Meet ‘MBA Chai Wala’ Who Dropped Out Of MBA To Sell Tea, Now Has 4 Cr Turnover Business

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MBA chai wala

Following your ambition is the first step towards success. This phrase is rightly suited to Prafull Billore, MBA chai wala. 

He went from studying entrepreneurship and business administration from top IIMs but now runs a 4 cr turnover business. 

Prafull Billore, famously known as MBA chai wala, failed to clear the CAT (Common Admissions Test), which is said to be one of India’s toughest exams. Unlike others, the young teen was attracted to the hefty package after completing of MBA. But, today, he built a successful Rs.4 cr turnover business. 

NamePrafull Billore
NicknameMBA Chaiwallah
Place & Date of BirthDhar, Indore, MP on 14 January 1996
WebsiteMBA Chaiwallah

Prafull Billlore, MBA chai wala, is neither a Bon viveur nor interested in cooking. But today, he has his outlets in 22 locations across the country and plans to open an international outlet soon. 

Mad4India brings a surging story that has evoked the nation’s youngsters to follow their passion with humility and has to build a millionaire business under the acclaimed name MBA chai wala.

Starting of MBA chai wala

mba chai wala
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The story of Prafull Billlore begins in a small town in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh. Like an ordinary Indian teenager, he heeds his father’s dream to pursue an MBA from a well-reputed college. 

In 2016, when he was just 21, he used his savings to travel and meet new people that nurtured him with insights. While on this amble journey of self-awareness, the MBA chai wala came to realize that not everybody is lucky enough to get high-paying jobs. 

 Prafull, MBA chai wala, had lost his passion for MBA, which he was pursuing at Ahmedabad University since 2017. 

He grabbed a job at McDonald’s for ₹32 per hour. That was a struggling phase for him, but working at McDonald’s taught him new things, and encountered new people every day. Along with that, he ground some business tricks along with humility, courtesy, and etiquette.

It was not easy for him to juggle back and forth, but after an operation tie, he thought to start his own restaurant, but the risk was high, and he was willing to take a chance. 

Where there is a will, there is a way

mba chai wala
Image Source – Instagram

Along with his job in McDonald’s Prafull Bilore, the MBA chai wala started selling tea. He asked for a loan from his father. Soon, he started becoming famous and came to be regarded as (Mr. Billore Ahemdabad) MBA chai wala. 

Fast forward five years, the twenty-five-year-old is now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who built MBA chai wala – a 4 crore turnover business with 50 outlets pan across India. 

When he initially started, Prafull Billore, MBA chai wala, his family was furious, and his relatives taunted him, but he was smart enough to scale his business. 

Being an English-speaking person selling tea intrigued many. At first, he didn’t know how to make tea but gradually acquired tea-making skills and notably came to be called an MBA chai wala.

Sky of Success for MBA chai wala

One thing led to another while expanding the MBA chai wala business. Prafull Billore indulged in various things to attract customers to his cart, but today the entitlement is solely taken by him. 

What started with a cart, MBA chai wala is now a brand of 50 cafes. 

This gripping journey did turn heads up, and there was no apprehension that the chai business would run well as India is a country that loves chai. Masses love chai, and with this business, the goal of MBA chai wala is to serve people rich tastes in a cafe. 

Chai is steeped in a rich history. Chai unites India. As per a 2020 report, 110 million tons of tea were consumed in India. It is driven by healthy production and consumption. 

Prafull, MBA chai wala, went from a small-town aspirant to a multi-millionaire. He has started the MBA at chai wala academy. His inspiring story garnered him many followers, and he played a pivotal role in brand recognition. 

He acts as a business coach on his social media platform, where he passionately talks about business and entrepreneurship. He has also delivered several motivational speeches that have embarked many to follow their grit. 

The MBA chai wala plans to open more outlets, around 100 by the end of 2022. 

MBA chai wala is an example of those who carve their path to find their way to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. 

It is astonishing that a person who couldn’t make chai now runs a 4 crore business on chai and will be launching more outlets soon. 

The journey of Prafull Billore, began with the pursuit of fulfilling his dream to clear CAT for his MBA, but today, he is a successful entrepreneur, despite not knowing how to make tea.

What is the net worth of MBA Chai wala?

The net worth estimated as of 2022 is around 50 crores INR.

Mad4India bestows appreciation and praises to Prafull Billore, MBA chai wala, and wishes that his business expands. It looks forward to covering such inspiring and heartening stories that give the limelight of courage and courtesy. 

To know more about Prafull Billore, check – Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

To know more about MBA chai wala, check – Instagram

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