Raised In An Orphanage, This Kerala Man’s ‘The Chai Wallah’ Now Has 50 Outlets Across India

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Chai Wallah

A high-school dropout’s success story as a chaiwallah, Faisal Yousaf of Alappuzha has shown us anything and everything is possible.  

From not being able to clear Class 12 to start his own brand, The Chai Wallah. But there came a point when he had to go from one place to another looking for work. 

He attempted a few fields after dropping out of school before coming to Mumbai to work as an estate agent. He then travelled to Dubai, Europe and England looking for a job. It was a turning point for him, as he discovered his passion for tea during his time there.

The Chai Wallah – One Cup at a Time!

The Chai Wallah is a Pop-Up Chai Cart that spread across the streets of India, serving Hygenic cups of freshly brewed chai. 

Even when working in the food and beverage sector in England, his beverage of choice was a steaming cup of Indian masala chai. Since he had access to a wide variety of items there, the tea lover began experimenting and producing his own recipes. It started as a pastime which later turned into stalls at England’s flea markets and received glowing reviews from people. 

Faisal, who had always wanted to start his own business, quickly realized that making tea was his speciality. In 2018, he came back to India.  After all, there are many tea enthusiasts in this area. In order to deliver hygienic cups of brewed handmade chai, The Chai Wallah was founded the same year by drawing inspiration from England’s stalls. 

He spent nearly ten years working in the food and beverage sector. The result of his four years of research and experimentation is the Chai Wallah.

In just over three years, the brand has expanded from a small coastal town to 50-plus franchise locations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. In the coming days, the Chai Wallah will establish its first international branch in Dubai.

They will soon open in Hyderabad, Chennai, and the Middle East.

Faisal from Kerala has made remarkable achievements through his pop-up tea stall, in a similar way MBA Chai Wala, Madhya Pradesh has also dropped out of MBA to open a Tapri stall, which now has a 4 crore turnover business.

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Varieties of Indian Chai, Coffee & Many More

The Chai Wallah has at least 50 varieties of tea, coffee, juice, and snack variations available at each of its stalls. 

The Indian masala chai, which is the highlight of the menu, is made with 12 spices that are sourced directly from farmers all over the nation.

Every chai they brew at the cart uses their house blend, which is a blend of the black tea from Assam and the Nilgiri mountain region.

Other options at the stand include pudina, holy basil, paan, saffron, kadak-The Chai Wallah mix, and an iced masala chai latte. Each cup costs anywhere between 15-80rs.

They sell cutlets, samosas, and cookies. They provide only homemade snacks.

Future Plans of ‘The Chai Wallah’

The tea blends are also available individually at the stand, and he hopes to soon sell them online. 

Initially, stalls were operated on a franchise basis, which vastly expanded their number.

However, after learning that the majority of them are not functioning effectively, Faisal decided to form a monitoring team.

Franchise stalls are now accessible, but only under severe conditions. They are currently concentrating on Tier 1 cities. They are relocating the headquarters to Bengaluru to facilitate management.

He hopes to open 1,000 stalls across the country and internationally. The love of Indians for tea is at a level to madness and that is why we say go Mad4India.

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