Geeli MITTI, An Initiative To Build Sustainable Housing Model

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Shagun Singh, meet the lady with wet hands and a solid commitment to sustainable development

When did you last visit your village? did u remember the fragrance of wet soil or the warmth of mud houses? on the cold night of January, this can be good poetry or nostalgia on your social media wall.

While Shagun Singh did not think of these mud houses just as old grandmother’s homes rather these houses can be a long-term replacement for cement homes.

Who is Shagun Singh and what is her story


Shagun was a corporate professional who took a journey of finding her true passion, before leaving her company in 2015 she was a marketing professional, and after relocating to Uttrakhand in search of her true calling this journey led her to research sustainable living solutions and she found that those old mud houses are still relevant and provide a much more eco-friendly and sustainable option for living since she left her job and found a new passion she never looks back.

Geeli Mitti Projects

Under Geeli Mitti Initiative the focus is not to just build mud houses but as well encourage people to learn this craft of making sustainable cost-savvy, and cozy houses that can protect people from harsh winters as mudhouses got the amazing quality of keeping the temperature constant in all weathers be it cold or hot.

45 days workshop Program

each year Geeli Mitti organizes a workshop for people motivated by sustainable development and minimizing life needs, to transfer and understand the viability of mud house initiatives and why it is important to bring awareness towards these sustainable living options.

The Craft Of Building A Mud House
The mud houses are fabricated simply with mud and cow waste. It likewise includes utilizing garbage, in the entirety of its structures, to make something helpful.

One of the main procedures to assemble mud houses is the earth-Bag method.

let’s find out more about mud and its amazing characteristics

Mud-building can turn into a more alluring innovation provided that fitting roofing material is grown, however very little has been finished in such a manner.

Lately, there has been a resuscitated interest in mud as a structure material, says S K Sharma, chief head of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) and previous executive and overseer of the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO). It was under Sharma’s drive that HUDCO supported the principal worldwide gathering on mud engineering in 1987 at Thiruvananthapuram.

In contradictory beliefs, to common men, many researchers found that mud structures don’t break down quickly given they are appropriately kept up with. mud-building procedures have been neglected or overlooked. However individuals have been building mud houses for millennia, but the innovation is as yet not adequately evolved or commonly known.

“It just requires a straightforward interaction to update mud to a superior presentation building material,” says Shrashtant Patara, a modeler at the Society for Development Alternatives (DA), a Delhi-put-together association working with respect to substitute innovations for reasonable development. He noticed that the advancement of adjustment methods, for example, adding concrete to mud has discarded numerous disadvantages related to mud-building. Settled mud blocks are likewise less vulnerable to termites and rodents.

Roadmap Ahead

The roadmap ahead is to build and spread awareness towards sustainable living methods and a mudhouse can be a gamechanger as the house is an uncompromisable need for each human being.

Want to learn more about Geeli Mitti farms

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