as educated or well-behaved individuals.

Janvi’s work began with a simple yet strong idea: educate these youngsters and teach them moral qualities that would equip them to live a life of honor. She was certain that no youngster should be forced to beg or denied the right to an education. With this idea in mind, she began devoting two hours per day to teaching the children in her neighborhood.

Janvi Bhuva

Janvi, in a rare act of determination, continued her own personal development by enrolling in IELTS classes, seeking to improve her teaching skills. Determined to make a difference, she decided to teach them essential life lessons by holding classes in a remote corner of the slum.

Initially, she was joined on her journey by a companion, but fate had it that her friend stepped back, leaving Janvi to face the challenges alone. However, she continued and taught these disadvantaged youngsters for two months without any other assistance.

Challenges & Hurdles

Initially, I had no intention of sharing what I was doing, but over time, some people recorded me while I was teaching these kids. As a result, word spread that a college girl was teaching slum kids under the bridge.

Janvi’s story gained attention as word of her selfless dedication spread. Her bravery and compassion inspired others, resulting in the development of an eight-person team dedicated to social work. Under Janvi’s leadership, this team expanded its reach and social impact, affecting the lives of more children in need.

More and more people gathered around Janvi’s cause after seeing the powerful effect that a girl’s actions were having on the children, their families, and society at large. She was able to provide better resources and facilities to the children as her support grew, ensuring they received the finest possible education and care.

Janvi Bhuva

Thanks to the generous support, we now have a year’s worth of stationary and books, as well as sports equipment for these kids to experience childhood to the fullest.

A significant turning point came when Janvi Bhuva joined a trust that shared her vision and mission. While the trust provided a platform for her work, fate had another test in store for her. After just six months, the head of the trust was no longer available, leaving Janvi with a difficult choice. But true to her character, she stepped up to the challenge, taking on the responsibilities herself, and leading the trust with passion and dedication.

It wasn’t easy at first; I frequently encountered drunk men or people with questionable intentions. I vividly remember one instance where a drunk man started shouting at me, accusing me of doing this charity work for personal gain. Despite these hurtful comments, I chose to ignore them and continue with what I had started.

Janvi refused to be afraid in the face of threats and challenges. She was inspired by a constant determination to provide a brighter future for these youngsters.

During this time, she made a life-changing decision: she quit her IT career, rejecting financial stability, to devote herself entirely to her noble cause of providing moral education and essential goods to those in need.

Janvi Bhuva’s ability to form deep bonds with youngsters was one of the most amazing features of her journey. It was about recognizing their troubles, understanding their challenges, and empowering them to overcome challenges, instead of just giving knowledge. Janvi acted as a mentor, friend, and counselor to these young spirits, winning their confidence and affection in return.

I began with a group of 3 children, but now I am educating over 50 kids. The most rewarding aspect is that the parents of these children have begun to see hope in my efforts. Many mothers approach me and request, “Please don’t stop what you’re doing; we don’t want our kids to experience the struggles we’ve faced.” Moreover, numerous children express their aspirations to become like me one day, and this fills my heart with immense joy.

Family and Future aspects

Janvi Bhuva’s family stood by her side, observing her remarkable commitment and the great impact she was making. Janvi’s parents were always worried about her safety, but they remained a constant source of support, encouraging her to pursue her passion and strive for exceptional achievements. Janvi’s success and the values she upheld delighted her parents, as they firmly believed that her compassion and selflessness would make a lasting impact on others.

Janvi has completed what many would consider an impossible task in just one year. Her relentless efforts have impacted the lives of many youngsters, giving them hope, dignity, and a better future. Her path proved the life-changing impact of knowledge and compassion, demonstrating that even a single person, armed with drive and love, can effect positive change in the lives of millions.

Janvi not only teaches the children the basics of education but also helps them learn life skills like math, crafting, and sports. Her aim is to ensure that even if these kids face obstacles in pursuing traditional careers, they will have practical skills to support themselves. This way, they won’t have to worry about starving or resorting to begging, as they will possess the ability to earn a living through their acquired skills.

Janvi Bhuva

Janvi Bhuva’s story is one of a sense of hope and strength, as well as the life-changing effects of education and kindness. Her constant devotion to improving the lives of poor children has left an unforgettable impression on many people’s hearts.

Janvi Bhuva, with her inspiring efforts and unwavering dedication, has ignited a transformative flame of change that will gracefully illuminate the path ahead for years to come. To witness the radiance of her endeavors and the profound impact she makes, visit her Instagram handle @Janvi Bhuva.

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