Meet the youngest woman sarpanch from Haryana – Parveen Kaur, Got CCTV, library, and solar lights to her village

By Harshita Singh | 1 min read

The representation of women in politics has always been lower than men. Recently, a young woman Parveen Kaur from Haryana became the Youngest Sarpanch in India. She is an inspiration for many women in the country.

Education and Family

In 2016, Parveen became the Sarpanch of Kakrala Kuchiyan village in Haryana. She was 21 years old and pursued her graduation from the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) at Kurukshetra. Parveen was studying to become an engineer, but life had some other plans for her. Parveen’s father is a school bus contractor. She has two younger siblings.

Parveen Kaur
Image Source – Facebook

Winning the Elections

To contest in elections, it was important for women of the general category to be educated up to eight. For scheduled caste, the cut-off was class five. Parveen was the only woman in her village who fulfilled the criteria for fighting elections.

She won the election unanimously. Parveen’s father was very supportive of her education. He changed cities and let Parveen move to other places to receive good schooling.

Parveen Kaur
Image Source – Facebook

Managing Work and Studies

After becoming the Sarpanch, she managed her college studies and her responsibilities of being a Sarpanch. During the weekends, she dedicatedly worked for the development of the village. On other days, she stayed at her campus to focus on her studies. The campus was 40 kilometers away from her village in Haryana.

Parveen Kaur
Image Source – Instagram

Work Done by Parveen After Becoming The Sarpanch

Parveen has installed CCTV cameras in the village for the safety of women. She has set up a library for educational purposes. She has also installed solar panels, water coolers, a sewerage system, and a panchayat office in the village.

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During the pandemic, she has actively spread awareness about the disease and preventive methods. Parveen has distributed face masks and hand sanitizers among the village people.

Parveen Kaur
Image Source – Instagram

Inspiration for Others

Parveen feels women need to fight patriarchy and grab opportunities that come their way. She feels happy that her work has inspired many others in the village to educate their daughters and give them a chance to prove themselves. She believes any hurdles can be crossed if a person is fearless and strong.

Parveen Kaur
Image Source – Instagram

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