Nothing Is Impossible! Parvinder Chawla Solo Travelled 59 Countries In Her Wheelchair

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Solo Travel

Solo Travel, isn’t it new cool thing to do? Well, with a twist Parvinder Chawla went on a solo trip in her wheelchair.

Parvinder Chawla who was born in Punjab and raised in Mumbai, was in good health until she was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. But, at the age of 38, she overcame her physical limitations and became a lone wanderer.

Solo Travelling is a fascinating pastime that allows us to walk the streets, participate in daring activities, meet local populations, and so on. But can you imagine accomplishing all of this while confined to a wheelchair? Yes, Parvinder Chawla proved nothing is impossible by solo travelling to 59 countries while seated in her wheelchair.

Pravinder ‘Believe In Yourself’ Motto Took Her To 59 Countries

Parvinder, 52, a Mumbai resident cannot envision a life without obstacles. Perhaps this is why she has overcome them all to participate in many exciting activities such as paragliding in Taiwan, snorkelling in Australia, parasailing, kayaking in Udupi, ziplining in Ecuador, South America, and many more while she was on a solo travel.

Despite the fact that Parvinder, who was born in Punjab, does not wish to dwell on her past or recall her negative experiences, she claims to have been a healthy child who was highly active in sports throughout her youth. She started having issues expanding her jaw while eating while she was in tenth grade.

Health Condition Didn’t Stop Her

As time passed, she was detected with rheumatoid arthritis shortly after finishing her college final examinations. It hurt her worst when she realised she couldn’t bend while at her sister’s wedding. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to switch sides on the bed, and her entire body was in excruciating pain.

It was a difficult moment for her. Parvinder became bedridden after losing his ability to walk. Even when she first began walking, she was unable to move for long periods of time, and she was frequently afraid of strangers accidentally touching her since she knew it would cause her great agony.

Meanwhile, she met people who pity her, but she decided that it all had to come to an end soon. Parvinder chose a manual wheelchair and regained her confidence. She began hunting for work soon after and was hired at a BPO in Mumbai, where she worked for nearly six years.

She would frequently go on shoots with her cousin, actress Bhumika Chawla, and one day, the actress and her fiance surprised Parvinder with an automatic wheelchair.

Things began to improve for her gradually. She became preoccupied with her job and began to use the city’s public transportation. Her life changed when her college buddies invited her to accompany them to Vaishno Devi.

Despite the crowd, people made way for my chair, and she continued to cry, “Jai Mata Di!” Not only that, but the priest also asked her to come to the front of the line and offer prayers to the goddess. It provided Parvinder with yet another source of drive.

Solo Travel : This Gave Her Wings To Take Things To Her Own Hand

She flew to Dubai for a shoot with Bhumika Chawla and discovered that it was one of the most wheelchair-friendly cities she had ever seen. On the other side of the road from the bungalow where they stayed was a bus stop.

Parvinder decided to ride the public bus and wander around the neighbourhood in her wheelchair. Every day, she would go out and discover something new. She then travelled to Hong Kong with a buddy to cover her expenditures. It was not an easy task. Her wheelchair weighed 64 kgs, making it difficult to lift and place within the cabs.

She couldn’t even go in her wheelchair because that would need her pal to walk as well. 

She had no idea how to go about doing it.   After all, she sees everything through her own eyes rather than through the eyes of her companion. This was the thought that occurred to her, and she decided to travel alone.

The decision changed her life forever, as she began looking for the cheapest hotels, tickets, and wheelchair-accessible locations, and she began staying in hotels in the city’s heart, from which she could access all points. She went to Bali, Indonesia, on her first solo trip.

She’s been travelling and creating random trip plans since then. However, solo travel was never simple for her but she made it through. Her videos on Instagram about her solo travel journey can change your minds and inspire you to bucket up for your new journey of solo travelling.

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