“No One Cares About Getting Old Until They Get Old”- RATAN TATA Backs A Startup Which Intends To Take Care of The Oldies

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Ratan Tata Invests For Good Ol’ Fellows

Yet again octogenarian industrialist Ratan Tata invests in a new start-up that is made for the elderly who don’t have those emotional bonds dues to their empty nests. Around 15 million senior citizens of the country live alone on their own without the help of family. They may find ways to fend for themselves as there are a lot of ways like Senior Citizen Startup which is All Ready To Set A New Working Trend In India – Supported By IIT Guwahati but the loneliness and deep isolation can develop a high risk of life-taking illnesses.

The percentage of health emergencies is so high in this age group. Negligence and loneliness in this age group are linked with chronic disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, along with increased stress, anxiety, feeling of unworthiness, and depression.

 Goodfellows is a new start-up funded by Ratan Tata. Mr Shantanu Naidu a 30-year-old who works as Mr Ratan Tata’s business assistant says that “The benefits of his intergenerational friendship with Mr Tata as well as his affection towards the elderly over the past several years have prompted him to embark on this journey.” in an interview.

Ratan Tata addressed the crowd with Shantanu Naidu
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Goodfellow , the startup in which Ratan Tata has invested calls for a “companionship company” that appoints young intelligent graduates to make consolidated friendship bonds with the elderly who will be their ‘Grandpals’. Grandpals behave the way grandkids would. Ratan Tata also appreciated Shantanu Naidu’s ideation.

“You Do Not Know What It Is Like To Be Lonely Until You Spend Time Alone Wishing For Companionship.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata Invested an Undisclosed Amount-

An ideal pairing process ensures that the Goodfellow and Grandpal are a great fit. After the pairing, the Goodfellow would do day-to-day activities that he/she would do for their own grandparents. Be it nothing but chitchat, reminiscing stories, sharing troubles, or biscuits and tea, playing carrom together, or simply watching TV.

In its beta phase, the company has been working with 20 elders in Mumbai for the past six months and is planning to offer services in Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru next. These fellows are filmmakers, engineers, and art students who will know how to create that scared grandparent-grandchild bond. The fellows have the option of taking up internships for either three months, six months, or nine months, and they get paid a nominal fee as the start-up believes in providing purposeful employment to young compassionate graduates. The senior citizens will have to take a subscription and while the first month of subscription is free of charge, charges will kick in from the second month.

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Safety & Sense Of Belongingness for ‘Grandpals’

When it comes to the safety of both Grandpals and Goodfellows is concerned, a strong set of protocols and accountability, as well as reporting options to the children of the Grandpals, is ensured on both sides. GoodFellows understand the valid paranoia that surrounds letting a stranger in your house, which is the reason why the startup is committed to earning their trust by any means necessary apart from the basic background checks.

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Another concept of GoodFellows is to create a sense of affirmation and celebrate a new community where all the Grandpals gather with their young pals for activities and interesting games. The events are a way for Grandpals to share their Goodfellow experiences and introduce themselves to similar-minded seniors.

Ratan Tata said he would be delighted for this service to grow and mature into something which innovatively changes people’s lives. Indian youth is all set to create a new trend when it comes to family culture, we are simply going Mad4Change.

Ratan Tata, a man of words and charismatic personality has always devoured himself in social projects and GoodFellows is one of them. It is truly astonishing to see one of India’s great to work together in making the society a better place to live.

We hope that GoodFellows, backed by Ratan Tata flourishes and sees a brighter future for old people.

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