Kiran Verma From Delhi Walks 21,000 Kilometers For Better Future For All, Where No One Dies Due To Lack Of Blood

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Kiran Verma

Every day, an average of 12,000 people worldwide lose their lives due to a shortage of blood. We’ve all encountered blood banks or blood donation events at some point in our lives, yet many of us have never contributed to this vital cause, often due to a lack of awareness about its significance.

But can you imagine an individual embarking on a journey across the country with a mission to raise awareness about the critical importance of blood donation? It’s a testament to the fact that there are individuals who continue to inspire our belief in humanity.

Meet Kiran Verma from Delhi, who is walking 21000 kilometers across the country to ensure that no one dies due to a lack of blood supplies after December 31, 2025? Sounds Fascinating, doesn’t it!

Kiran Verma
Source- Instagram

Kiran Verma’s initiative started on World Blood Donor Day in 2021, and as of October 2023, he had covered an astounding 15,700 kilometers, traversing more than  176 districts in 12 states and Union Territories.

But how did Kiran Verma got the inspiration to take it upon himself to spread the message about the need to address the blood donation issue in the country? It all started because of his personal experience around 6 years ago, so let’s go walk back into the past to understand the extraordinary tale of Kiran Verma walking to save lives.

Disheartening Personal experiences of Kiran Verma

Many scholars have said that life is the biggest teacher and motivator for everyone, and in the case of this wonderful individual, something similar happened. According to Kiran Verma, in 2016, he received a distress call from a stranger seeking blood for a family living in Chhattisgarh. He donated blood; however, he later learned that the blood was sold to the family for 1500 rupees. Moreover, the irony was that the wife of the patient had taken up prostitution for the husband’s medical expenses.

In another instance, after donating blood to a young man, he received a call from his father asking him to send him the photos he had taken with his son. He came to know that his son could not survive because of a lack of platelets and blood. These two incidents shook him, and he decided to do something on his own to raise awareness of the issue of blood donation so that the supply of blood could improve and no one would die from a lack of it.

Why has Kiran Verma decided to take up walking, and what are his steps to make an impact?

Kiran Verma idolise Mahatma Gandhi and he follow his footsteps and with his initiative, he wanted to bring change in the world but as Gandhi ji said, You must be the change you want to see in the world.” So, each step that Kiran Verma takes is the one step towards the change.

In his journey, his primary goal has been to disseminate the message effectively, encouraging more individuals to engage in conversations about blood donation. He recognizes that promoting blood donation extends beyond merely giving blood—it entails fostering ongoing discussions on various platforms to make it a natural part of everyday discourse.

Donate Blood Virtually with Virtual Blood Bank

The pursuit of this man is not just limited to walking and making people aware of this message in our society. Kiran Verma has developed an innovative Android application and website “Simply Blood” with a powerful mission:” Nobody dies waiting for blood; blood should wait to give life.”

Simplu Blood

This application helps people from all over the world and works as a virtual blood bank donation platform. This application connects with blood donors from 182 countries worldwide based on a unique aggregator model. Individuals looking to make a difference can easily register as blood donors on this app or its related website.

By downloading the application or using the site, the user becomes a part of a network ready to save lives, and when a blood request arises within the vicinity, they get communication about it directly. This is a fantastic use of technology to address societal issues. And it works as a means to make a change and eradicate the problem altogether.

However, Kiran doesn’t rely solely on technology and believes it’s important to build connections with people, therefore, he walks for his cause.

Personal Challenges of Kiran Verma

Walking 21000 kms for a social cause is definitely a good initiative but it’s also important to understand the measures and efforts taken by Kiran. His journey is inspiring but it has required the sacrifice and hard calls. For his cause, Kiran had to stay away from his home where his family misses him. There are times when his son misses his presence during the celebrations of his firsts.

Kiran Verma
Source- Instagram

On the other hand, Kiran and his family lives in rented house which was built in 1970. With passing time, the condition of his house is getting worse. He calls himself an unfortunate husband and father and do feel guilty for leaving his family behind. But his wife is a biggest supporter of him and she understands and support Kiran with full enthusiasm.

In addition to blood donation, Kiran Verma also address hunger issues.

Kiran Verma is returning to make a difference in society in more than one way. He is also associated with one more social change initiative called “Change with One Meal”, where he helps provide unlimited meal at 10 rupees in Delhi to almost a thousand people every day. According to him, this initiative has served more than 5 lakh people in the last 2 years without missing a day.

Change with one meal

Achievements and Recognitions

In Kiran Verma’s journey, his dedication to blood donation has not gone unnoticed. Here are some key moments:

1. Media Recognition (2023): On World Blood Donor Day 2023, Indian media acknowledged Kiran’s 13,400-kilometer walk.

2. The Kapil Sharma Show (2023): Kiran is featured on “The Kapil Sharma Show,” sharing his mission with a broad audience.

Kiran Verma at kapil sharma show
Source- Instagram

3. LinkedIn Power Profile (2018): Kiran Verma was recognized as a “LinkedIn Power Profile” alongside influential figures like Narendra Modi and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

4. TEDx Talk at IIT Jodhpur: Kiran delivered an inspiring TEDx talk at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur.

5. Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Kiran’s contributions were celebrated during India’s 75th year of independence.

6. Collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society: The Indian Red Cross Society partnered with Kiran in Vijayawada to promote blood donation.

These milestones highlight the impact of Kiran Verma’s mission and the recognition it has garnered, demonstrating the transformative power of one person’s unwavering commitment.

A Walk towards better future where no one dies due to the lack of blood

Kiran asserts that his remarkable journey has ignited inspiration in more than 27,000 individuals to contribute to the noble cause of blood donation. Among these, approximately 22,000 have actively donated blood at organized blood donation camps, while others have chosen to donate independently. Furthermore, his mission has garnered the support of nearly 99 blood donation camps, all united in the goal of saving lives through voluntary blood donation.

Kiran Verma
Source- LinkedIn

Saving one life is considered the achievement of an individual’s whole life, and here this individual is saving the lives of hundreds and thousands. It is really amazing. And you will be intrigued to know that Kiran Verma only wears black clothes; he is determined to reach his target by December 31, 2025. He believes that when no one will be dying of lack of blood, and this is when he will start wearing another colour. And we all hope he achieves his target and that people stop losing their lives because of a lack of blood.

Mad4india appreciates and admire Kiran Verma for his social initiative. Wish him luck for his walking mission. To know more about Kiran Verma and initiative, you can check out his Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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