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  • Oil will be exhausted by 2052 – 30 years from now.
  • Gas will be exhausted by 2060 – 40 years from now. 
  • Coal will be exhausted by 2090 – 70 years from now. 

What After This?

We live on this mother earth where oil powers our automobiles and motorcycles. Transportation is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and the oil industry. Oil also contributes to the generation of power for homes and corporations.

In a summary, a country’s economic growth and development cannot proceed without oil. But using oil has its own share of problems for the environment. So, is there any alternative to this dependency on oil? Yes, the solution can come via Biofuel.

Why Choose Biofuel Over Conventional fuel ?

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Picture a world in which fossil fuels are no longer available. If it were the case, practically all cars, machines, and organizations would stop functioning. Do you believe we can perform our everyday routines without using fossil fuels? Certainly not.

Oil is a highly reliable source of energy, but it does have drawbacks. But it is high time to look out for a sustainable and alternative option. This is where biofuels come in as they are one of the most sustainable and the best alternative to conventional fuels even though we’ve been consuming them for ages.

You may be wondering whether bio fuel is the best source of energy, will it function similarly to fossil fuels or not? So here are some of the pros of using biofuel:

Climate Change

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We are all aware that when fossil fuels are burned, they release a large amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the environment. Biofuel can be a great alternative to minimize environmental hazards and hence can help in lessening the bad impacts of climate change.

Excess Demand

The demand for fossil fuels is at an all-time high with the ever-growing population. This is also one of the reasons why fossil fuel prices continue to rise. This has a significant impact on a country’s financial budget, affecting the entire economy.

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In India, roughly 80% of the fuel is imported, posing a significant financial strain on the economy. Every year more than $100 billion are spent by on oil imports.

On the contrary, when demand exceeds supply, it is obvious that we must find an economical alternative. This is where BioFuel can be a great alternative to beat the excessive demand for fossil fuel. If you like learning about renewable energy read about this biofuel startup that makes battery cells from a plant!

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One of the best options for a sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly alternative to conventional fuels is to use biofuels.

Traditionally, biofuel was derived from agricultural plants, such as ethanol, which is derived from produce like sugarcane or corn.

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Now with technological developments, many of the new generation biofuels are produced using organic waste such as discarded cooking oil, household waste, agricultural waste, and crop residues. So BioFuel can be a great sustainable alternative for fossil fuel in long term for our country and the whole world.

Buyofuel – A Marketplace For BioFuel

Buyofuel is empowering the BioFuel businesses with its online BioFuel marketplace by making BioFuel accessible to everyone. They help in integrating raw materials collectors, producers, customers, and waste material dealers into a single app.

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Taking a step toward a more sustainable future, the startup intends to build a platform for trading biofuel-based commodities with authorized buyers and sellers in a speedy, accessible, and secure manner.

Buyofuel is successfully implementing sustainability by providing biofuel accessibility as well as enabling a supply chain and a pollution-free environment.

Previously, buyers of biofuels and waste material did not have simple access to the majority of vendors, so they continued to buy from the same few sellers at higher-than-market costs, with no transparency of pricing, quality, or transaction.

The biofuel business was highly unorganized, leaving most buyers and sellers in the dark. Buyofuel has made it simple for buyers to find more vendors and vice versa.

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Buyofuel now has around 500 verified registered users and a daily supply capacity of about 800 KL of biodiesel, 800 MT of solid biofuels, and 1000 MT of organic waste.

Buyofuel is used by several well-known enterprises. On a monthly basis, the startup is already replacing about 500 megatonnes of fossil fuels with biofuel. To learn more about startups that are working on BioFuels, you should read the top 5 startups that boost biofuel culture in India.

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Biofuel aims to make India more energy secure while also meeting its emission targets by replacing fossil fuel consumption with biofuels manufactured in India from wastes generated in India.

To know more, you can reach them at

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