Brothers Duo Achieve the Unthinkable! They Design Sustainable Products Via Zero-Carbon Footprint Business, Earns 70 Lakh/Year

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Founded by two brothers, Chatur Chidiyaa is a sustainable firm that preserves the grandeur of the Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary while producing zero-carbon footprint emissions. 

On a planet where the ecology is continually deteriorating, seeing birds perched on a branch and chirping is becoming less common. 

Idea To Start Zero-Carbon Footprint Business

The concept which started as a class assignment has developed into a company that is on pace to bring in Rs 70 lakh in income this year.

When given the task of developing a product from start in his final year, Rutul created the Chatur Chidiyaa business plan. After that, he discussed the concept with Ronak, who was finishing up his MBA. 

He was a first-year student at the National Institute of Design (NID) when administrators at Nal Sarovar asked students to design souvenirs for delegations and visitors who frequently visit the wetland using local materials. The fauna and flora of Nal Sarovar astounded him. 

The brothers spent their two months at Nal Sarovar interacting with the villagers and learning about their way of life and the economic catastrophe they were experiencing. These borthers blended thier chemistry just like Father, Son & Daughter Trio’s Plastic Packaging Start-Up Is 100% Recyclable; Earns Rs 1.5 Crore/Year

Due to a lack of understanding of how to produce on salty land and the dearth of nearby enterprises where they could work, they were compelled to capture birds from Nal Sarovar and sell them in surrounding marketplaces. The forest department was patrolling, but the lake is wide, so their actions persisted. They realized the peasants were just putting their lives in danger since they had no other source of money.

They took the decision to create a few products that would be simple to produce and could be created mostly by hand, necessitating minimal use of machinery or other capital input, and they hired the locals to produce these products. Utilized the. native resources just like these Family Members Come Together To Revive Hand Block Printing – Champa, Earns Rs 1.5 Crore/Year

To give these families a consistent income, they approached and hired local women, some of whom were the spouses of poachers, to create the items. 

Their visit also corresponded with the height of Nal Sarovar’s flora and wildlife. They watched how migratory and local birds interact with one another. They also knew the expectations of visitors to Nal Sarovar. Having such insights enabled them to build things that are exact duplicates of nature, but in a new and intriguing way.

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Zero-Carbon Footprint: Eco-Friendly Products

Chatur Chidiyaa, which was started in 2014 and follows a zero-carbon footprint method, currently makes notebooks, paperweights, wall hangings, and other items through their online shop across India. Notebooks costs range from Rs 180 to Rs 550, while bird stands cost Rs 900 and pebble paperweights cost Rs 300.

They developed their product catalogue and company on the materials and techniques that sustainability offers with the zero-carbon footprint method.

As the wetlands highly influence their work, they began their self-financed company by selling their wares on the banks of the Nal Sarovar.

They structured their product portfolio and business on the materials and techniques that sustainability has to offer.

Chatur Chidiyaa’s company concept is based on a zero-carbon footprint and sustainable, societal, and economic sustainability.

While the finished product must be appealing, they also guarantee that the whole manufacturing process is responsible and environmentally friendly.

Their items are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials such as clay, upcycled cloth, bamboo, and others.

They now have a team of 13, nine of whom are locals. The cover pages of the Chatur Chidiyaa diaries are painted by artists who paint billboards and license plates. They collaborate with potter families on their ceramics. 

Chatur Chidiyaa presents carefully considered and thoroughly comprehended ideas of handmade techniques that complement nature. The mission of the company is to, be a green business that incorporates harmless materials and inventive approaches fused into the product to deliver an elevated customer experience that eventually links people with the location. The duo of brothers are making a change for the aesthetic of your home and the lives of the rural in the area, preserving and promoting nature. Nothing much just simple things that people do who are Mad4India.

To buy their products, check out their website: Chatur Chidiyaa

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