The Wife Of Alakh Pandey Helped Him Make A $1.1 Billion Company – Physicswallah Found Love In The Most Unexpected Way

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wife of alakh pandey

Alakh Pandey Sir is a well-known online physics instructor in India, as well as the founder & CEO of PhysicsWallah, a unicorn firm with a worth of over 8,500 crores in an educational startup. But the credit for such marvellous growth can be shared a little with the wife of Alakh Pandey.

According to media sources, PhysicsWallah’s valuation is over $1.1 billion (Rs 8,551 crore), making it India’s 101st unicorn business. As you may know, unicorn firms in India are companies whose valuation exceeds $1 billion without being listed on the stock exchange. To earn such success many factors influenced Alakh Pandey & today the whole country is observing the rainbow of his success, if you are still unaware of the life story of Physicswallah – Who once Had To Sell His House, Now Earned Rs. 5000 A Month and many other inspiring entrepreneurs of India, you really need to follow up with stories by Mad4India.

Wife of Alakh Pandey – Was Not His First Love

Alakh Pandey is often seen talking about his love life with his students and followers over his social media, in fact, we can clearly conclude that this guy has his heart stitched on his sleeves. Alakh Pandey is an open book and most of us know about his heartbreaks and love life by far.

Alakh pandey
Source – Facebook

Over a youtube talk, a discussion was pulled about the wife of Alakh Pandey and his ex-lovers and he was indeed not hesitant to talk everything out openly. He credited a share of his success to the ladies of his life & flaunted his ‘to-be wife’ in front of the whole world.

He says his ex-girlfriend inspired him to start a YouTube channel. “Alakh, you’re a fantastic instructor; one day you’ll have a class of 7000.” These words, however, are nothing in comparison to the millions of pupils who now look up to Alakh Sir. But it was his Ex who first showed faith in the skills of now Physicswalla, Alakh Pandey

It took Alakh about a year to amass a sizable YouTube following. Eventually, the videos got global, especially during the epidemic. It was the success of his youtube page that motivated him to start his own application. After a few years, he established the application Physics Wallah, via which he started a new batch with the help of other professors.

But in the course of time, he lost the motivational woman of his life, he blames castism for the loss. Alakh Pandey dated a Muslim girl and the relationship was ended by her, blaming the cast difference in both.

Alakh was heartbroken and weak on the idea of love after this, and as most heartbroken men promises themselves, so did Alakh. He decided to never get into any relationship after this. He channelled all his sadness, lament and agony to the new brand he started. But what can a man do without love in the back seat? He was doing just fine with Physicswallah but something was missing. It was at this point in time that the women of his life walked in anonymously.

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Alakh Pandey Wife – Shivani Dubey

On a random day, Alakh Pandey’s friend introduced him to Shivani Dubey, the going-to-be wife of Alakh Pandey. Pandey had no idea that she was the lady who would drive him insane while still keeping him sane for his business. Alakh and Shivani came into touch when making a t-shirt, and unlike other females, Shivani did not question if he was alright, had dinner, or why he wasn’t sleeping at 2 a.m., instead, she asked -‘ show me what you are working on!’

That was the ‘glitter in the eyes’ moment for Alakh sir. He met a girl who was more concerned with his profession than with his name. The wife of Alakh Pandey was found, and she was helping him design the first t-shirt for his app Physicswallah. Alakh fell head over heels for her as she walked in wearing an “I am your Humsafar” hallow over her head.

When they say women can rule kingdoms and ruin them too, it’s more real than plants photosynthesizing. The famous saying ” there is always a woman behind a successful man is proved to be true by the wife of Alakh Pandey.

alakh pandey
Source – Youtube

To be the wife of Alakh Pandey Shivani Dubey is also involved with PhysicsWallah Company. She introduced the number 13 to be added to “tera” of Tera bhi katega tagline and this was where Alakh developed an interest in her creativity and mindset, and thereafter the love story took a pink turn.

alakh pandey
Source – Instagram

Shivani Dubey was born & educated in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. She earned her M.Sc. in chemistry & Alakh Pandey has already been dating for two years. They decided to get married and he got engaged to her in June 2022.
There isn’t much information about her on social media, but she is the driving force behind Alakh Pandey’s active social life. she takes care of entertaining all the followers of Alakh Pandey by constantly recording his daily life activities.

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