Father, Son & Daughter Trio’s Plastic Packaging Start-Up Is 100% Recyclable; Earns Rs 1.5 Crore/Year

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Packaging with care through eco-friendly paper! The 62-year-old decided to move to Mumbai in April 2020 to be nearer to his children after spending more than 40 years working in Delhi. 

His children Varsha and Naman, both in their thirties, boarded a plane to Mumbai to assist their father with packing his belongings, which included precious antiques and other artifacts that needed to be transported safely.

The Agarwal family packed their valuables in bubble wrap, as many people do while moving. However, they were concerned about the amount of plastic they had to use and conscious of the potential environmental issues this might cause.

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

He had always desired a more significant purpose for his life after retirement. He wanted to make some sort of constructive contribution to society. His effort is represented by the Mumbai-based company EcoCushion Paper, which provides eco-friendly packaging to thousands of small enterprises. They claim that the honeycomb paper packaging they use is 100% recyclable, economical, and can reduce storage space requirements by up to 80%.

The space needed to store 100 m of bubble wrap in a typical warehouse is around 2 feet by 4 feet. However, because the paper is thinner and can be compressed, less room is needed. Since the government has banned single-use plastic, honeycomb is beginning to become a highly sought-after replacement, making it an affordable alternative. 

Mumbai Family’s Innovative Business Builds A Sustainable Environment 

The next few days were spent by Varsha and Naman listening to their father’s suggestions for eco-friendly packaging options. Varsha relates how he eventually discovered one honeycomb paper after doing weeks of research.

Over breakfast, he explained to them why he believed honeycomb paper to be the best option, and as he did so, they too started to see the potential for a business. 

Thus, the father, son, and daughter trio got together and began discussing things like paper thickness, the particulars of starting a business, their intended products, etc. 

Naman could choose the proper grade of paper among the market’s confusing bunch of diverse paper qualities. Along with his father, he discussed the possibility of obtaining and using the paper with specialists from the New Bombay Paper Mills.

If you are someone who wants to make a change and work for the betterment of mother earth, you should stop using plastics immediately. And if you struggle to find alternatives to plastics, read how these 5 Indian startups are innovating with plastic alternatives to throw them out of your kitchen.

EcoCushion Paper – Environmental Friendly Packaging

They were prepared to launch EcoCushion Paper in 2021 once their small business MSME certificates, manufacturing certificates, and legal process were all finished. 

After that, they started acquiring paper reels and conducting tests to see how they would perform when run through the machine cutter. The honeycomb paper is the product of “a certain pattern in cutting. 

Their plant in Navi Mumbai can currently produce five million meters per month.

The family didn’t begin selling their goods for another month. Their staff size has increased along with their orders over time. There are up to 10 persons involved in the project, up from just the original three. 

They claim that EcoCushion Paper is their first step in becoming the change they wished to see in the world. If you also want to take your first step toward a plastic ban, here are 8 ways you can contribute to reducing plastic use on earth.

They assured clients that they would be there for them in the long run in addition to wanting to be partners in their “go green adventures.”

What started as a modest family business has rapidly expanded. After they started their project, they were able to reduce over 3 million meters—or around 100 metric tonnes—of the plastic bubble. By counting the number of sheets of honeycomb paper they have sold out, this figure has been determined.

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