Arunima Sen, A 20-year-old STEM innovator, Finding solutions to multiple real-life problems

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Arunima Sen STEM Innovator

Some people are very passionate about science and use it to create more sustainable ways of living. A 20-year-old girl Arunima Sen is the perfect example of this philosophy. She is very passionate about science. She has worked on various innovative projects.

Interest in Science

Arunima used to observe her parents discuss different scientific research projects of the Indian Space Research Organization. She developed a keen interest in science, especially Physics. She was selected for an innovative project called ‘The Junior Academy‘ hosted by The New York Academy of Sciences. The project is for students who are passionate about science and want to find solutions for unique problems.

Arunima sen mentioned, ” During the innovative project, I met many like-minded people who ended up becoming my good friends. Even after the project was over, we have collaborated on various other projects.”

Importance of Micronutrients

Arunima Sen and some other students worked on a project to measure micronutrients in a person’s body. For developing countries like South Africa, India, and some South Asian countries providing data on healthcare problems is essential. According to Arunima, “for health, micronutrients play an important role in the body.” She worked on creating a prototype called ‘Arduino Pro Mihi.’

Arunima Sen
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The Process of Measuring Micronutrients

The prototype gives an exact measurement of the micronutrients present in the body. Hair strands of a person are taken and dipped inside chemical solutions. The chemical solution absorbs the nutrients through the strand of the hair. The chemical is then analyzed through Spectrophotometry. The procedure tells if a deficiency of micronutrients is present or not.

Arunima Sen
Image Source – Website

Project Homestead Greens

Arunima Sen also worked on a project known as ‘Homestead Greens.’ Arunima grew up in Bangalore. Electricity shortages and scarcity of water were common problems. After doing some research, she found that high-rise buildings emit a lot of carbon dioxide. It leads to global warming. She started working on a prototype building that can harvest rainwater and also is energy efficient.

Arunima Sen
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The Features of the Prototype Model

We can use the design for non-commercial and commercial purposes. The building has automatic lights that dim itself when a person leaves a room. Solar panels have been set up to tap solar energy. The walls of the building have vines and climbers. The plants can be watered through a rainwater harvesting system. A lot of water can be saved through this process.

Arunima Sen
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Awards And Recognition

Arunima sen has won various awards for her hard work and innovative ideas. She was awarded the prestigious Pradhan Mantri Bal Shakti Puraskar for innovation. It is one of the highest civilian honors for students of India. Some other awards that she has won include- MPower Financing Women in STEM grand award, President’s gold medal, United Technologies Future of Buildings and Cities Challenge Grand award, etc. During the pandemic, she has been active. Arunima is working on enhancing her ‘Homestead Greens’ project. She is an inspiration for many students especially, women.

Arunima Sen
Image Source – Website

To know more about Arunima Sen, please check Twitter and Website.

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