Defying Death, Dr. Mala Srikanth Inspires Others with Her Remarkable Journey from Army Doctor to Leading a Knitting Group

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If presented with a second chance at life, what choices would you make? Would you continue with your previous life and career, or would you wholeheartedly pursue all your passions, desires, and aspirations? Dr. Mala Srikanth, an army doctor, stands as an inspiration to all accident survivors, as she has navigated through various remarkable stages in life, even including the vast deserts of Oman.

She made the decision to spend her life entirely on her terms when given a second chance at life. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible inspirational path of Dr. Mala Srikanth, who is now a role model for all knitting lovers.

Journey From Becoming a Doctor to Leading a Knitting Group

Mala was born to a professional army doctor. Due to apparent reasons, she received her education from numerous different institutions. She developed an interest in her father’s line of work as she grew and enrolled in medical school. She worked hard and earned her credentials as a doctor. She has always had a side interest in knitting.

After serving in the military for a period as an adult, she decided to leave her two beloved girls and her social life behind because she wanted to practise more. She relocated to Oman, where she spent the next 12 years practising amid the country’s deserts. Being a good learner, she swiftly overcame the language barrier while residing in Oman by learning Arabic.

She remained there for some time before returning to India, in an effort to live a better life. She joined WHO once she got back to India. Later, she held the position of project director for the Catholic Bishops Conference. She had a terrible traffic accident at this sad time. She sustained severe bodily and emotional injuries as a result of that terrible accident.

While she quietly tried to relaunch her life in the Ranikhet highlands, her daughters were going about their daily routines. There she began knitting, which through the arm movements allowed Mala to heal both physically and mentally.

She was aware of the existence of the neighborhood project ” Umang “, which involved 1000 knitters in ranikhet, earlier in her life, before she suffered an accident. She used to go there and interact frequently with locals. Mala’s lost love of knitting was back in her life. She used to teach the group a variety of new knitting techniques, patterns, and color schemes that should be remembered while knitting. She now decided to join Umang full-time when she lived in Ranikhet. She quickly became much more at ease with her way of life.

How things are now going for Dr. Mala

During her time with Umang, Mala came to the realization that she aspired to create products of the highest quality. In 2013, a close friend of hers joined her, and together they initiated a pilot project whose aim was to craft exquisite woolen and cotton shawls and stoles.

This idea proved to be a remarkable initiative for Mala. Throughout her journey to this point, both Mala and the knitting group mutually supported each other in extraordinary ways. The group was always curious about Dr. Mala’s life story, her background, and her unwavering dedication to building a proud community of knitting enthusiasts who took immense pride in their craft.

Quality became their top priority, and they achieved this by selecting the finest techniques and materials. Taking their business online, they successfully transformed ‘Needlestosaymore’ into a renowned brand that delivers premium knitted products. Dr. Mala and the group stand as the driving force behind ‘Needlestosaymore,’ passionately steering its course. Their primary focus now lies in expanding their community to include more people with a deep interest in knitting.

Mad4India pays tribute to Mala Srikanth and invites people to be inspired by her remarkable journey, which marks the second shot at life. To discover more about Mala Srikanth, you can visit their Website or check out their Instagram page.

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