K Madhavan – Million Dollar Industry At The Age Of 50, Journey Of The Founder Of Peps Industries

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K Madhavan

K Madhavan is an embodiment of the fact that we can fulfill our dreams and achieve our goals if we’re determined to do so. And in that nothing can stand as a barrier, not even age. His business named Peps Industries which is widely known as the largest spring mattress company in India has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

K Madhavan – A Little About Our Inspiration

K Madhavan is the founder and the managing director of Peps Industries. He is known to have experience of nearly 40 years in the mattress industry and answers why he’s the best in the business. He is one of the developers who brought the concept of branded mattresses to India and executed it in the best possible way. And it is something he deserves all the recognition, support, and respect for. Not only has he been excellent with the implementation of the idea but he has been doing a spectacular job in promoting the importance of sleep. And he does this through several campaigns, promotional activities, and advertisements.

K Madhavan
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He received his Executive MBA degree from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His journey started as a management trainee in the rubber industry and had joined Kurl-On in Bangalore in 1977. During his stay at Kurl-On, he had become a significant part of the growth of the company and also served as the President of Operations for Kurl-On. K Madhavan also holds a Post-graduate diploma in Polymer Technology from Indian Rubber Institute and is now a member of the All India Rubber Industries Association.

Peps Industries – The New Beginnings and Limitless Opportunities

K Madhavan had been afflicted with a sleep disorder and started experiencing sleepless nights. He was 55 years old but the difficulty had nothing to do with his work or age. Maybe the anxiety had sprung when his 46-year-old friends, P Manjunath and G Shankar Ram came up with an idea in a discarded factory in Coimbatore. They saw a big opportunity when they realized that the factory unit which had the potential to manufacture spring mattresses was on the block. And the moment the realization hit them they took the necessary steps and jumped into action.

Being well-researched as always, he mentioned that there was only one small player in India and that the industry was dominated by foam and coir mattresses. And another advantage was that K Madhavan was experienced in this particular domain. So, they decided to try this out in South India.

K Madhavan
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Peps Industries – The Story behind the Name

All three of them had established their plans, bought the local manufacturing unit, and tied up with one of the top spring mattresses companies in the US named Restonic Corporation, and started Peps Industries. In an interview, K Madhavan said that they wanted an attractive name for which they had put up several criteria.

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They wanted the name to be something that people would always remember and recall quickly. The second was that the name should not reflect the nature of the product and the final one was that the name should arouse curiosity. As said by K Madhavan, they found a meaning for Peps almost after 15 years. He said that it was the perfect explanation for peaceful sleep and it freed him of his sleep disorder.

K Madhavan
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The Success Story of Peps Industries

Peps Industries has now become the biggest spring mattresses brand in India as mentioned, selling over 3 lakh mattresses every year. It also has plans to extend its business into the western markets taking it a notch higher. As per reports, the company is said to get 80 percent of its sales from south India and K Madhavan has proudly said that the company has seen an increase in demand over the last few months. We, the people at Mad4India are so proud and happy to know about this Indian company doing wonders and extending its business abroad.

They’ve also started a line of new products that include bed linen, duvets, fitted sheets, pillow covers, quilts, and a wide range of reclining pillows under the Dream Decor brand. They started this after the thought “Why should Peps not represent a whole bedroom” crossed their minds.

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